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Found 3 results

  1. TGP


    Dungeon23 is short for MegaDungeon 2023. I first heard about it from @Crowley who mentioned it in the chat during one of Anne’s ( @Vaitalla ) morning streams before Christmas. The idea is to create one room each day during 2023. The suggested format is: 12 Months – Levels 52 Weeks – Themes 365 Days – Rooms Some rooms can be empty. Descriptions can be short or be complex. Do two or three room complexes to catch up if you fall behind. Keep it simple to keep going. Many people are using graph paper journals or notebooks for this. Anybody is welcome to join in the fun, post their rooms, suggest resource links (if they are not commercial), kibbitz, doodle…
  2. When it comes to map-making software and mapping assets for pen-and-paper RPGs, the sci-fi genre usually gets short shrift. GMs of sci-fi RPGs like Starfinder, Star Wars RPG, Traveller, Shadowrun, Stars without Number, and other game systems need and deserve a good set of tools and assets to create great looking battlemaps, whether printed for use at the gaming table, or for use in virtual tabletop software like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. I'm running a Kickstarter campaign to try to provide a turnkey solution for this under-served market. I hope some of you will check it out. If you've invested in nicely painted minis, you'll want nice battlemaps to place them on. No need to limit yourself to non-customizable pre-printed battlemaps.
  3. This WIP is to show how I make my fantasy maps. I'm currently working on the world map for the PBP game hosted here "Boldly into Darkness Go" Run by Last Knight. It has been a few years since i've attempted this sort of project so I will be showing my practice work also. That said, the materials I'm useing are as follows Hunt Drawing Nib #104 with handle Hunt #102 Nib Hunt #103 Maping Nib Speedball B-5 1/2 Ball Tip Nib With Handle Speedball C-3 Nib Dr. Ph Martin's Bombay Black India Ink Speedball Pigmented Acrylic Ink in silver & Blue Artist's Loft 140lb Watercolor paper 9"x12" Windsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors Grumbacher Acadamy Watercolors I prefer dip pens over regular pens for this type of project as they require you to slow down and to be certain of your strokes. Every couple of strokes (depending on the nib used) I have to refill the nib with ink. Some of these nibs can give me a finer line than I can get with even a technical pen. These pics are from my practice last night. I haven't used my dip pens in years so I have to get reaquainted with them. This is only one page but i have taken closeups of each section of practice on the page. Keep in mind the lettering I was attempting was not calligraphy, just letters like I would write them now. Pictures: These are some of the Pen & Nibs I'm using The inks and watercolors I'm using... Here is an overview of what I had practiced last night. I only worked on this for an hour, not icluding cleanup time. My first attempts at mountains. I still have some work to do on these as I am not thrilled with how these came out. These were done with 3 different sized nibs to see how each would work. These are the town/ capitol markings with some names below. I wanted to see how small I could actually make these. The tallest one in the middle is about 1/2" tall. As you can see I'm still working out how I want these too look but they are coming along. Here are some of the smaller mountains. These are closer to the size I'll be using. There are also some forst attempts at trees to demarcate forests. The mounds on the bottom are rolling hills used to show areas that aren't fully mountains but aren't flat pains either. So that's where I'm at right now.
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