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Found 9 results

  1. I backed a previous campaign, and this is their seventh KS. "This new storage and organization system can grow as you make your way through this wonderful Hobby of Miniature Painting. The Cobalt Keep Hobby Rack system can be used in single racks or expanded with multiple racks to fit your needs. The removable Paint Benches enable you to store your paint away from your desk, while keeping it easily accessible and transportable. Magnets in the Paint Benches keep your paints in place as you shift the Hobby Rack from place to place. Video shows more, but I took a screenshot with the magnets! 4-slot insert: Pots and wide droppers 5-slot insert: Droppers Freebies and SG's: Dunno about the dice, but freebies include a paint hilt and magnetic bases, as well as a wall mount. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cobaltkeep/expandable-hobby-and-paint-rack-with-modular-shelves
  2. Finally painted up this guy on his throne! He's been waiting to be painted up for quite a long time. Paint scheme too involved to remember because I mixed a lot of the paints, but I used a lot of Army Painter Speed Paints and some Citadel Contrast Paints, especially for the throne. But the entire throne started out as a gray with light gray drybrush, same as you can still see on the base of it, before applying various mixes of paints/washes on its surfaces/details. The sword blade is a black base with Army Painter "D&D Mithral Silver" on it, and the runes drybrushed white. Then I gave it a coat of the Citadel "Coelia Greenshade" wash(which is blue). I like the effect that gave. Quite a while back I did some work on it, first removing the character("Dragoth") from his throne, and then adding magnets to his butt and his throne. So I can both use the throne and him separately from each other. (This mini is also available with two other heads: One that's human/vampire, and one that's with a helmet on.)
  3. I'm actually backing it for the lighting attachment (which you can't 3D print!), and I'm sure some of you use magnifying glasses for painting. Even if you don't use magnets for your bases (I actually have some "Hand of Glory" miniatures that use "hot swappable" arms that use magnetized bits), you can putty the base of a miniature onto a cap. The magnet holds the cap in place, and allows you to rotate it. The handle is bundled with multiple caps, so you can also assembly-line paint your miniatures. (If you run out of caps, just putty or superglue your miniature to a flat magnet or metal disk.) As ever, do your research on paint handles to find the type that works best for your painting. "The new Painting Hilt Pro has a comfortable, full-grip painting handle design, perfect for extended painting sessions, and features a Rotating Cap that accommodates miniatures on a Magnetized Base. The Painting Hilt Pro also comes equipped to attach a detail light and magnifying glass, making it a great addition to your hobby tool chest. Our factory molds are complete, and we have samples in hand. We are seeking funds for our first order and will place the order as soon as the Kickstarter Campaign is completed." For US, at $25 for a single set, the creator pays for shipping. This is Cobalt Keep's third KS (technically five, but two were cancelled). and the other projects were also magnetized miniature accessories (display case and magnetic bases) as well. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cobaltkeep/rotating-paint-handle-for-magnetized-wargaming-miniatures?ref=user_menu
  4. Guns, ninjas, hobbits, dogs, monkeys, pumpkins, and mancatchers. Sure, you *say* you could otherwise do some conversion. But good luck finding a mancatcher *and* a monkey. Stuff's in metal and cast in the USA. Magnets are from China, but they have multiple suppliers.
  5. No painting... all magnets... 3x3 tiles. Creators have a few manufacturing KS under their belt, although magnetic tiles seem to be a new thing. Prices include shipping to most areas. Anyway, watch the videos. The houses look a little clunky, but take a look at that tower in the last seconds of the intro video. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mythroll/magnetiles-quick-build-terrain-system-mythroll-armory?ref=user_menu
  6. So, here's my Bones 4 Tree of Despair all painted up. I drilled 3mm holes into the branches and trunk, installed some neodymium magnets, and then affixed magnets to the backs of the victims and bases feet of the vultures. I also made some tree canopies out of sculpy and flock, and then set those to magnets to attach to the boughs as well. Decorated a 3" round base with grass tufts and extra skulls and rocks, too. Hope you like it. Basic Tree Victims Tree Canopies
  7. Just realized I never got around to taking show off pictures of this guy. I had some frosting issues which killed my momentum in my WIP (here) for him, and then he sat around waiting to be fixed. The fix mostly worked, but you'll see a few shots where the light is a little more direct where he ended up shiny. Not a big deal as in most lighting he looks fine. The last few shots will have an alternate rider's top half, I swapped the original Wight out for the top half of Reaper's Judas Bloodspire, sans cape.
  8. I have these circular magnets, 3/4-inch in diameter, filling a small box in my garage, and I thought I might have a use for them. I had heard about using washers and a magnetic base for transporting figures, and figured it might work in reverse. As the photo shows, they fit nearly perfectly in a Reaper 1-inch base, and raise it up about 1/16-inch above the table's surface. I figured out which side of the magnets was north (by dangling a stack of them from a string), and I glued about magnets into six bases with the north pole facing up. I even had a holiday cookie tin selected for holding them in place for transport. It all worked well until I tried to arrange them together... and they scattered. (Oh duh, of course.) The two figures on the right are about as close as they can get, about 1/8-inch apart. Any closer, and one will get pushed up to a half inch away. And if one of the magnets is reversed, they (of course) jump together. It's absolutely useless for playing any miniatures game with rules for base contact, which is nearly all of them that don't use a grid... and grid placement would be fiddly at best, and a nuisance at worst. Meh. Out the magnets came. Let that be a lesson on what not to do for basing.
  9. I wondered how many of the CAV collectors (players?) on this forum assemble their models in some way so that the CAV is still free to pivot at its "waist" joint. It strikes me that the ability for the top part of a CAV to pivot 360 degrees like battleship gun turret is visually represented on all the models, as if that was really important tactically. But I don't ever remember anybody assembling their models and leaving them pose-able. I also don't remember it ever being significant in any version of the game. "It" being the ability for the top half of the mech to be facing (and shooting) one direction while the bottom half is facing (and perhaps moving) in a different direction. Being able to do that almost seems like the whole point of building a fighting vehicle in a mechanoid configuration. Has anybody ever tricked out their CAV with magnets so the top can pivot but stay in place? or done anything else to get the same effect?
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