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Found 11 results

  1. I decided to flip through my ReaperCon purchase of the Learn to Paint Kit 2: Layer Up! and was inspired to actually get started... This is the result of a couple of hours of effort. Still working on the shadow stages, but so far I'm a fan of both the instructions, the paints, and my work. I'm not a fan of the brush that came with the kit. According to the instructions, it's supposed to be a size 1, it's a size 0. Not that big a deal... but the fact that it's bristles are splayed out like an abused drybrush? Does not match the quality of the brush I bought at ReaperCon and have been usin
  2. So I'm new to the forums and new to the hobby. New to painting. I picked up one of the L2PKs and gave it a shot. Forcing myself to share in hopes of motivating myself to keep sharing and hopefully keep improving. Had a hard time with the eyes and the teeth. The iPhone had a hard time taking pictures.
  3. I just started painting miniatures in July, and the very first figures I painted were the L2PK1 ones. I then did a few more miniatures based on what I learned from that and I just finished the L2PK2 yesterday. I thought I'd post some pictures here and hopefully get some feedback on how to improve. I have the L2PK3 and I've ordered 4 and 5, which I think I'll actually do first. I've read through some of the WIP threads and the NMM looks like something I should have more practice before trying. These were all done using the paints from the first 3 L2PKs plus a tan sample bottle. Here are
  4. Okay, so I've been using synthetics for a while - and not expensive ones either. Cheap ones. These ones, which I actually love quite a bit, and need to order a few new sets of - but I want to upgrade. I started painting minis about two months ago, but I've always been obsessed with them; I just never had the $ before... Now that I'm in college, I've got loads of cash, strange as it may seem to say! So anyways - I'm in the hole ~700$ for KS2, and after Christmas I plan to see if I can scrape together the scratch for either the 52-paint set or all of the L2PK, so I was thinking I should look int
  5. Well, since I've got my first order of minis from Reaper, it looks like I'm officially in the hobby. Alas, all I have at the moment are a big pile of minis, four paints, and no brushes to use them with til I open gifts with my dad this weekend, he got me the four Learn to Paint Kits that are in stock (no #2), so that also means a Bones stocking. I think I might've gone a touch overboard in getting minis, but I wanted a wide variety of things to work with. So today marks the first package of four, hopefully all of them having a Bones stocking within, so in addition to the minis I want, I'll
  6. Hello all and thank you for your help. I feel like this has probably been covered, but I couldn't find specifically what I'm looking for so please excuse me asking. If there is already a thread you could direct me to that would be excellent as well. I am going to get into miniature painting and have decided that my best bet to get started would be to go through the Reaper Learn To Paint Kits 1-5. These come with a number of colors already, but I am interested in what (if any) colors people suggest adding to the collection of paint included in the kits. I can list the paints below organ
  7. Finally finished my Laurana from Learn to Paint Kit 2:
  8. I've never painted a completed mini before and with my epic swag of Bones on the way I figured I'd better get some practice in, so I bought Reaper's 'Learn 2 Paint Kits.' Just finished up the first figure from the first set, Anhurian: Went a little side-ways off of the original instructions and used a bit of Leaf Green on the grass as well as some Sun Yellow for the extra highlights. I also painted in the freehand rampant lion and extra line details on his tunic and sleeves. Having worked on this mini I can honestly say that I'm really looking forward to getting into the non-metall
  9. He's finally all done:- I know his eyes are terrible, and he's a bit too shiny (I'm still fairly new to using that brush-on sealer stuff, or any model varnish for that matter). But are there any other areas I need to work on? I'm very open to suggestions
  10. Here's the first finished mini in my L2PK journey:- Not the most exciting mini I've ever painted, but it was fun none the less. Comments and criticisms are very welcome, this little adventure is all about making me into a better painter, so I am yours to mold.
  11. Just finished this guy from Learn to Paint Kit #4. This dude is one strength potion away from exploding. C&C welcome.
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