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Found 510 results

  1. SamuraiJack

    Old Warrior Bust

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ivanmata/old-warrior-bust?ref=discovery_category_newest About Thanks to the backers of this campaign, is happening and will be my first miniature :-) The approximate shipping costs are: Spain: 5.50€ Europe: 11€ USA: 15€ Rest of america: 15€ Asia: 15€ Oceania: 15€ Africa: 15€ Risks and challenges Shipping time can range from 30 to 40 days. The copy process is already underway!
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1615588135/the-dancing-girl-miniature-in-limited-edition?ref=discovery_category_newest Content not posted due to nudity.. available 35mm, 75mm, 120mm
  3. Now Live, a kickstarter for a Set of 10 Female Amazons(Queen, Mage, Shaman, Ranger, Bowwomen, Slinger, 4 Warriors) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28-mm-fantasy-female-amazons Tomb Guardians use many of the same sculptors as Reaper so some of the sculpting styles might seem familiar. Pictured below is a render of the mage.
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/528313606/exo-castrum-3d-printable-terrain?ref=discovery_category_popular&term=3d printable Exo Castrum is a modular sci-fi 3d printable terrain that allows to build fortress and fortified camps. In addition, the set of accessories allows to create lines of barricades bunkers, buildings, watchtowers, etc.
  5. Kickstarter is now Live and I’ve updated the thread title to the name of the kickstarter. Heres the link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1313980061/pulp-figures-dangerous-dames-28mm-miniatures?ref=9p7oe7&token=186495ca I don’t know what the actual name of the kickstarter will be, but I was at a local wargaming convention earlier today that longtime miniature sculpter Bob Murch attended and had his sales booth set up at. I happened to overhear him mention to another customer that he was planning a “quick and dirty” kickstarter for next month (May) for 5 or 6 sets of female characters for across his Pulp Figures ranges. Figured I better post a thread here in case there are any other Murch fans. Plus it serves as a reminder to keep an eye and ear out for the project.
  6. MOD: Picture removed for nudity. Censoring the image is insufficient. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hereylab2/vacant-realms-steam-punk-and-fantasy-28mm-resin-miniatures/description These look absolutely amazing. Surprised I haven't seen it here yet, and that it has so (relatively) few backers.
  7. Hadn't seen this one here yet. It was mentioned on the Miniacs YouTube channel this morning. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krakenships/krakenships-miniatures-28mm-fantasy-tabletop-figures All Three Miniature Sets Phoradin Miniature Set Chellon Miniature Set Grimalkin Miniature Set Original Phoradin Miniatures are here too: We're are also making our original Phoradin (Forest Guardian) miniatures available. We're taking this opportunity to utilize our fulfillment partners to make these available worldwide for those who were unable to purchase them outside the US. Original Phoradin Miniature Set
  8. they had this under 'Illustrations' and not gaming so I dont think a many people saw it.. get your Latorre busts while you can.. 3 days left https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/heramodels/the-sketchbook-of-blocsanchez-wasteland/description About Hello everybody, We want to introduce you to Iván Sánchez, aka “Blocsanchez”, one of the members of HeraModels. We are thrilled to share with you his first sketchbook “Wasteland”. Within the last year, Iván has been working in the content of this book what wasn't easy to combine with his daily work of miniature concept artist in our small study. Iván is very passionate about traditional drawing, that is the reason why every design in this book is a pencil sketch except for the cover that is digital. With this and our future projects, our objective is to create an editorial line of fantastic art. We decided we didn't want a typical sketchbook, collecting drawings from forgotten notebooks where you can find all types of characters; we wanted to make something personal and with an argumental line. Then, after a lot of thinking, we decided to make a book collection of different races. “Wastelands” is the first chapter of the collection and embodies illustrations and sketches of barbaric warriors of the barren lands. Original Art of "Wastelands" example for pledges #5 & #6 The original book contains 48 pages but with your help we hope this number keeps increasing. We have selected the best designs with more than 50 