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Found 18 results

  1. So my daughter wanted me to paint another one of these chibi characters. I find they make good practice. Honestly, the eyes are what makes these models worth it. Like most, I struggle with eyes, but these huge character heads are perfect fodder. Pretty happy with the results. Open to any feedback or improvements.
  2. Newbie post. I've only painted half a dozen or so figures so far, but I'm enjoying myself, and that counts, right?! She's painted with a mix of Reaper MSP and Vallejo Game Color. I haven't done so yet, but I think I'd like to start chronicling the colors I use for each future mini. 30001 Lysette, Elven Mage
  3. I tried to spend a bit more time on the Bones USA minis of the month. More time on highlights, and more painted shading (rather than just washes). I tried a Yennefer theme for Lysette, due to choices I made in Witcher 3. Just need to buy a unicorn...
  4. Hello everyone, I enjoyed painting the new Bones USA Lysette. I think on this one I tried to go for glowing Irises with a yellow green color, but perhaps against a white eye it's not as noticeable until you zoom in. I''m happy to see the other Bones USA so far seem to have quite high detail. especially the Leprechaun and the mouse on Darius the Wizard, so I look forward to painting those as well.
  5. Got another one in, but still some work to do. BATTLE REPORT! This is the new USA Bones material. I found that the texture of this plastic is really nice to work on. A bit stiffer, which I prefer akin to the Bones Black more than classic bones. Cleaning it was not as fun as it seems to shred more than peel away. It doesn't take well to scraping, but if you're cutting into it, it's fine. Areas that were difficult were the hands, under the arm, and the staff. Overall the model was very clean considering how little flash was on it. Definitely liking this new stuff. It takes to primer like a dream! If I listened really carefully I could hear the plastic soaking in the primer. Love it. Wins: * Stuck to a simplified color scheme - Reds, purples and blues. The blue turned out a bit too strong and I could have mixed more purple into it, but overall I like the colors. * The careful detail around the skin tones was fun. Used same skin tones with more highlight than I did with Jakob. As 'mannish' as the skin looks, I still think the blend and learning to use the new colors was the win. * Sticking to layers in cape and blending a wet purple into the red was really fun. Learned that next time should be purple as the base and blend in red as the higher color. Purple gets lost in red. Yet the color blend looks pretty cool! * Being more careful in the detail on the hands and only doing topical highlights was really effective. * Coloring copper base layer with red first then topping with metallic copper worked well! * Using white to bring out edge-highlight of the gem in her scepter worked cool, too. Misses: * Dude looks like a lady. Or vice versa. Her skin and face resemble more man-like detail. I'll have to work on the colors. * Eye details had a very raccoon look to them, so I had to go back in with a 2nd highlight. Glad Idid it, but really made me feel like it was going to lead to a mistake. * Hair is still a big area of opportunity for me. I did it better this time, but finding the areas that light hits it and bringing them out is still a big struggle. * I couldn't figure out how to make the belted area and all those straps stand out. HELP! * The sword...what the heck do I do to help make those two metals work better together. As I mentioned in my other works, I need to figure out how to NMM. * Runes on scabbard look more like an afterthought than a purposeful move. Bah. Always open to feedback and thoughts. Lay em on me.
