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Found 9 results

  1. For my ReaperCon entry this year, I painted my Iron Cobra and a chest that I sculpted for one of the Bones KS's. I'm not entirely happy with these pictures, as the blue seems to be diminished in them (the background and steel colors are actually light blue; maybe it is my monitor?). I may adjust them later and re-post, but for now, they're pretty close (as close as I can get when photographing metallic paint). Oh, and I placed a Gold Medal with this in the Open Category.
  2. I did the dragon for Dragons Don't Share as a metallic test for my Ma'al Drakar I just posted pics of. Overall I am happy with him, and am glad I covered the body Aged Pewter with Adamantium Black.
  3. Another monster for my Lost World Project Project here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-xherman1964-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/ This is a 15mm miniature from Demonworld, since it is really huge I use it for my 28mm project. That is a Microart Studio resin jungle base 3 x 2 inch! I tried to emulate the metallic sheen that some beetles have on this scorpion. Using different metallics and then some inks and black glazing. Enjoy. Likes and comments welcome,if you want to throw rotten tomatoes, report to the scorpion first for a "talk"
  4. Quick little 'paint' job with craft metallics over permanent marker on a cheap toy. Mostly done for some practice. 120mm x 95mm* MDF oval base. Classic DOOM imp shown for scale. *Found out AFTER custom ordering a bunch of these ovals that I was 1 MM off of the size I wanted... 120mm x 94mm oval, the base for enormous 40K monsters.
  5. I started painting Narthrax the other day, and I've worked on him a little more today... So the bulk is done, I'm mostly at details and basing and stuff atm. However, to try and make sure I stick with this, I've decided to pop up a WIP thread. So this is where I'm at =] Yep, I'm still painting on a tray, on a teatowel, on my couch =P
  6. I wanted to have an Illithid for gaming and got me D'Khul. To create a "fishy" look on his skin, I painted it in pale violet metallics, shaded blueish and highlighted towards silver, then applied matt varnish. I was quite happy with the result and got a bit carried away when also doing the staff in metallics and the hood and hem with violet-green iridescent pigments. The photo is not so brilliant, one will have to imagine it shimmering under different light directions. What do you think of the basic idea? Should illithids look like that or should they rather come with a dark-and-simple scheme?
  7. Not a great WIP as I have done a lot already but here's the mostly done shots and an explanation of what I did. Bronze ... Vallejo Bronze Metallic ... nearly everything has it mixed. I'll elaborate after some pics: Okay, back to bronze. Well, I wanted to create the metallic style chitin you would see on some insects. So I started with bronze down the back. Then I wanted to incorporate more colors but I wanted the bronze in there so I mixed garnet red and bronze, leaf green and bronze and midnight blue and bronze to achieve the colors you see above ... on the ankheg. The stones are flagstones and are gray plus gray mixed with midnight blue and gray mixed with rattlesnake leather. I think he's pretty solid at the moment. I will be adding more gradients with some washes as I head to show off. More WIP picks to come ... or not. Enjoy and as always CC is welcome.
  8. I've only been painting minis since January but I learn a little more with each mini. I got this mini from my local gaming shop.How it hadn't been snapped up already, I'll never know. I had a paint scheme in mind even before I got home. I loved the damage in the wings and knew I wanted to make them really pop out. So I thought what better way to do that then by going with a copper dragon showing it's age in both the copper shades and with the teal patina. It took some playing around with a combination of browns and rosy skin tones to get the different shades of the brown copper and a combination of the ocean and moss paints to get the green patinas. (Oh if only I had known that Reaper was going to be coming out with copper colors in this Kickstarter! But I can't wait to play with them next year. ) I entered it in a Large Monsters contest at my local gaming shop so it's only the dragon without the rest of ruins and minis. I decided to keep the underside cleaner and brighter than the top of it since that would be more protected. So the chest is a light copper with few marks and scratches. I started with matter colors to get the right shades of copper then lightly brushed on a metallic copper to the scales and wings to give it a nice sheen. I did paint the horns and claws solid copper metallic. When I think of dragons being hunted, I thought of what would be treasured and displayed. The head and claws come to mind so I wanted to make them really stand out as a real treasure. The kind of thing that a kingdom would have on display for generations in a mighty hall even when it was nothing but the bones, copper horns and talons. I'm also including a picture of the base minus the dragon so you can see it. I'm really happy with the stone work on it. I added some grass and vines to it to give it more depth and interest. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with it and I really enjoyed painting it. It's the biggest mini I've worked on so far. I'm debating adding some stippling on the wings to age them a bit more but we'll see. For now I'll just enjoy it.
  9. Howdy, I'm currently working on a present for my wife. It is a conversion piece to look like Yvonne Craig's Batgirl from the original Batman TV series. I wanted to do something special for it (besides the sculpt) and have glittery or metallic purple paint for the costume. For those who may not know, her costume is very glittery (shown in the attachments). If anybody has any suggestions, I would be very appreciative. There is still sculpting work to be done, so I have time before I put the brush to the figure. Thanks!
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