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Found 4 results

  1. Inspired by the threads @SparrowMarie has done, I figured it was time to start one myself. This thread will focus mainly on Mythomorphia by Kerby Rosanes, and Creatopia by Vexx, with Faber Castell Polycromos coloured pencils being the main media used in Mythomorphia, and a combination of Ohuhu Kaala and Copic Sketch Markers in Creatopia. Alcohol markers unfortunately bleed through pages so won't work in most of the Kerby Rosanes books, but that's why I picked up some of the compliation books. Creatopia, on the other paw, is single sided printing, which is rather handy, and the artwork within really does lead towards a much more vibrant style that you can get with alcohol markers, which is a good thing I'd say Odds are this is a slow-drip thread, doubly so the fact I bounce between a variety of different things. ^So yeah, here's the covers of the two books in question... So after a flipthrough or two, I decided for Mythomorphia that the first piece I would work on is "The Stag". There's just something about those antlers that kept calling to me, so I figured why not, let's do it. Like usual for me, I didn't really have any particular plan, and rolled with whatever felt like would be good for the next step. At some point I came up with the idea of there being some sort of glow of light coming from the middle-top left hitting the antlers, and I liked it, so rolled with that too... For those wondering on the colours and layering... Base: Middle Cadmium Red Initial shadows: Walnut Brown Secondary Shadows: Warm Grey V Initial mid-tone: Magenta Highlights: Dark Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow, Cream, White Next time I'll make sure pencils aren't in the way of the art ^_^;;; This past week I've been mainly doodling with the alcohol markers, as I haven't had much time (or energy) after work to do much of anything, but I've wanted to spend more time with the markers anyways, even if "it's only 10-15 minutes" - a philosophy I've tried to take with all of my media and hobbies. I consider it a win even if I get to spend "only 15 minutes" because it's still sitting down, having some fun with hobbying, and relaxing. Here's the left side of that same page, where I'm using my Faber Castell Pitt Dual Markers, as I got some in and figured I could use them in here. I do like them, although they blend very VERY differently compared to the alcohol ones as they're water based India ink. Short version is I do like them, but odds are after this page they won't see much use, as it's very easy to make the paper start pilling, but also they wind up warping the pages somewhat while still having the bleed through once you get layers going. And for those who are curious, what media I have and use at the moment...
  2. $120 plus shipping for 200+ miniatures. No idea why I'm still doing this sort of thing, but I'm in for 1EU. 😛 Mini's may be on the small side. Daily SG's. Company has 11 KS, but some have not fulfilled yet. Miniatures are from previous KS (?) so the molds have been made and paid for. Also, 3D cardstock dungeon tiles, transparent plastic condition markers. Little iffy on the look of the condition markers, but could use them for these miniature games and 5e. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamestartedizioni/sanctuary-dungeon-tales-mystic-natural-fantasy-setting-5e/ "Mine have just arrived in UK.. if like me you bought mainly for the minis rather than the system itself... .here are my first thoughts: I am pleased with them, actually very pleased, I think I've done OK here.. But.. just to prepare you, some of the more human minis are a bit small and thin, but definitely still usable. Think nolzurs minis rather than reaper. When I say small, I mean usable on a table small... not dragons hoard small so please don't panic! I know some of us will have had our fingers burnt by other kickstarters but these are all usable. Maybe not all as main characters but certainly as npcs or leading npcs. And its only the human minis that are slightly small. ALL the other minis are wonderful. The orcs and demons are superb. All the familiars are going to be a definite hit with your players. And there are some really really nice surprises. The mephits are awesome and have loads of character. Some nice kobold and pathfinderesque goblins and a couple of sets of really, brilliantly, brilliantly odd and unique henchmen mobs.. The two big minus ate also great, and because everything (Everything)is prebased, and also very cleanly manufactured out of the box, all the minis are ready to be primed with no real preparation. Which is amazing... I paid 125 euros, and there's about 125 minis.. I work that out at about 80p a mini.. and I am very happy with that! Definitely got my moneys worth, even in just the odd mobs and unusual familiars. So definitely very pleased AND I have the cool bases to go through now and see how they go.. Good work all round. Well done, well done! Etc etc.. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamestartedizioni/interactive-miniatures/comments
  3. Some of us on the Forums participated in an event called Inktober. One of the Prompt Words was Dragon. So for the 12th of October I did a Dragon. I took Work in Progress pictures, so I thought it might be fun to post them in the WIP section. (Finally getting around to posting them three months on.) I posted some free advice about using ink markers in the Inktober thread and I followed some of my own advice to draw this. Trying to figure out how to quote that post...but it is not allowing it for unknown reasons. (First save) Edit: There it is ^ I had to save; do a second post; which merged with the first post; and then edit. Right then, on with it, following my own advice... Step 1 Grab a mechanical pencil and outline the basic area where the Dragon is going to be. Mostly, this step is to make sure that the drawing doesn't run off the edge of the paper. But, there are a few key details like the eye location... the jaw... There is no pic for this step. Sorry. It didn’t occur to me to do a step-by-step and the pencil lines were so faint because I used such a hard grade of lead it probably wouldn’t have shown up in the photo. # TGPTGP
  4. These are being done by on of the folks I know from Dakkadakka and look pretty cool for those if us who like to bling up our games now live on KS https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1388589874/modcube-part-tokens-part-dice-fully-modular the ModCube is a gaming aid which enables you to keep 6 common gaming tokens on a single cube, and quickly rotate between these tokens. Token designs are made to be compatible with the most popular sci-fi wargames, starting with Dogfight and Vehicle Damage cubes (note the cubes shown are 3d printed prototypes) You can see a few more on the website and facebook page: http://www.modcube.com http://www.facebook.com/themodcube Molding of the ModCube is being done in China, with first production samples expected in April. All lasercut acrylic panels will be produced in the USA, enabling us to quickly put out new releases as games update and change! RiTides will be showing off the ModCube at AdeptiCon with the help of a few other members of Dakka. Come and check out the booth if you are attending, He will also be unveiling one more new ModCube design before AdeptiCon - a cube compatible with Infinity! active comments are ongoing at http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/638434.page a closer look at the 2 colour acrylic use to make the individual panels
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