  6. I must admit that from all the Bones 4 core set minis, the Chibis were the ones voted "most likely to stay in their bags" when the KS shipment arrived, as superderformed/ chibi models like these are not really my cup of tea. They are way out of my comfort zone to paint, with all that skin, hair and large surfaces needing somewhat smooth transitions that I am not really any good at. But they have grown on me somewhat, especially since I decided to do them even more cartoony in style than I usually do. Themselves being very cartoony and all. They do look much smoother IRL when not magnified as in the photos. #122 Lysette: from the Smallworld Heroes Chibi subset in the Bones 4 Core set: #122 Lysette from the Small World Heroes subset in the Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures Sculpted by Gene Van Horne (?) Made in Bonesium PVC 25mm integral, sculpted base should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future
  7. After almost a month of working on it, I finally managed to finish this one. Whew! It was fun to try to push myself further with blending colors using glazing (and the sheer cloth look turned out decent, too), but I really underestimated how much trouble it'd be when I started on it. As usual, more pictures and my thought process are on my blog: link I could've done with a bit more red glazing on the front of the skirt, but otherwise, I'm rather pleased with the results that I got from the parts that I really put effort into (I took the lazy way out on some parts towards the end because I was ready to just be done with it so that I could move on to something new ). The jump in the color on the hair where I did a second ink wash with purple is very stark in the photo, but I think that it's one of those things that doesn't look nearly as bad in reality. I'm also pleased that I figured out a better way of lighting my photos, even if it helps show off my mistakes more clearly C&C welcome
  8. I got a bunch of these with my last order, so I figured they'd make some good practice. Bonus points for having a major cloth area, so it'd be a chance to make up for the poor job I did of blending the layers on the cloth of my last mini. As ever, more pictures and my thought process are on my blog: link All in all, I'm very happy with how this one went. The cloth is MUCH better than what I did last time, I think the hair looks good for my first time doing an orange-leaning brunette (though I should've pushed the highlights further; a recurring problem for me), the flower and sword sheath came out pretty clean despite my trepidation about such minute details (my buckles are sloppy, but those are so damned small, I just don't have the brush control to do them cleanly yet [and it didn't help that my hands were shaky since I tried to do them soon after my weekend challenge workout ] ), and while I don't think I quite managed to get the wood-to-bone transmuting effect that I was going for on the primary weapon, I do think that I got a decent transition between the two colors, considering that my only previous experience with blending between different colors was Necromancer. Is there an alternative to shading fine textures like hair aside from either washing or spending ages doing really fine layering? I dislike relying so much on Agrax skillshade, but I just don't see a good way of avoiding it with those types of details because I just don't have it in me to put in the time that the latter would take seeing as it takes me 5-10 hours to do a single mini at my present skill level. C&C welcome
  9. This was a piece done for another friend of mine. It's based off one of his characters, a sorceress named Allana. He told me she was pale, even for an elf, and had long red hair. Other than that, he left the rest to me. All I really knew about the character was she was from a noble family, and that she dressed nicely. I though the yellow and green made a good look, contrasting with her red hair. The ruby in her staff was meant to further the contrast. Hope you like it! EDITED slightly - used a different light set up to snap the picture. CAH
  10. These are two figures I did for table top. I started Lysette awhile back before I learned a different way to do eyes. When I picked her back up, I decided not to redo the eyes so she has a "deer in the headlights" look about her. I tried several different things on her - glazing, a little "what happens if I add purple and yellow to her red hair?", and a touch of two brush blending. Alastriel also got to be a guinea pig. She got my first dark skin tone, two brush blending, and freehand. It was a good lesson in what worked and what didn't and how to improve on the next one. Alastriel isn't based yet. I think she may get some sand. Anyway, I have just been trying out some different techniques and trying to up my skill. I want to enter a painting competition so I need more practice!
  11. Hi everyone, This is the Bones version of Lysette that I got with my Kickstarter. Started her last November when it was cold and thought "Let's paint her in a winter theme." Well, now it's no longer cold, but she's done. I painted the metal version of her long time ago for my Warlord Elves, but that was sort of a green Spring theme, so I had fun taking her in a different direction. Feedback welcome! Thanks for looking.
  12. You know, no matter how hard I try to get smooth blends on the face, I just can't get away from the stippling effect. Anyone have any thoughts? I rushed the end of this, so in hindsight would have put more definition into her corset. I went for an autumn theme, given the season. I think I google imaged autumn colors- there's an awful lot of fashion info out there that is very useful for palette planning. Enjoy! Colors- flesh is fair skin with some pure white, blood red and intense brown. Eyes/eye makeup are IMEF olive. Hair is ruddy brown, blood red, saffron sunset and sun yellow. Shirt soft blue, I think some peacock green shadows and pure white. Skirt is blood red, saffron sunset and pure white. I usually start wet blending, then do glazed layers on top. edit- I also used sun yellow on the skirt and forgot to list it!
  13. Finally finished Lysette (Bones 77076), who were meant to enter the beauty pageant, but she got lost on my work table... Also finished Lindir (Bones 77021) at last, he was lost on that same workbench for about 9 months...
  14. You can see her entry in the appropriate thread for the contest here. She's been a bit rushed. I joke about the covered tattoos, but as a Kagonesti I intended to put a sleeve on her exposed calf. I may very well do so, but life got in the way of painting her more than this. So here she is, to the standard of "done," and there are things I'm happy with. The color palette I like, although the skin comes very close to being the same color as her skirt. For as quickly as I did it, I'm actually quite happy with the wood on the staff. As always, C&C welcome and encouraged.
