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Found 7 results

  1. "As we searched through the halls of the necromancer's lair, we were disgusted at the sight of bloody flesh piled in the corners. Then, a familiar magic stirred in the air. All about us, those bits of bloody flesh began to swirl and form into horrific figures! Reginald nearly went mad on the spot. I can't say that I blame him. Our fight with the vile flesh golems was long and bloody. In the end, they were vanquished...but not without cost to our own party. Upon reaching the necromancer's final chamber, we found that his flesh golems had allowed him enough time to make his escape. But he will not run for long. We were originally meant only to apprehend him. But, I now mean to slay him on the spot once I find him. Any being who can conceive of abominations such as this must not be allowed to live!" After bulk buying those MTG sets, I was left with a lot of the Pummelroot Elementals. They're cool, but I certainly didn't need 15 painted the same way. I thought this would be an interesting alternate approach to flesh golems. Honestly, I think I was a bit too heavy-handed with the blood (but it's just so much fun!). Anyway...Happy Halloween!
  2. Another squad from the MTG board games that I bulk bought. I painted these a few years ago, but I think they hold up okay (the foliage could probably stand to have some better highlights).
  3. A while back, I picked up a BUNCH of these MTG board games at deep discount. There are some pretty good minis in there. The Shadows Over Innistrad expansion comes with three different werewolves. Since I nabbed four sets, that's a total of twelve general use werewolves for me! I'll do different threads for each sculpt. These were all painted years ago. They were pretty-much quick and dirty paint jobs (base coat, wash, minor highlighting, and a few details picked out). Not my finest work, but they fit the season. This first sculpt is officially the Moon-Blessed form of Arlinn Kord. Group 2 thread Group 3 thread
  4. Here's the second group of werewolves from the MTG board game (see the thread for group #1 for the background on these minis). Officially, this mini is one of the two Kessig Ravagers. I just like using it as a big, beefy werewolf. Group 1 thread Group 3 thread
  5. And here's group three from the MTG board game (again, see the thread for group #1 if you'd like to read about the minis' background). This is the other sculpt for the Kessig Ravagers. Group 1 thread Group 2 thread
  6. A few of the Fair Folk and their followers. I was inspired to paint them up by a friend's mini-campaign where everyone played as Forest Gnomes. Thopas, the Lesser Gnome mascot. This is the second version of him I've painted, for the DM of the before-mentioned game. "Lord, I was born a Smambling Mound! Tryin' to kill adventurers with two attacks per round..." (minis are actually from the Magic the Gathering board game) A Pixie Messenger from Stonehaven Miniatures recent "Giants" Kickstarter. An Evil Fairy from Reaper's familiar packs. Some sprites or such from "Foundry Miniatures" now under their "Warmonger Miniatures" branch. They used to come as random extras in the Elf packs. And I saved the best for last. Some tasteful gnudes.
  7. A friend of mine found a old miniature from the nineties. It is from the Magic The Gathering Card Game. I'm not sure which company made them. I'm still sad that I didn't have the others anymore. I bought it many years ago, but could not start to paint it. I have little experience with fire, now. But it still make me problems to paint this mini... I need some ideas, how to proceed or to start again to paint this miniature. I never found a picture with a painted version of her. :-(
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