characters and we hope all of them can be published in the book. We want the book to be handy and user friendly that is why its size is 17x24cm (6,7”x9,5”). Through the campaign, we will unlock different rewards that will make possible to increase the number of pages of this book and will vive you the possibility to get exclusive products only in Kickstarters. In this campaign, you´ll not only get our sketchbook “Wastelands”, it will be possible to choose the option to get an original sketch made by Ivan inside your book or to get one of the original illustrations printed on it. Later we will explain the campaign more widely. Original Sketch example for pledges #3 & #4 Later on we will explain every detail of the content in each pledge to make sure that you get what you really want. Besides, while the campaign goes on and we unlock other products we will update the content of each pledge. For those who have chosen pledge #5 or #6 you could choose between one of the following original illustrations, you just need to send us an email echen you make the reservation with the number of the illustration that you prefer. You can see the images in a bigger size in our website . Original Art of "Wastelands" for pledges #5 & #6
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kmg/greenskin-wars-the-greenskins-hunters-0?ref=discovery_category_newest About The campaign purpose. The purpose of this campaign is to get the funds to produce these new miniatures and also expand the Greenskin Wars range with new models and allies for them. Material: All the miniatures are made of lead free metal and are supplied unassembled, unpainted and without bases (bases can be supplied at request for a small extra cost) I decided not to include bases because there's a wide variety of clients who want square bases for regiments , some round or hex for skirmish games... so we better avoid the extra cost of adding bases that you might not use in the end. This is a very durable material able to keep very sharp detail, but while I check every order personally before sending, keep in mind the copies are not "perfect" and some complex or multipart models might need some pinning, cleaning or small adjustments. Most of this HUGE range of greenskins and related creatures are sculpted by the legendary ex GW sculptor Kevin Adams, who has an awesome taste for these kind of creatures, but this time we have another legend, Drew Williams delivered three awesome "classic" looking ogres! The Greenskins Hunters: After the great war and the devastation that turned the world into a greenskin nightmare, a brave group of heroes rose from the ashes to travel across the land hunting the greenskin scumm. These models are packed with details, representing them wandering across the lands, camping and surviving out there while they fight the green horde. Ogres sculpted by Drew Williams, rest of the gang by Kev Adams. The better choice, get ALL THE NEW STUFF! You'll save money and it's simply awesome! Save some coins and get them all in one click! The Greenskins Hunters: These are the heroes who bring hope to the land, will you trust in them too? 4 Veteran human soldiers, a couple ogres, one brave dwarf warrior and a sneaky halfling. The legendary Greenskins Hunters patrol! Detail of the Hunters: If you find them, maybe you can hire them! The Ogres: Ogres have very "few" morality, so they can join, left and jin again with old comrades. This pledge grants you a nice and deadly unit of three ogres! A terrifying unit of Ogres! The Greenskins!! Bulbus army characters: The heroes in charge to command Bulbus Peppernose troops, do some nasty jobs, etc. They are here to please you ;) Each one has his role...in theory.... The infamous Goblin Bitting Sticks!: These are one of the most scary goblins you can find around...or at least those bitting creatures tied on top of their lances are! Huge mouths and so bad behaviour.... Orc Archers: Some nice firing power for your guys, and how lovely they look together! Orc Archers pack, they come with detached quivers for their backs. Iron Orc Chief: Another brute to lead your Orcs and Iron orcs stuff! Iron Orc Chief And last but not least, the Renegade Ogre Pit Fighter! Not a greenskin, but you better not mess with him... Ogre renegade Pit fighter.
  10. So pre-launch (I think October). Just under 2000 copies are already printed and will ship after the pledge manager closes. More supporters will be part of a second print run for January 2020. About 30US$ to ship to Canada for a softcover & pdf. Also the option exists to back in advance for the 3 follow up adventures. That seems to be at a 5$ discount from the first module.
  11. Knight of the Dinner Table

