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Found 5 results

  1. I finally finished all the Pathfinder Iconics. (Until Bones 4 arrives.) Some of them turned out great, and for some, the best I can say is that they arent much worse than a pre-paint would be. Either way, these guys will be called into service whenever a generic NPC is required. 89038 Oloch, Warpriest 89037 Quinn, Investigator 89036 Reiko, Ninja 89017 Imrijka, Inquisitor 89018 Sajan, Monk 89019 Nakayama Hayato, Samurai 89020 Harsk, Ranger and 77216 Biter, Badger 89022 Alahazra, Oracle 89023 Balazar, Summoner 89025 Alain, Cavalier 89027 Lini, Druid and Droogami, 77216 Snow Leopard 89034 Crowe, Bloodrager And lastly a group shot of all the Iconics, including the ones from Bones 1:
  2. My Earthdawn character is a freaky little purple Windling. She has never met a stranger, is too curious for her own good, gets a little off her rocker if you feed her sugar, and has a "kitty" named Gus. I decided I liked the Lini figure but it wasn't quite right. I cut off the little hook she was holding. (I will be adding a sling since the DM thought it would be so funny for her to be gifted a magic rock). I added wings from a friend's bits box. For her pet "kitty" (a 400 pound Troajin - like a tiger), I bought a tube of cheap animals. I painted her Gus kind of like the shadowstalkers from World of Warcraft. The other one I painted like a tiger just for fun. They are just for tabletop so nothing fancy.
  3. One day a young gnome went out looking for adventure In the distance she heard a great flapping and shrieking. What could it be? On going closer to investigate, she saw the pet of the local wizard had escaped its cage! It ran directly at her! After only a moment, it was joined by the wizard's other pet! Luckily, this gnome was great friends with the Wizard and knew the secret to taming his pets: They liked to have their fortunes told! Our plucky gnome pulled out her Harrow deck and laid out the cards..... The owlbears fortunes were clear: In the past, they had exercise roaming around the forest, in the Present, they have the good company of a friend, and in the Future, they will have a good nap in their barn. The owlbears were very pleased with this news, and waved goodbye. They wandered off home to their nests. And the gnome did likewise. And that is why you should always be friends with a wizard. The End
  4. Too bad she wasnt included in the beauty pageant. Maybe she'll be in the Bones 2 one.
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