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Found 21 results

  1. I got these guys done as my first minis for March. (Does this count as one or three?) I love them! I have always liked the way the ghoul queen is evil and pretty. But I love that the minion has an arm in her mouth!!!! Also, shameless plug, they're on my blog too! Anyways, I've been having some health issues, scheduled for surgery on Monday, so I may or may not be on large doses of pain pills.... Hope my brush control was still good!! C&C always welcome!!! Enjoy!
  2. Looks like it has rolled back around to me. The roolz: The obligatory rules posting: 1. Every day, or so (unless I am out or ill or something) I will post a question. 1.5. If I fail to post a question, Inara will post a question of her own choice. 2. In theory there is a 24 hour span to answer that question before the next question is posted. 2.5. (Rule 2 is the most frequently ignored rule.) 3. Questions are going to be posted between 6AM and 8AM EST 3.5 (Rule 3 may be the 2nd most broken rule.) 4. Everyone is encouraged to suggest future questions to be posted via PM to me. 5. You do not have to answer every question to play... 6. If a question is TMI or N/A simply wait for the next question.. ..or post that you decline to answer (clues regarding why are always fun). 7. Weekend questions may take the form of two or three day challenges, often starting on Fridays.
  3. Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72577-resolutionary-painting-challenge-2017-chatterquestions/ All the information you need should be here. Due to the revised format, there will be more than one bonus challenge available for this month. Including a "Hard mode" which Is some combination that may or may not have a source behind it. March and April 2017 Your challenge is: 9! Bonus Challenge: The First! Given that (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) spring starts in this time frame - Modify (if necesseary) and Paint a figure (doesn't matter what) in a jumping/springing pose Bonus Challenge: The Second! April 22nd is National Jelly bean day. Paint a mini in tribute to your favorite flavor jellybean (bonus* points if you choose tutti fruttti) *The game is made up and the points don't matter. Hard Mode Challenge! "Disrupted" Light source (from any direction but above.) Paint any mini you choose in any scheme you choose, but the lighting must come from the sides or below, as if it was filtering through some other opaque object to disrupt the lighting. Ex: The character is standing close to a chainlink fence, so it casts a 'shadow grid' on them, or perhaps through an old window with thick beams so the there's a large + shaped shadow being cast on them. Again please refer questions to the main thread. Not like there's ANY chance for something on April 1st...
  4. Posted 12 February 2017 - 10:25 PM We have reached a consensus for the March Mini... (sort off) Going with Chaos wolf's theme of building a warband is the following: Goblin Leader & Shaman Ben Siens In Metal In Bones This would give us an apprentice spell caster for March, and a Barbarian / warrior / knight for April.... Price is pretty nice in metal, but I realize some folks may already have the bones version..... I will be placing my order on Friday when the Trista mini comes out in metal Need the new Domor mini as well....
  5. So...because I'm so great at being timely, and this has been on my artist page for some time before getting it here: My RPchallenge Bonus: Fools Guild...Mercenary Group "The Eye." While technically masking electronic signature is more important than physical appearance with such powerful electronics...some ideas are still just bad. Like painting yellow Seriously I don't know how yall paint yellow without going mad.
  6. There's really not much to say here: so, one of my favorite little standby pieces to paint: Furniture. Decent Tabletop I guess.
  7. So this is one that I didn't have proper time to get a lightbox photo of due to it being a gift for my sister-in-law...it's her favorite animal, and I -still- hate painting fur.
  8. Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/66365-resolutionary-painting-challenge-2016-chatterquestions/ All the information you need should be here. Your challenge is: 5 Bonus Challenge: The Fools' Guild. This bonus challenge is a LITTLE strange for most. Yes it's a bonus theme, but, if you do this, I'll let it count for 1 each March AND April regardless of size. Please tag it as "Foolsguild" when you post it so I can find it easier as well. The idea here to paint a mini of any genre that has an absolutely, positively, horribly stupid banner/color scheme/etc for what they're doing. Say you have the pulp ninja - paint him tye-die. Or maybe It's a townsfolk like the barkeep whose apron says "Try the burritos" (which we ALL know is a trap.) And a personal favorite of mine: "Order of the Eye" the tabard insignia is a bullseye. HOWEVER - I'm also challenging you to write a story on -why- they belong to the Fools' Guild. I'll personally be going with the Order of the Eye....yeah It's pretty stupid to have your front and back emblazoned with a bullseye. But I'll make a story for it. I don't normally make extra requirements for the mini like a story, but that's part of the 1 per month count. Even better if we can drop them all in the show-off on April First. A friendly reminder again to use "RPChallenge" in the tags for show-off to help them be found easier. Feather me yon oaf! Ale Cuisine! You kids have fun! I look forward to seeing what y'all think of for this one. Go nuts y'all.
  9. finished this guy up today too! I was going for a bony look on his face and spinedies... hope y'all like him! Gotta work on my icefloe technique, I'm not sure that it reads as ice. C&C always welcome!