    The Wilds of Wintertide - 3D Printable Tabletop Models

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ecaroth/the-wilds-of-wintertide-3d-printable-tabletop-models/description And here I was trying to tell me that I don't need any more 3D print files ...
  12. Jasper_the_2nd

    WHISPER: Wave 3

    Didn't see this posted. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1671822853/whisper-wave-3/description Some pretty cool 10mm scale resin mecha.
  13. SamuraiJack

    Time of Legends: Joan of Arc 1.5

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1162110258/time-of-legends-joan-of-arc-15?ref=discovery_category_newest About
  14. SamuraiJack

    Stellaris - The Ether Drake

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ttcfm2/stellaris-the-ether-drake?ref=discovery_category_newest About We have partnered with Paradox Interactive to make a scale model of the Ether Drake as a prelude to our upcoming Kickstarter project for a full tabletop Stellaris game. We hope to show all Stellaris players the quality of our miniatures, passion for creating them, and give a brief taster of the kind of experience you can expect with the full game campaign. The miniatures are cast in stunning detail, rendered at a small scale perfect for displaying in a cabinet or keeping watch while you hit Create New at 2am. Making a pledge is as easy as selecting what you want and hitting "Select This Reward". A resin Ether Drake! Comes unpainted and unassembled. A limited edition clear orange version of the Ether Drake. Colours may vary, as these are hand-made. Comes unpainted and unassembled. A massive Ether Drake! Twice the size, and twice as scary. Comes unpainted and unassembled. Note that this is a more advanced modelling kit.
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/skykingdomgames/the-isofarian-guard/description Anyone familiar with or backing this? I couldn't find a thread by searching. Sounds cool, but I don't know these guys.
  16. These are the same upgraded components as from their deluxe Nocturne pledge. Sold individually through this KS. Coins are $8 per 50 coins at 276g, with $10-$12 shipping USA for up to 1-2kg or 3-7 sets. (Check my math!) Last 48 hours... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vesuviusmedia/up-your-game/?ref=kicktraq
  17. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/805848592/hs-stencil-system-wave-3-from-anarchy-models/description About Note: Once this campaign is over, all our stencils will be available at anarchymodels After the great success of our previous campaigns, we have been busy shipping stencils worldwide, but now its time to head back to kickstarter to expand the range even further. As always, our organic patterned "creature features" designs have been very popular, and even after expanding the range last campaign people still want more. So we are bringing several more designs to that range, as well as a few other requested items. Time permitting, we may even be able to squeeze in some requests, so please private message us if you have any. Although these videos are from our now current range, they are used in a similar way to the new kickstarter stencils. New videos coming soon. . HS stencils are: Fully re-usable - With proper care, HS Stencils will last for years. Semi-transparent - You can see where you are putting the stencil. Washable and solvent proof- Simply clean with a suitable substance for the paint you are using. (cleaning video at the bottom of the page) Thin and flexible- Will produce a softer edge - In some cases you may not want a really crisp edge like our HD stencils provide. Not sticky - HS are used either freehand or by taping to the model/item. Quick to use - you do not have to spend time making sure the stencil is stuck to the item, and in some cases you may not need to mask off the rest of the item. Easy to use - create amazing paintwork, quickly, with even a basic level of skill. Best used with an airbrush . New Designs List: Please see the New Designs area (below the freebies) for pictures. The New HS designs for this project are: #36 - Tri Grid ==Micro== #37 - Brickwork ==Micro== #38 - Negative Hex Mesh Small + Mini #39 - Anarchists Toolbox 2 #40 - Tri Grid Small + Mini #41 - Creature Features - Less Mottled #42 - Creature Features - Blotchy #43 - Brickwork Small + Mini #44 - Creature Features - Bigger Mottled #45 - Creature Features - Blotchy ==Micro== #46 - Creature Features -??????? #47 - Creature Features -??????? #48 - Creature Features -??????? ??????? = Hopefully unlocked as the campaign progresses I have some stencils from Wave 2, and they look good. The only eason I haven't really done anything with them is that I'm not all that good with an airbrush...
  18. Already LIve! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1372111648/katai-empire-the-chinese-army?fbclid=IwAR1gf84LyQgh9fo451sgLEn8LpfyVabjwev83RY7V8mHdn_gslcU3AhfUMQ
