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Found 16 results

  1. This one is next in line. He needs a better base. This is a standard Reaper 1 inch base. And a sheet of embossed styrene cobblestone, for model railroading. I superglued it on, trimmed around it with an X-Acto, then sanded it down to 800 grit. Any gap left is going to get the Brush On Sealer treatment to deal with the seam. After this I just superglued the Mocking Beast on. No pin.
  2. Two speed painted mimics from the Wizkids line.
  3. Here's a little quick-paint mimic that I finished up this week. I love this mini, and I want to paint another later, when I have more time. We've been completely snowed in here in Seattle, and you'd think that would mean I'd get more done, right? No. With the husband working from home and the entire schedule in shambles, I've had a hard time managing any painting at all. But the Jan/Feb Challenge deadline is approaching, and I have to get a couple more done...!
  4. A simple Barrel Mimic from the ReaperCon Swag Bag.
  5. Impact Miniatures ran a Kickstarter earlier in the year and this Mocking Beast aka Mimic was one of the offerings. My wife enjoys playing D&D Online with me (she's good at the puzzles and spotting treasure) and finds the mimics amusing, so I painted this for her birthday. Mocking Beast face by Mckenna35, on Flickr Mocking Beast front by Mckenna35, on Flickr Mocking Beast back by Mckenna35, on Flickr Hard to tell it was 3d printed, other than very fine lines on long oblique items like the sides of the tongue. All in all it was a blast to paint. Based it on a Litko 3mm plywood 25mm round and painted the stonework on.
  6. Hey there, adventurer! I'm just a friendly little treasure chest. Why don't you slowly reach in and grab a few coins...BLAGHABLAGHABLAH!!!
  7. Painted up a Mocking Beast last night. I really like this sculpt, a little more than the Nolzur's Mimics that are based on the D&D 5e Monster Manual art. He deserves a bit of the horror treatment, maybe a little more than I was able to provide. But rather than use the traditional intense colors, I added flesh tones into the purple tongue and the magenta gums for a little more "realistic" look. I copped the wood technique straight from Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic. More or less it involves painting up from dark brown into a very orange brown, painting what are essentially wavy highlights all over the wood grain, and then glazing over a sepia ink at the end. You can see that better in this one: I'm still learning a lot. Started in November. But I'm quite proud of this figure.
  8. This little beastie is just about done. May put gold coins around the base as a lure for would be adventurers but who knows. This is probably one of the minis that I will never finish and always add something too. Critical suggestions are welcome
  9. While it may not be the most impressive of its kind, I'm happy to have this painted up and ready to play. Another one off the desk. I ordered the reaper paint color Alien goo for its eyes and I like it. Got the idea from Someone else's in the inspiration gallery and couldn't get it out of my head. Hey don't touch my stuff!
  10. This would be my first Bones mini painted. I don't remember seeing a metal version of this at the time I purchased (at least over a year ago), which was the only reason why I picked up the bones. Now I am seeing a metal version, so somehow I must have missed it. Anyway, painting on Bones was frustrating and the effort put into it was cut a bit short due to that frustration. I don't really look forward to the handful more I have and have coming from Kickstarters. Hopefully this will be the last mini painted with the cruddy camera I have. Looking for something that takes sharp pics for under $150 if that is possible. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  11. I really enjoyed painting this one. It has been mostly done for a while, but I finally did the finishing touches and based it as well. Can't wait to use it
  12. I really have far too many miniatures. At least 20, and with a further 20 inbound from the 20 kickstarters I have backed the last few years. So for 2016 I will try to crank out those minis at an elevated pace, and chalk up an even 366 -one for each day - finished by the end of the year. Of course, this means that to avoid spamming the excellent reaper forums with samey, production-line dross nobody really wants to see, I will not be posting each and every one done here even though the rpchallenge says I should. Instead I will post Reaper minis and maybe some other that I find interesting enough. The rest will get pictures linked to the rpchallenge monthly post for anybody who might be interested. so.... "as you lean over the chest, it suddenly opens and snaps at you...roll for initiative!" One of my all time favorite AD&D monsters is the Mimic. A beast that looks like any old dungeon furniture (warning: don't ever google "Dungeon Furniture" if you want to avoid sanity loss) that makes a great trap for unwary adventurers. Reaper, who makes not-versions of almost every D&D-creature, make this "Mocking Beast". Because "Mimicking Beast" would be to similar? A great miniature that I for some reason have put off painting since it arrived with the first Bones KS delivery. 77048: Mocking Beast Reaper Miniatures Bones KS1 Bonesium PVC 30mm base.
  13. Speed paint of the Mocking Beast bones mini, aka the Mimic. Metallic silver is Vallejo Model Air Steel, which is amazing. It just flows on and covers really nicely in one coat straight out of the bottle.
  14. As another part of my quest for a few simple minis to get back in the painting habit, enter the mimic mocking beast. This guy was fun to paint. I learned from the eye beast that 09072 Rust Brown seems to make a good gum color. I decided to give him some green swirling magical energies that were propelling him off the ground and decided those were the same swirling inside his "mouth". The base was also a first experiment for me. Now that we have all our new reaper bases and everything can be standard and match (no OCD in this household) it's time to start properly basing everyone. Decided to do either a cobblestone or dungeon tile feel to this base. Just some milliput that I manually carved out some stones on then put some GF9 grass in the cracks. I'm not 100% pleased with the base, it still looks a little uneven and hodge podgy (but luckily that's okay for cobblestone). Just need to get my technique down before I try other things. Anyways, thanks for reading, and comments and criticism are always welcome.
  15. Hi, Two speed paint projects for d&d adventure.
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