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Found 6 results

  1. This will be another ongoing themed project. *** David Attenborough Voice*** A huge portion of our Planet consists of water and even while we are exploring Space, the Seas and Oceans are still a mystery to us. So far we have explored maybe about 5% of the Oceans, who is to say what lurks in the remaining 95%?. Just a few decades ago we discovered that the Coelacanth, a fish thought to have been extinct for billions of years, was in fact still alive. Sailors have reported strange sightings and stories about seamonsters have been told for centuries. Fishermen Tales? Or is there some truth in these bold stories? What DO we know of the Deep? ****************************************
  2. I wasn't originally going to do a WIP for these. I've taken so many pictures and just junked them, and it's not like I'm a competition-level painter. I always feel like a kid wearing Dad's shoes when I do a WIP--just going around pretending to be of a level that I'm simply "not." Still, I need to keep some notes somewhere. So here we go... Merfolk Rangers: I have finally gotten the blue to where I want it. I started off with Ritterlich Blue, but that was too dark, it kept reading as black when I would take pictures. I finally resolved to starting with Brilliant Blue. I gave it a heavy drybrush with Cyan Blue, and then I bumped up the Cyan Blue with a bit of Sky Blue (2:1 or 3:1). Now it finally looks "Blue" and not "Black". I'll be adding some black details later, so it's important that there is enough contrast to be visible. I feel like I started the skin off too dark. Those dark lines are all that I can see, now. I'm starting the fins with Sun Yellow. I'll be putting some Pure Black (or super dark blue) edges on the fins as well as a stripe and loop design down the side. I still don't know what I'm doing with these two. Those greens will not stay, they're just not working for me. Not even a little bit. Such a dark brown, made from a 3:2 mix of Red Shadow to Green Black (or was it Black Green?). I'll be bringing that up a bit with some reddish browns. Then I've got some orange and white details to do on the bodies and fins. And I need to figure out where I'm going with the flesh on the female guard. The male guard is going with some Olive Skin triad. The crest is the Gory Red triad, and the armor is done with the golds. I just need to put the top layers on. I didn't actually paint a tank top on the redhead. There is such a dramatic difference between tail lengths. The tails started off with straight Moth Green. I mixed 1:1 with Maggot White, and then drybrushed straight Maggot White. Pure Black for the stripes. I'll probably do some more work on those stripes for some depth. They should probably be widened a bit, too. The ginger started off with Carrottop Red and Highlight Orange. I used Saffron Sunset for the final drybrush. The black hair is just Pure Black and given a little bit of a drybrush with the same Red Shadow/Black Green mix on the Guards' tails. Her shells were done with the Bone Colors triad.
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Holiday season. I have not been here in so long I hope I don't break any rules! I painted these Bones V Merfolk and thought I would show them off. Do you have any painted? I'd love to see them! Any figure that you want to share.
  4. So I had this mini for some time, it was damaged, missing an arm and a hand. I repaired it using some bits and repainted it. Here's the WIP topic. I like how everything turned out, thanks for looking! Some before and after photos:
  5. So a while ago I bought 10 of these prepainted wizkids merfolk minis off ebay for cheap. The paintjob on them is horrible but I like the sculpts quite a lot and my dnd group used them all the time during our underwater adventure campaign and was quite happy with th. One of them was missing an arm and I just put her in "to do" box and didn't use her in my games. After some time I chopped of her hand for another project and in the end I was left with an armless and handles mermaid. Since my bits box has grown quite substantially during the last year I decided to pick something out for her in the arms and hands department and also repaint her. I will post updates on the process here and in the end make a new topic in the show off section. I'm open to comments, criticism and sugestions and I hope you like this proces! Thank you for looking!
  6. This is 3D file from Gloomykid. It is called a Naga and comes in two versions one is a snake version ( the Naga) the other has fins and I decided to go for that one. Part of my Beneath the Waves Project you can find here: WIP https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88958-beneath-the-waves-by-glitterwolf/&tab=comments#comment-1896746 Ready to defend his realm against those pesky fishermen. EDIT: forgot to mention, the Base is a 3D print from the Artisan Guild _ DeathTide Jurakin Set. The larger cluster of barnacles I sculpted with procreate.
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