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  1. After painting 77042: Orc Marauder for the Bones Learn to Paint Kit, I decided to paint the other Tre Manor orcs in Bones in the same style. The original Orc Marauder (second from left) is shiny due to a reaction between spray varnish and Bones. It has received a coat of Reaper Brush-on Sealer to remove the tackiness, but it looks like I need to hit it with Testor's Dullcoat to remove the shine.
  2. Some tabletop quality Bones Orcs painted LTPK style For the Resolutionary Challenge.
  3. As anyone who has the new Bones LTPK will know, this is the first figure covered there. In my case, it's my first mini ever. 1) Everything I've learned so far, I've learned from Wren. I'm also trying to learn from Laszlo ("Hot Lead"), but Wren was my first instructor ("LTPK"). 2) It feels like the main thing that I've learned is that I'm not exactly a natural at dry-brushing. I cannot seem to find the middle ground between too wet -- sometimes too much paint, but at times (as I realized later) I also didn't dry off the brush well enough before "loading" it in the first place -- and too
  4. So, I was walking through the General Store and noticed this little pistol case next to all the Mouslings, Pirates, dragons cases. The picture was "different". Lo! and Behold! I picked it up and see that it is a BONES Learn to paint kit! I did not open it, but is shows three miniatures on the front. I will probably buy one today and be able to post the contents a bit better. Just thought you guys might like to know it's out there.
  5. This is the Anhurian Swordsman from the old Learn to Paint Kit 1. I actually picked up the kit at ReaperCon 2013, but didn't break it open until after ReaperCon 2014. With a newly purchased Bones LTPK, I figured I should tackle the original first. This is also my first attempt at freehand. I had a lovely conversation with Rhonda Bender about freehand and OSL (I'll try my hand at that soon). So, this is proof I'm putting her tips into practice. Thanks, Rhonda.
  6. Alright so a few weeks ago I posted in the Tips forum explaining how my brother and I had decided to begin painting. Well this week the first LTPK arrived and we finally got to put paint to miniature. So since I got a lot of tips from this forum I decided to do a WIP. Of course we have the soldier: And the Rat: Obvious observations include lots of flashing, mold lines and a soldier that just can't keep his sword up in the face of battle. I'll be right back with new post with the cleaned
  7. There were 10 each of each LTPK in stock. I got 3 and 5 so there are only 9 of them. Just to let you know.
  8. Just finished this guy from Learn to Paint Kit #4. This dude is one strength potion away from exploding. C&C welcome.
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