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Found 2 results

  1. Painting weekends are the best. I'm trying to maximize as much as I can before fishing takes over my life and every free moment of the weekends. Although, I can't complain about wanting to get outside after being trapped inside for the last 6 months. These little fellas got done over a 2 month period. I primed them, then let them sit. Then started a litte, didn't like what I did, then put them back down for another month. Decided to spice it up and go for broke and just lay paint down on whatever came to mind. Glad I did as it pushed me to do something different. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * I ended up doing an Army Primer Plate Mail color - even though I put this in as a win, it did have a few complications. The AP primer seems to make them tacky. The longer it sits the more tacky it gets. However, the win here is that it saved me a lot of time covering all the plate mail. * Got to test out what inks and paints do over AP primer in metal color. I'm not sure the paint properties were all that great, but I definitely learned a lot in the process. * The red on the broadsword knight was a test of shading and layering. Not my best work, but it gets the idea across. * I liked the brighter "knightly" colors used in Orange and red. * The checkering on the red/black knight was my favorite. A real test of patience in laying the lines down and then filling in. VERY CAREFULLY. * The Orange checker was less consistent, but good to test across a wider stretch to see if I could. It worked, Iiked the result, but still more to improve upon next time. * I really enjoyed practicing black lining with these two and trying to keep a steady hand separating the plates due to the primer just coating the whole thing one color. Misses: * Black ink does NOT coat well on AP primer. It takes two good coats and ends up with this slight, for lack of a better way of describing it "crackling" appearance in the ink. It's like it has a hard time bonding and drying evenly. Learned not to do this again. * I also learned that doing a checker pattern is easier with a dark undercoat and you don't notice mistakes as much. The orange/black combo really stands out where there's a slight line out of place. * Silver/Gunmetal are still super difficult for me to do and finding a way to make them pop is challenging. Any advice here is appreciated. Just something to make the weapons and armor stand out. Here they are!
  2. When it's the weekend, I gotta get as much done as possible. Here's another one! I tried finishing the pair of these knights, but only managed to squeeze out one of them due to the freehand work I decided to do on his cape. I'm pretty happy with it, but good lord was it nerve-racking! BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * I will say that priming this guy with Army Painter plate mail metal was a time saver. * Did a GW Nuln Oil wash over the armor which helped bring forward the shadows. I'm also learning that I like using washes more and more sparingly. I felt like all the tutorials I used to watch slathered it on like peanut butter on bread, but it's far from how it works for me. Sparing and where there's good recesses. * Tried to use a red color thinking these guys were more like gladiators - you know like a bull charging red - and I think it went well. Did a two-tone red in the front tunic. I also used brown ink to highlight the separation and it worked well. * Used a chocolate brown that I had leftover from another mini for his mid-belt and it went well with the red tones. I also used the ink to draw out the lines in the belt - big win! * Flask in the back was a total loss for me. I didn't know what color to make it, but again, using what was already out was that brown sand, which also already was similar to the belt color. Looked good enough. * I struggled with leaving most of the armor it's original color, but I think in this case less is more and it was better to just let it be. * LOVED how the checkering came out. I was about to just paint the cape/tunic area a single color, but really wanted to add something. I thought, he's a knight! Why not add some heraldry or something? Checkers seemed easy enough, which they weren't, and I wanted to give it a try. The layout was easy enough, but keeping the lines tight and boxes without spilling over was a real test of patience. * I also learned layering an ink over that metal primer has a couple of issues: The primer if left too long has a tacky feel to it. The ink seems to get drawn into it and gets a slightly crackly appearance when you're really up close to it. Had to end up using the ink as my guide but then went over it again with matte black to help strengthen the color. Same thing with the red ink in the checkers; I had to add flat red and ink together to not get that cracking. * Black lining here was a must since there was so much metal. I think the overdone black line was good and came out really well to help highlight all the things going on. Misses: * The sword sucks. Flat out. Sucks. I tried using a white to highlight the edge. Sucked again. No idea what to do so I'm asking for help here. He's a knight, so I can't have it be all glowing and flashy. Just need an idea to help bring that metal forward. * The face cage isn't really great. Just added black into the ports, but nothing that really draws attention. * Tried to make the stomach plate a different color in a lighter metal, but it didn't really do too much over all. Had to rely on black lining to help bring it forward. Meh. * Shield "wood" grain is awful. Tried to wash it with GW Agrax, but didn't pull the color forward. Hit it with GW Nuln Oil and again, not enough showing the grain. Then tried inks in the grain lines, which was better, but still not good enough. I hate wood texturing. Need help! * Highlighting metal is also a recent challenge I'm hitting. It's not terrible how I went about this one, but it does need something else. Some...thing. The big focus here is the tunic and the freehand applied. I'm so happy with taking a chance at it and the outcome. It was a push, but one I'm very happy I did. Gotta work on his base and also his other buddy now. Give me any feedback or critique. I grow from it every time.
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