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  1. Well, Here is a Dreamer Avatar that I got to paint a little while ago (for a client). All together, I think he came out rather well- the detail on the mini is really neat, and the concept is simply outstanding. I had some instructions on certain colors, Honestly, this mini was terrific to paint, and my only complaint about it is that Wyrd discontinued it (along with the other Avatar minis). I'd really love for them to have their 'classic' minis available for some of us. While I can see him being used as the Neverborn Emissary, I honestly think he'd work quite well simply proxying the p
  2. Found pics from about a year ago so I figured I would post then ;)
  3. I received the December box set from Malifaux as a gift, prompted by a discussion of how sweet the new plastics (especially the ice golem) looked. I don't know squat about the game, or the factions, but the figures are great. I started with the gamin, looking to work out an icy look I could live with. And that's currently all that is done. Because I paint's real slow, have no time, and have...focus issues. Thanks for looking!
  4. This mini is a very limited release from Wyrd- similar to their event minis, they also only sold this one to minions who work at promoting Malifaux officially. I was very happy to have secured one (especially since I don't work for Wyrd). So I decided that it was a good idea to paint her up for this year's Gencon competition. She took first single miniature for Wyrd. I've posted her up to Coolmini for anyone who cares to vote. Anyway, here are the pictures
  5. Here's a Leviticus that I finished off just a little while ago. I really enjoyed the face on this mini especially. I've also posted him to CMON for anyone who cares to vote.
  6. I think this is okay under current rules, didn't want to do a thread per mini. Here's Pandoras crew all primed and based on some cork:- Next I basecoated their skin, since they're all ghosts (I think) and I needed 1 colour to tie them all together, I used Vampiric Shadow on all of them:- And then I basecoated the smoky, twisty lower halves of the Poltergeist and the Woes with a 3:1 mix of Vallejo Hexed Lichen/Nightmare Black:- I also meant to paint the strand of smoke from Pandoras Box of Mystery the same colour, but I forgot.
  7. This was my first Malifaux figure. I really like the attitude of her pose, but she was sure fiddly to assemble! Also, it turned out that her face was lopsided! In the end, I think I'm pretty happy with her. -Melissa
  8. -The Goblin Gunslinger- In the dead of night the Goblins invade the sleepy little town of Sandpoint, unleashing howls of glee and lighting fires as they come rushing in on their war dogs! Raphael LaCroix and another of his companions spot what appears to be easy prey, a female walking alone on the streets looking around worriedly. They quickly dismount their dogs and rush forward to attack, the female pulls forth a weapon of some sort, it flashes and a split second later there's a loud BANG! LaCroix's companion falls to the ground in pain as blood wells on his shoulder, the goblin
  9. This is the first of my Iron Zombies from Malifauxs University of Transmortis set:- If I'm going to start using the Show-off thread again, I'm going to have to get better at taking pictures! You can find him here in my WIP thread (although there's not much to see, kept forgetting to update my progress on him) Pretty pleased with how he turned out even if I couldn't do the job I wanted on his hose-pipes (they're harder to paint than they look), and I'm getting better with making bases out of greenstuff, although I can still only make bricks and things at the moment. Any c
  10. So, these are my first two completed BONES minis. The Fire Giant queen and an Orc that was too big to fit on a 30mm base, so he became an Ogre instead. Sorry for the bad photos, the Fire Giant queen was varnished with her first coat of gloss before I remembered to take any (and my photography skills leave a lot to be desired). C&C welcome.
  11. Hi, all. Painted these up earlier this year as my first Malifaux crew. Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed painting them! Voting linkage
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