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Found 24 results

  1. Hard to believe, but I actually got a few hours of painting in the past couple weeks and finished some minis. Most to toy box standard for my Kids Hero Kids adventure. I am probably going to add some flock/bushes to the base of a couple of them. I was sloppier on the Bones minis due to the dang mold lines and soft features. First a group shot. For the scenery a Bones Candelabra by Bob Ridolfi (77138) and some portals for Massive Darkness (I have around twenty treasure chest I need to finish the trim on as well….soon) These two minis have been base coated for a while. The weakest of the group, but good enough for the adventures. 14329 Street Thug, Mercenary Grunt by Bobby Jackson and 30026 Pirate with Treasure Chest More Bones. 77140 Townsfolk Village Rioter by Bobby Jackson. 02583 Female Server from Townsfolk 1 by Bobby Jackson. 77396 Olivia Female Cleric by Werner Klocke (I like this mini, but not the paint job I achieved). 77206 Friar Stone Human Monk by Tre Manor (this one suffered from Bones due to a bunch of extra bits of flash. Even so I like the final product and wouldn’t mind getting this one in a better material in the future). 02950 Townsfolk VII Clergy by Bobby Jackson. And the easiest is Knight from the 77673 Knight of the Realm by Tim Hill. A nice sculpt that filled in as animated armor. And some metal minis for Frostgrave from Osprey Minis. I really like the FGV343 Ballista II Construct. The two FGV303 small constructs will probably be gifted to my kids characters for saving the wizard when his constructs went rouge.
  2. Goblin Agent 1 Goblin Agent 2 Dwarf Agent 1 Dwarf Agent 2 Orc Agent 1 Orc Agent 2 WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/76692-massive-darkness-agents/
  3. Finishing up the last few, here's miniatures that didn't belong with the others. Cyclops Spearmaiden from Massive Darkness: Totally a Redcap and not a dwarf as labelled, from Massive Darkness: "Sister Lana, Healer" from Reaper Miniatures: An unknown Gladiatrix, possibly West Wind, acquired during the travels of the Reaper Box of Goodwill:
  4. Howdy, You shall not pass! Kev! P.S. Background display by Trenton Maloney
  5. Howdy, International Mini Painting Month - Day 3 Kev! EDIT: Day 3, not day 2 as originally posted
  6. Howdy, I'd like to meet his optometrist... Look, Kev!
  7. Howdy, She's got Psycho Ex Girlfriend eyes... Kev!
  8. Howdy, You dirty rat... you killed my brother! Kev!
  9. Howdy, I thought troglodyte meant cave dweller... Kev!
  10. Howdy, Game pieces need paint too... Kev!
  11. Howdy, Ssssssword masssster! Scale model, Kev!
  12. Howdy, A bit of character... I like 'im, Kev!
  13. Howdy, Ready to carve... Kev! P.S. Hammer time!
  14. As with all of my pieces, this was painted with Reaper MSP, and Reaper Bones MSP. The robes are the layered blues (Void Blue, Tropical, Glacier, and Frost). The hair was done with Gothic Crimson, Valcanic Orange, and Canary Yellow. The white parts of the robe were completed using Khaki Shadow, Bleached Linen, and Dragon White. The gold was Desert Stone, Golden blonde, then washed with a Candlelight yellow glaze. I like the effect overall. I had fun with this piece, but it was mainly an exercise in rebasing. I wanted to add him to a clear acrylic base, so that I could see how well it would come out. I've seen many figures, mostly for board games, on this type of base, and I thought it would be neat for my players. Also, the bases that I put on my figures, are sometimes distracting to my players during the game. Things like snow on a figure base, but the adventure is currently in a tropical jungle or desert. Nothing major, but I thought it might be a little less distracting for game pieces. I still plan on decorating the bases of my display pieces. So, what do you think of the piece overall? CAH
  15. Howdy, I have come for your lubricant! Click to zoom, Kev!
  16. Howdy, What was that... Did you hear something? Cheers, Kev! P.S. Click, if you dare...
  17. Howdy, A woman with a perfect figure... Kev! P.S. Click the pic to see the flaws...
  18. A couple more of the roamers done. I have one more on the desk, but I also have a mob of 18 goblin archers staring me down. I'll probably get to those first.... Comments are always welcome.
  19. It's sure been a while since I've broken out my brushes! My copy of Massive Darkness, the new RPG light Dungeon game by CMoN, arrived the other day. After looking at the sheer volume of plastic which was added to my collection, the painting bug hit me. These three are the first of about 8-10 ogres, giants, trolls I'll be painting up. Comments and critiques are appreciated!
  20. So I pledged to the Massive Darkness Kickstarter from Cool Mini or Not. Honestly I had forgotten how much swag I was going to get, as evidenced by showing up at the Post Office after work to pick up my box and it was huuuge! I dragged it to the train station somehow and my partner actually met me there so he could carry it home for me. (I swear love is a partner helping you carry your board games and supporting your obsession.) The struggle is real! My room mate's cat was very interested in the content of said box. Oh, this is why the box was so dang heavy. It has all of the things. I've never painted such a big pile of the same minis before, so I have separated my villains from the main box and am going to paint those first in a factory-line kinda manner so whip them all out fast. I also won't be as pedantic as I can be with my single minis, I want them to look good on the table but I won't get too caught up spending 4 hours painting one face. Think I may also invest in some spray-on primer, I am using the Reaper brush on primer (after filing down any mold lines, etc) which works well but takes some time to apply.
  21. Bunch of stuff just finished, and just photographed. The dwarves were a base coat and dip, and the Iron Golem was speed painted in about 2.5 hours. The rest I took my time. :)
  22. Tried zenithal priming these guys with an airbrush…results about the same as a rattle can, with way more cleanup. Don’t really want to spend any time learning airbrush skills, so be it. Massive Darkness Agents WIP 1 I then base coated the skin for each as follows: Orc, Twilight Blue; Dwarf, Dark Skin; Goblin, mix of Ghoul Skin and Black Green. Leather, skirts and misc were base coated in Dusky Skin Shadow. Massive Darkness Agents WIP 2
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