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Found 5 results

  1. New books be Dave Taylor, one of which features Aaron Lovejoy, Matt Dipietro, and Elizabeth Beckley of Miniature Monthly and others. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1560579763/the-art-of-volumes-1-3?ref=user_menu If you would like to just get two of the three books, the best way to do so is to pledge for one of the books, then increase your pledge total to include the Add-on price for the second book below. We will be using BackerKit as our pledge manager and that's where you'll have the opportunity to make those specific choices. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or by messaging me here on Kickstarter. THE ART OF… For more than 30 years I have spent a great deal of time talking with hundreds of artists who paint miniatures – for fun, for a living, for relaxation – and I am always intrigued to learn more about their philosophies, approaches, and processes. Some of these artists have spent decades refining their technical skills, while others bring their “traditional” art training to the miniatures world. Some draw inspiration from the most unusual of places, while others find it in popular culture turned on its head. THE ART OF… series of books will highlight fantastic miniatures artists from around the world, bringing their thoughts and passions to stand alongside their magnificent and inspirational work. We’ll be featuring both individuals and groups in this series, as we explore innovative approaches, studied refinements, and even tangential influences. These books will be both a celebration of the artist and their art, as well as an opportunity for them to present their thoughts on particular topics and let the world know why they approach their art the way they do. These will not be “How To” books, but rather complements to their existing outlets work that the artists are already doing. This is just the beginning of THE ART OF… series. With so many wonderful miniatures artists, there is so much potential to explore. Volume 1 – THE ART OF... Miniature Monthly Miniature Monthly is a collective of three professional painters from the US – Aaron Lovejoy, Elizabeth Beckley, and Matt DiPietro – who have a Patreon (Miniature Monthly) producing painting tutorial videos. All three are (or have been) studio painters for a number of different companies and they each bring something different to the table. This book will be a high-quality, softback artbook of 128 pages. Aaron will cover: • Creating a team/collective – looking at The Painters’ Guild and Miniature Monthly • Striking a balance between Speed and High-end painting • Freehand – Adding depth and texture Elizabeth will cover: • Smooth Skin – featuring work on the Kingdom Death minis • Chibi Art – how painting chibis differs from “standard” miniatures Matt will cover: • Ancient methods with infinite possibilities. • The Art of miniatures, – Finding your voice and engaging with the audience. https://www.patreon.com/miniaturemonthly https://www.facebook.com/miniaturemonthly https://www.instagram.com/artoflovejoy/ https://www.instagram.com/miniature_mistress/ https://www.instagram.com/mattdipietroart/ Volume 2 – THE ART OF... Christof Keil Christof Keil (aka k03rnl) is an artist from Germany who has made a name for himself with his incredible kitbashes and conversions and his work to turn 2D artwork into 3D pieces. Christof’s day job as a blacksmith working on enormous metal sculptures has given him a precise eye for balance and motion. This book will be a high-quality, softback artbook of 96 pages. • Kitbashing – a focus on anatomy, balance, silhouette • The Black Phalanx – a kitbashed project • Sculpting – creating reliefs and busts • Painting Black – an exercise in mimicking the masters • Black Templars – recreating the John Blanche art of 3rd Edition https://www.instagram.com/k03rnl/ https://www.instagram.com/black.phallanx.sculpts/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfsw4HOpTJ2MWvSbiBCT7-g Volume 3 – THE ART OF... Ana Polanšćak Ana is a professional miniatures painter from Croatia who is widely regarded for her world-building miniatures art. Her converted and sculpted miniatures blend seamlessly with her terrain work to create dark corners of worlds that beg to be explored – at your peril. This book will be a high-quality, softback artbook of 96 pages. • World Building – a focus on selecting a starting point and key developments. Working on your own worlds and collaborating with others • Gardens of Hecate – a world created by Ana • AoS28 – Hosting the LEGEN and the Sunhold campaigns • Sculpting – What it’s like to turn concepts into physical sculpts for the miniatures market, and the reliquary/artifact creations https://www.instagram.com/gardensofhecate/ http://gardensofhecate.blogspot.com https://gardensofhecate.com
  2. The following are video tutorials from YouTube contributors that have been organized into categories for easy reference. I have created many great works of art from the following: How to Paint Miniatures: Complete Painting Tutorials The Basics: Painting Segmented Tutorials Airbrush Basics: Tutorials & Techniques Bases & Terrain: Designs & Ideas Cast Fantasy Miniatures Using Rubber Molds Make a Painting Video Make a Round Surface Sander Make Barbed/Razor Wire Make Hose Pipes and/or Tentacles Make Rope, Cable & Chains Make Washes Paint a Fire Creature Paint a Frost Creature Paint Armor & Weapons on Miniatures Paint Blood & Gore Paint Crystal Sword Effects Paint Eyes with Glowing Effects Paint Faces, Eyes & Hair on a Miniature Paint Frail or Textured Cloth/Material Paint Gems and Jewels Paint Force and Power Weapons Paint Fire Effects Paint Ghostly Effects Paint Horses & Steeds Paint Lighting Bolts on Weapons Paint Metals: Non Metallic Metal - NMM Paint Metals: True Metallic Paint - TMP Paint Metal Effects: Rust Paint Metal Effects: Weathering Paint Object Source Lighting (OSL) Paint Skin Tones on Miniatures Paint Skin Wings on Miniatures Paint Tartan Patterns (Kilts & Flannels) Paint The Color Black Paint The Color Gold Paint The Color Red Paint The Color White Paperclip, The Unusal Useful Tool Restore Dried Out Paint Static Grass Applicator String a Bow On Your Miniature Transfer Citadel Paint into Dropper Bottles
  3. Greetings and Salutations fellows Miniature Hobbyists! I have been seeking Online Miniatures Painting Contests, if any exist, and have all but come up short! I am familiar with many of the competitions which are available for “In Person” entries only, but I’m extremely limited on my availability to travel. I am a novice painter. I use miniature painting to help with my PTSD. I was told that there are competitions which one could submit entries online, but I have had little to no luck finding any that are up and coming, or still exist at all. Can anyone please assist? Thank you in advance! ✌️
  4. There is a Kickstarter going on until January 7th, 2019 for the English version of the book “The Art of Miniature” by Mohand Art. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mohandart/the-art-of-the-miniature-miniature-art-tutorial-bo
  5. I just got into miniature painting and decided to post on the forum to get some feedback and advice. This is only the second miniature I've ever painted. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out despite my lack of experience. I'm thinking of dry brushing his back a bit more for an even more intense frost/ice effect. I plan on varnishing and basing him as soon as the bases I ordered arrived. Any CC is welcome thanks for looking!
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