  19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/albamodels/lands-of-the-giants?ref=discovery_category_newest About The Lands Of Giants Part One. In the beginning, the Gods created the world, and there were many wonders for them to see, One of these wonders were the Giants who ruled with an iron fist. Iron Wolf Art have created the first in the series of Lands of Giants available on this kickstarter. The funding required for creating our miniature Giants goes towards the artwork created in the concept stage, the 3d modeling of the miniatures based on our concept art, several prototypes to verify the miniatures look good, the actual manufacturing of the miniatures, and then finally to prepare them for sending out! We’ve been working on the design and concept stage for these miniatures for several months now. Only the modeling and manufacturing stand in our way, the latter of which cost a lot of time and money. "Taken from folklore" The Father of the Giants, the first giant to be created by the Gods. Began a battle over the golden mountains with the master of red dragons. They fought for three days and three nights. Around them were their subjects, who encouraged them. The battle is interrupted by Perun, the mighty god of lightning, the lord of the lower sky. Perun did not want the giants and dragons to kill each other, and he stopped everything in time. As the giants trample on the warrior's word and break the rules of the megdan * fith , Perun decides to punish them. He cast a curse on the giants to be ugly and grotesque forever and never to be trusted with a given word again. Already to live without honor forever. He presented the golden mountains with dragons. And the giants were driven away. Father of the Giants, ashamed of defeat. He took the eye he lost in the fight and uttered the fairy tale. "I exhort you with the blood and flesh of the first of us, to lead all those of our kind". And he ordered an eye to be imprinted into the crown of the giants, as part of it. That crown will and will remain the means by which the kings of the giants will guide their subjects. So he became the first king of giants. Omag Or da Tur Krol is the first lord of the eastern lowlands, the fast river, the black sums of the Malyan Mountains, the Podkozora and the Lastina cliffs all the way to the green sea and the Hors shores. These were the boundaries of the giants' first kingdom . From there, they expand the world. Description of the Giants They are diverse in size and appearance. So we will only describe those who have been seen or talked about lately. . Blu Mountan Giants Krogi - Krog , Krugi , Kregi , Krugi , Kru- Although probably the smallest kind of giant, almost certainly the cruelest. They are slightly muffled and always thirsty for the blood of man. They are the most and most often served in the army of kings of giants. Most were selected for Iron Guard * IRON GUARD. They are about 4 meters high. They can be with or without horns, almost always without a mustache with a beard. They are almost always bluish in color and red hair. They often make mammoths. They are only kind to these animals that they care about. Circles often destroyed entire villages of the first people because of their mammoth hunting. They live like the rest of the giants either in solitary caves or in giant cities, made up of small communities of giants. Often, they can make whole villages learn to serve them. They ask them for monthly gifts, most often food, threatening them to eat everything. In Zelengora and Erobas, their horns are believed to help cure stone fever, or as an aphrodisiac. In organized kingdoms, people are hunted. Which often ends in human sacrifice, though so far no one has stopped the organ Their size varies from 4 m to 20 m. They feed mainly on meat. They have lived for several hundred years. The Tree Giant, though, is a tree of history and tradition. believes he lives longer. There is a story from Donja Kladnja near Odzak Mountain that a Divine Tree Giant 1300 years old has been seen. Records exist until the time of the plague. After that it was devastated for a long time, so there is are no records Giant Tree, or Tree of History, Tree of Writings Is perhaps the tallest tallest kind of giant. They can grow up to 15 meters high. They move slowly, and often feed on moss-covered land. Sometimes they eat meat. They are believed to be the moving history of the Giant People, and to transmit the knowledge and traditions of the tribes of giants from generation to generation or from bark to bark. They are often advisers to kings. And even though they are loners who roam the world, they can sometimes be found in giant cities. There is no record that they have ever fought for power. They are not overly interested in humans or other creatures. They only worry about the Dogi inhabiting their cavities being safe. Dogi and they have a special connection that no one else could explain. Mammoth 28mm Version is printable as a whole model or in parts Mammoth & Rider The Scales we have used
  20. ced1106

