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Found 8 results

  1. Finished these guys up last night. Will be my Sci/Fi entry at my local Con's painting competition this weekend.
  2. Hey all! Just wondering who out there is a Veteran, What branch of service you are / were in, how long, etc, etc... This way we can find out who we all are, maybe have some fun telling war / sea stories! I was Army, 4 years Active as a 19K, Mi Abrahms crewman. OSUT at Ft Knox, KY. 2 Years in Gelnhaussen Germany, 2 Years at Ft Hood, TX. (Active 1984-1988) 16 Years CT National Guard. Artillery, Combat Engineer, 72Y Battalion Supply (S4). (Began 1988, Retired in 2003.) Was wondering if maybe we could get a sculptor at Reaper to do some sort of Vignette, with one rep of each branch in it, and ask Reaper to donate the profit to something like "Wounded Warrior" or another Vet charity. Maybe if enough of us ask nicely, they might think about it! Maybe they could do some sort of annual edition like / with Sophie as well? How many of you would like to see Sophie 'dressed' in your branch's uniform? I know I'd paint mine up! Might be something totally different to paint.... Chime in and let BS! 8) George EDIT: we are at 2 pages in a few hours! Glad to see the response! You folks ever notice that we speak our own language? Branch doesn't matter except for the tech terms either.... Who was sent out to get the attitude adjustment wrench? EDIT 2 All you non US Vets chime in too! Even though you aren't American, you are still one of US!
  3. Here are some 15mm models by Ironclad Games. They are part of the Marines Landing Force kit for the game "All Quiet on the Martian Front."
  4. I could bad mouth Prodos all day (KS backer), but instead I'll just share some pictures. Shoulder Cannon Predator, Berserker Predator, and Colonial Marine.
  5. APCs for my 15mm Human marines: And medium tanks for my Robot Legions: All vehicles are converted Matchbox cars.
  6. My first thoughts on painting the minis: If you start masspainting your Mars Attacks and want do it fast. I have for example 40 human soldiers to paint. I think it is possible with this method to have them all completed in 4-8 hours, eventuall even with highlights. Preparing the minis: 0. if possible train painting on a few metal minis, not necessary, but helpful. 1. wash the minis. Use Soapy water, I use normally a fat solvent spray. 2. use a primer, I would use white primer, but black or grey is ok, too Don't use to much, you should be still able to see the details. With a double-sided tape and a card board, you can prime many minis together. 3. I try to get all paints together I want to use on the minis before I start to paint, so I do not need to search after it. If you need later to remove paint and you can get 'Simple Green' it is normally perfect to remove paint from plastic minis (test it first on one mini!!!) Description for human soldiers, but it works also on every martian grunt, marines and other uniformed group. Masspainting: 1. Do ten minis in a row or more, but for me are more than ten minis at the same time not good. 2. put first the base coat of colors on the minis, but only one color on every mini after another. As example for the soldiers: 2.1 uniform mini 1, uniform mini 2, .... uniform mini 10 2.2 webbing mini 1, webbing mini 2, .... webbing mini 10 2.3 gloves, gloves, gloves 2.x and so on. 3. same with the camouflage always one paint of the camouflage on every mini's uniform, before you start with the next Camouflage paint 4. ignore or do the highlights, if you want Use of Army Painters Quickshade (QS) 1. get white spirit and an old brush before you start! 2. put army painter quickshade on 10 minis with a old brush on every mini. Don't dip! 3. start over in the same order as you put QS on the minis, and remove QS from places where is to much QS on the minis. 4. do step 2-3 until all have QS on them... 5. clean the brush immediately with white spirit!!! 6. QS must try 24 hours!!! Even if you can touch it, don't proceed with the mini! 7. eventually think about highlights and error corrections, before you put matte varnish on the mini. AND: 1. Eventually think about which colors you are using during these steps on the heroes of greenville. Prepare them, too. If you use black while doing masspainting and want the jacked of one mini black, do this or these minis, too!!! 2. if you want to remove errors before putting QS on them , do it after all minis of the same type are painted 3. Ignore small painting errors, you can remove visible ones later before you put QS on them. Small errors are sometimes not visible after quickshading and if they are still visible, you can remove them after the QS easily. Here you can get a tutorial for woodland MARPAT for the soldiers the base coat looks little bright, I think it is the camera, I don't think the color is really sooo yellow! I had already some thoughts about Martian Minis: (standard Grunts, including freeze ray and unit commander) 1. white primer 2. complete body: Vallejo 72.024 Turquoise 3. boots and gloves: green (unit commander: Vallejo 72.007 Gold Yellow) (not sure which vallejo color I will use, eventually I must mix greens or buy a new one) 4. Brain: Vallejo 72148 Heavy Warm Grey, eventually later Reaper MSP Brains Pink as highlight, a wash (sepia?) as last step. 5. face: vallejo 72,035 dead flesh is my favorite in the moment 6. Option 1: weapon and some body part: black, highlight with Vallejo 72.050 Cold Grey Option 1: Or I use Black, VMC gun metal grey and silver as highlights 7. Gas Bottle: Vallejo 72.012 Scarlet Red 8. few smaller details... I think the martians are very fast to paint. !!! Do eventually the head and face in step 4.-5. on every martian mini at once. I'm waiting for the MA minis in the moment, too! :-(
  7. I know that there isn't a lot of interest here for historicals, but I figured I would post them since I just finished off 30 of them. With the incentive of a game I have been working hard on my US Marines. Most of the miniatures are from Brigade Games and the rest of them are from Great War Miniatures. The US Army Uniform and the US Marine P1912/1917 uniforms are close enough that you can't tell the difference on the table top except for color. The Marines in their "Forest Green" stand out in stark contrast from the Army. Marine "Forest Green" closely resembles German Feldgrau and I have a new recipe that comes a lot closer than my old one. Here is a look at a platoon in full Marine uniform Here is a link to my blog for the how I painted these up http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2014/09/painting-wwi-us-marine.html
  8. This was (part 1)of a major commission order that I did in August of last year from a gamer back East who is part of a gaming club who plays (WAR ZONE). He sent me a box that contained the units (each in a clear plastic kitchen bag). The instructions that I received were (please paint the pieces so they look nice on a game board but not to contest quality...please mount them on standard square bases with simple grass ground cover...please give them a flat finish coating so they can stand up to being handled)...The rest he left up to me and the above photos show the finished units that I sent back to him. He was very pleased with the results and I had fun painting these marines. 1. His scout character in their games (front & back) 2. Five (5) figure unit (skull & bones) 3. Five (5) figure unit (all american flag) 4. Three (3) figure unit (mentors) 5. Three (3) figure unit (lancers)
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