  15. Lysette (sounds like Norwegian "Lyset" literally "The Light") became Murkette (sounds like Norwegian "Mørket" literally "The Darkness"), and my entry for the Bones Beauty Pageant 2013 found her direction! Murkette To’ken represents the Beneathdark in the Beauty Pageant, being the official Miss Beneathdark and sole survivor of the preliminaty Beneathdark pageants. The other contestants mysteriously suffering strange, and completely unrelated, series of accidents and illnesses. Several dying of natural causes (coming down with particulary violent cases of the stabbings). Indeed the whole contingent of Bathalian contestants accidentally got redirected to the delivery entrance of the kitchens, ending up being served as appetizers at the judges’ banquet. Hailing from the dark city of M’anzan, Murkette orphaned herself at an early age, and is now travelling the world. Presenter: “Murkette, you have put student as you current occupation. Please tell the audience, what have you been studying?” Murkette: “I have been studying where the tunnels from Beneathdark come closest to the judges’ homes.” Presenter: “Um…right. What you would change about yourself and why? Murkette: “About myself? Nothing. I am confident the judges will make the right choice and not get dragged away in the night to be sacrificed on dark altars in the deep places of the world.” Presenter (visibly sweating): “uhh…is that a live spider in your hair?” Murkette: “No, it is an avatar of my Goddess, you unctuous little toad.” Presenter: “Next contestant please!”
  16. Hello forum folks I have not been painting anything the last half year or so, as my left elbow and lower arm have not been working properly, ligament problems leaving me unable to hold anything small still for any length of time, or at all. But it is getting better, and I have been getting a lot of prepwork done on of alot of the masses and masses of minis that have arrived, fulfilling the last years kickstarters. The Kings of War and Reaper Bones has been delivered and are now complete, and the third and last Dreadball shipment is probably in the mail, leaving me with more minis than space to put them. And several more are on their way…and the Bones are doing a second kickstarter at the moment…uh oh. At any rate, I am trying to get back in to it now, and have chosen the “Reaper Beauty Pageant 2013″ forum competition as a suitable target to actually get something done. I seem to need a deadline these days, or it gets put off. In this competion, one is to enter the Bones mini called “Lysette”, and elven sword toting maiden. Quite intrically detailed, so I might fail utterly as I still cant seem to hold it completely stlll for painting. And there is really small detail on this piece. Giving it a go, here is the first WIP shots of Murkette the Dark elf: You see where this is headed. Black undercoat, mantic base. I like mantic bases better than citadel ones these days. The Bones’ integral bases are quite easy to trim down to fit the hole, fill with a spot of green stuff and away we go! Speaking about bases… I am at something of an impasse about basing the Bones. Traditionally I have based most everything to fit with Warhammer. However…Why on Earth have I been doing that? There are lots more base options available these days. Such as the “lipped” bases (left). I find I really like those bases too, even more than the round beveled of yesteryear. And lovely sculpted bases in resin are readily available. I am not sure the square bases are as nice. I think I like round bases better in general. And these days you get something newfangled called “movement trays”…and many of these can be ordered with precut holes or slots to fit whatever size or shape base I might like to have. So any shape can actually fit Warhammer or whatever. And for games such as Kings of War, the need for individual basing is eliminated altogether, all models in a unit goes on a single base, as the minis themselves are not used as wound counters. This means that an entire unit can be based as a kind of diorama, greatly enhancing the look of the unit as a whole, and speeding up movement in-game. This also lets one play around a bit more: “a 20-man strong unit of skeletons” but… I dont really get to play any more. At all. So why even bother following that paradigm? Or any at all? So, maybe taking a more individual approach, basing each model on whim more than any special uniformity is the right way forward. What do you think about this? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  17. I'm still fairly new to this hobby, and I've decided that my impatience is harming my paint-jobs. I've therefore decided to jump on board Inarah's challenge and paint Lysette. I'm hoping people here can help analyse my process and identify why, precisely, I suck :) Just some shadow coats for now: Vallejo Yellow Olive, Auburn Shadow, Fair Shadow and Flesh Wash: The eyes aren't quite working for me at the moment. Any suggestions?
  18. The Bones version of Lysette, painted for Inarah's 1st Reaper Beauty Pageant. WIP here
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