    Rampage Dungeon

    This is a First Created project, and this is the creator's first plastic-injection project, so the usual warnings apply. The creator, Jamison Valerio, has business experience and is affiliated with Printable Scenery, which has some KS experience, albeit it in .stl files. More information is appreciated. Anyway, the $70 level for about 70 pieces is at my price point for risk, and the set has the generic non-specialized pieces I prefer in a dungeon. Higher pledge levels have more specialized pieces. I figure this KS is for dungeon dwellers looking for less expensive pieces, rather than the more expensive high-end Dwarven Forge ones. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/606457671/rampage-dungeon-seamless-interlocking-dungeon-tile?ref=user_menu
  21. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tiltfive/holographic-tabletop-gaming I have me a bit of a dubious, largely because I'm not certain these will, in fact, work for anybody. But. Still.. the concept is pretty damn cool. "Tilt Five is a whole new way to play games, in Augmented Reality (AR), with freaking holograms! When you slip on the Tilt Five glasses and look at the game board, a vibrant 3D world opens up to you. Suddenly chasms seem to drop infinitely into your table, and game characters and monsters spring up from the game board. This is gaming unlike anything you've experienced before. "When we started designing the Tilt Five system our focus wasn't on the technology for technology's sake. We wanted to provide an amazing gaming experience that blends the things you love about video games and board games. And we wanted it to be just as fun when playing solo, together with your friends, or even when you're apart." Jeri Ellsworth, Co-Founder & CEO " Be interesting to see if this lives up to itself.
  22. http://kck.st/2mr5iKg An enormous wooden d20 capable of holding up to a pound of dice. I haven't got one of these yet, but I have gotten some other items from Munchkin Metropolis, and was really satisfied with how quickly the items were produced and arrived. Great quality, too.
  23. I'm not associated with these guys, but they make some pretty good MDF terrain, and are branching out into minis https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/knightsofdice/mirrors-of-tullarn-28mm-fantasy-wargaming-miniatures About Mirrors of Tullarn is a new range of 28mm miniatures from Knights of Dice, set in a distinctive fantasy setting and cast in glorious metal! These characterful figures have been sculpted by Anton Ducrot (from Flytrap Factory) for tabletop miniature wargames and would look amazing in any fantasy setting, whether that is your Dungeons & Dragons or other roleplaying campaigns or as weary adventurers in your Frostgrave warbands or other tabletop games. We are using this campaign to fund the production molds and the initial release of 28 figures from four factions, the Anram, Tarusa, Lahari and Saresh, in glorious white-metal! Hopefully (with your help!) we can also release a host additional figures in the form of freebies, add-ons and awesome stretch goals! A small band of Lahari faces of against some Saresh warriors All the miniatures have been sculpted and master molds created, we simply need the funds to make the production molds to put these figures into full production. With your help, we can bring these figures to market and hopefully get a good headstart on expanding the range quickly. The Anram defend their mountain hide-away from a marauding band of Tarusa raiders There are 8 simple pledge levels to choose from, we’ve broken them into easy to understand groups. Simply pick a pledge level, (each one represents a group of figures from the different factions), you'll then receive any FREE STRETCH GOALS unlocked during the campaign ... the more stretch goals that are unlocked, the more figures you get for free! A group of hired knights accompanied by their paymaster The Wanderer - no rewards, select this pledge to simply show your support! Thank you! The Nomad - back the project at this level and you'll receive the Kickstarter Exclusive 'Void Witch', and gain access to the Add-ons and Stretch Goals to add more when they are unlocked. This pledge does not qualify for any free add-ons. Anram Nobility - receive the 7 Anram figures, all FREE stretch goals, access to Add-Ons and the Kickstarter Exclusive figure - the Void Witch! Tarusa Chieftain - receive the 7 Tarusa figures, all FREE stretch goals, access to Add-Ons and the Kickstarter Exclusive figure - the Void Witch! Lahari Seafarer - receive the 7 Lahari figures, all FREE stretch goals, access to Add-Ons and the Kickstarter Exclusive figure - the Void Witch! Saresh Labourer - receive the 7 Saresh figures, all FREE stretch goals, access to Add-Ons and the Kickstarter Exclusive figure - the Void Witch! Warlord of Tullarn - You will receive all initial 28 figures from the Anram Nobility, Tarusa Chieftain, Lahari Seafarer & Saresh Labourer pledges. You'll also receive all FREE stretch goals, access to add-ons and the Kickstarter Exclusive figure - the Void Witch! All-In! - You will receive all 28 figures from the Anram Nobility, Tarusa Chieftain, Lahari Seafarer & Saresh Labourer pledges. You'll also receive FOR FREE every unlocked stretch goal, add-on and the Kickstarter Exclusive 'Void Witch'! This pledge is a little bit of a gamble, but as the stretch goals start unlocking this pledge level really starts paying dividends! *25mm Round slotted base included with every miniature. The masters of time, the Anram live high on the highest peaks across Tullarn Savage mountain clansmen, bent on domination and oppression! Masters of the oceans, rivers and trade the Lahari wear the finest silks and flaunt oppulent treasures Saresh tend to the fertile valleys and vast farmlands of Tullarn A true Warlord knows how to bring people together, and then pitch them at each others throat!
  24. SamuraiJack