  10. This guy was a lot of fun! He was so serpentine, I really love the imagery. I was going to paint him like Mushu from Mulan, but the hubs wanted him to be a cool, black dragon. So, I painted him black with purple highlights and a green tongue because he spits acid. He's also on a swampy base with little mouse bones and everything! I hope y'all like him, he's definitely a table-top piece for us, and I've got to work on getting more of a competition level entry going before reapercon comes around and surprises me! I started back to school (after 5 years) this week, so I imagine it will get harder and not easier to get work done. Anyways, C&C is always welcome, let me hear whatcha think!
  11. I finally finished it! It didn't fit in my lightbox! Aaah! hehe, I hope y'all like him. C&C is always welcome!
  12. A few zombies I've been working on for a while. You'll all recognize George (77053), his two friends are from Black Orc Games, which I think is no longer in business. George, Black Orc Games, Black Orc Games: Since when do zombies use weapons?: Aside from the lousy pictures, what do you think?
  13. So this is a combo post. I painted these two minis (which of course I now see things I could touch up... stupid pictures), but their diorama is a WIP called Hide and Seek :). I'm working on the WIP on my blog, won't bore y'all with that. It should be up a little later if anyone is interested. :) So, these guys were a lot of fun! Dark sword minis are so much smaller!!!! It's a little ridiculous. Hopefully, I will get this done in time for reapercon, then I can have a DSM diorama and a Reaper one. We'll see what happens. Well, enjoy, and C&C always welcome. :)
  14. So, I didn't paint the gelatinous cube, but he is the centerpiece here. I put him together and giggled. I didn't have as much trouble as some had once I boiled him. I did have to clamp him because he didn't want to stay still. The slimes are supposed to be an ochre jelly and a green slime. The Hubs is very excited to use these tomorrow. I am currently working on the base insert for the gelatinous cube, but I feel like it won't get much use. It seems like a LOT more fun to put a PC into it. :) C&C always welcome, enjoy!!
  15. ...Ok I admit that was bad. Please see page 1 here for rules and guidelines/questions. This is also the chatter thread here: The first post as linked will contain the updated totals soon and the plan is to start getting the graphics sent to all who have completed the months so far. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/58628-resolutionary-painting-challenge-chatterinfo-thread/ Also, please only create a single index post for your links. This means to modify your existing post when you get a new figure finished instead of posting a new one. The challenge is again, 4, while including green as the main color on at least one figure! With this bonus challenge, we have TWO choices (No cookies if you get both, but I'd love to see some people with more skill than myself in certain areas The deadline Is planned for March 31st, Midnight, RST. (Reaper Standard Time) Have at it! And my pieces! Terrain, this time around. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60836-80055-dragons-teeth-and-80056-jersey-barrier/
  16. I finished up my unit of skeletal archers. They won't win any awards, but they'll look just fine on the table top, I think. Basing was small bits of scrap glued to the base, with Liquitex modeling paste applied over it; I think this did a pretty effective job of hiding the integral bases on the Grenadier figs. I tried a different method of doing skeletons with this unit; I went over them with Army Painter strong tone. I'm not entirely certain it was a success; what do you think? Bones skellies: Grenadier command group: Mage knight: All together: Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
  17. Hey guys! This guy is the Monday Miniature for next week, so get painting and send it into Caffeineforge! ;) I'm really killing time, just procrastinating on my reapercon dioramas.. I have GOT to get going on them! Oh well, check this guy out! He has lots of mushrooms and bumpies and stuff!! Also, he was arguing with my camera, hence the 2 background colors. C&C always welcome, enjoy!
  18. So, I've been working on my Reapercon diorama, and enjoying doing a little tabletop painting to blow off steam. Our Little Man wanted to run Pathfinder for us (he loves the module "souls for smuggler's shiv') so I painted up the iconic female characters we decided to play. No judging the lack of noses... I did NOT cut them off to spite anyone's face. ;) Enjoy! C&C always welcome! Link for naked Drider.
  19. I usually have 2 or 3 projects going at a time (or 15), but I rarely finish 2 in one day! This is Mariel Twinspar, and she is the "Monday Miniature" at caffeineforge.com this week! You should go check this place out! Every Monday there is a new miniature that we all paint, and David puts them up so we can see how several different people painted the same mini. It's great fun! I am working on some sort of treasure chest for her base, she looks a little lonely to me on that big base. C&C always welcome, enjoy!
  20. I love this sculpt!!! You can't see her here though, because she has exposed naughty bits!! This is where you can see her: https://pewterresinandmagic.wordpress.com/2015/03/12/dryads-and-recovery/ Hope y'all enjoy her. I had a great time painting her, and have to mention that I absolutely adore the new bases!!!! They can be flipped either way, which is awesome because I like them being flush and not having to build a bunch of stuff up!! C&C always welcome, tell me what you think!
  21. So, these girls were a lot of fun! I'm working on the dryad as well at the moment. Hoping to have her up by the end of today. Inspiration was mermaids from Harry Potter. They're naked, so go check them out here! Enjoy! C&C always welcome!
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