    Alkemy, Rados Cults

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/909359300/alkemy-rados-cults?ref=discovery_category_newest About CLIQUEZ ICI POUR ALLER VERS LA PAGE TRADUITE EN FRANCAIS We continue the development of our favorite game Alkemy. For this new project, we are publishing a new faction (Rados Cults) which contributes to the expansion of Mornea's world. We wish to finance the maximum number of miniatures for this new faction, proposing as main object the Blitz list, and the financing by stage of complementary miniatures. Costs related to the creation of the 6 miniatures of the Blitz list were financed. We give the opportunity to pre-order this list through Kickstarter. Our idea for this crowdfunding project is to quickly deliver the first 80 fastest contributors (November 2019, one month after the end of campaign) for the 6 miniatures in Blitz list. For contributors (from the 81st) and the miniatures unlocked during this campaign (all contributors), we will deliver them during the second wave of sending (March / April 2020). This second wave will include - the additional production of the Rados Blitz list - Rados miniatures unlocked during this campaign - Rados scenery sets. To contribute to financing you can also provide an amount corresponding to the miniatures you want to order (pledge 1 euro) at the pledge manager will happen on our online store. All the miniatures of the shop will be accessible during the pledge manager and will be at the prices indicated in the Add-on section (see below in this page). RADOS PLEDGE -------------------------------------------------------------------- Click on picture to see miniatures in bigger, to see size of miniatures, to see comparison with other miniatures from Alkemy range Pledge price 40 euros for Rados blitz list (6 miniatures in resin + black plastic bases + profile cards) + all SG free RADOS DOUBLE PLEDGE ----------------------------------------------------------- Pledge price 80 euros for 2 blitz lists: Rados Blitz List + One another Blitz list of your choice (12 miniatures in resin + black plastic bases + profile cards) + all SG free See All Blitz List (Khaliman, Walosi, Templar, Escapees, Cobra Guard, Naashti, Wolf, Utopia, Crow, Waga) on online store ALKEMY PLEDGE ------------------------------------------------------------------ Pledge price 990 euros for 1 copy of each miniature (203 miniatures: 185 resin miniatures, 18 plastic miniatures + resin textured base + profile cards) + all SG free Click to see full concept 3 alchemical components that will be used during the game with the list blitz rados.
  25. Knight of the Dinner Table

    CMON Time Machine

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/cmon-time-machine/description Me personally I'm more or less done with CMON. No way I'm spending more than $1 here, but some of you might be interested or some might find the comment section entertaining.