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Found 122 results

  1. I'm looking for a Sci-Fi game to get into, but want to avoid GW for the time being. Cost is not a factor, as I value game mechanics and sculpt quality far more. But the single biggest criterion is that the theme shouldn't be mixed (e.g. sci-fi cowboys) - I'm looking for something more traditional. Does anyone know of a game that fits these criteria?
  2. Found this guy growing on a tree outside the office today. I suspected the tree was a River Birch. So, my question is: at what time do we harvest these seed pods to make mini leaves out of them? I haven't really observed these trees before, so I'm not familiar with their cycle. There are several outside, and I assume that I'll be able to set myself up for life in a few weeks… I could be persuaded to send a few out to anyone who'd like to experiment with them as well. -K
  3. I'm looking for a male kitsune miniature, preferable an archer, and am failing to find any. Does anyone know where to find one? If I couldn't find one I was considering just piecing together two different minis and was wondering if anyone had any advice on that, such as paint to use, how to correctly cut apart and attach pieces of minis together.
  4. I had a terrible dream last night. In it, Reaper had got the Dying Earth franchise, and announced its intention to release miniatures of the major characters in the books -- Cugel the Clever, Mazirian the Magician, Rhialto the Marvellous, and many others. I was thrilled. I'm a big fan of Jack Vance's Dying Earth series, up to and including the RPG. Unfortunately, production would not start all at once. The first metals to be released would be two versions of Cugel the Clever -- one standing, in an action pose with sword, and one mounted on a traditional riding beast of the Dying Earth -- the Oast. Sculpted by Jason Wiebe. To Reaper, I make this plea: make all the Dying Earth minis you want, okay? I'll buy 'em. And I'm certainly fond of Jason's work. ...but no Oasts. No. Just... no. *An Oast looks like a very muscular human with blond hair and blue eyes, with heights ranging from eight to nine feet. Although they look human, the peoples of Ascolais insist they are not, and that they are no more intelligent than livestock, which the local tribes are wont to use them as -- for food, plow pulling, and riding beasts. And if that weren't bad enough, naturally, livestock don't wear clothes...
  5. Okay! I'm not a gamer, and I'm starting to see that I'm creating a monster... I'm about to have these wonderful (in my eye at least) miniatures that I've poured blood, sweat, and tears into, and I need a way to keep them hail and hearty! I have a 6yr. old, a 2yr. old, a Main Coon Cat, and a new Beagle that thinks everything in the house belongs to him. What methods do you guys use to display/protect your miniatures when you're not messing with them? I've seen the large (and expensive!) gamer cases used to bring minis to and fro, but I really wouldn't get the use out of it to justify the price. I found this at Michael's the other day, but it was $60, which seems a bit much. http://www.michaels.com/Shot-Glass-Display-Case/fr0527,default,pd.html?cgid=products-framing-giftideasforfathersday Unfortunately (or fortunately for some) it was buy one get one free until today, but my budget did not allow for that purchase this weekend. It was very nice, as it had a hinged front and large bays for storing minis on well done bases. However, it does seem at that price that you'd be well on your way to purchasing a large curio cabinet if you saved a bit longer... So to review: 1. I need a case to protect my hard work. 2. I'm not a gamer so I don't need to transport them. 3. I'd like it to be affordable so I don't have to file bankruptcy. 4. I'd like to look nice. Thoughts?
  6. Looking forward to 2014 and have the following projects lined up for the 1st half of the year (January-June)...Will start after all the college and pro football games have finished for the season...and there will be a 2 week lull in my projects for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. My projects are listed by their current working titles (on my sketch boards)... 1. Slick Devlan (54mm/Games Workshop)...Completed & posted on Show Off (1/14/2014) 2. Amazon # 8 (Reaper # 03303 w/spear)...Completed & posted on Show Off (1/26/2014) 3. Amazon # 9 (Reaper # 03303 w/club)...Figure scratched...did not like the casting ridge down the face...(2/18/2014) 4. Amazon # 10 (Dragonblood # DBM011/Princess of the Evening Star 5. Amazon # 11 (Elmore # DSM-1169/Amazon with two-handed sword) 6. Hole in the Fence...(Carry over from Oct. 2013 list) 7. No Swimming...(Carry over from Oct 2013 list) 8. Outlaw Biker...(Carry over from Oct 2013 list) PLUS...I want to start work on a major project that has the title of (Bayou Fishing Pier)...this will be a major diorama project...but I have to determine the scale as based upon the figures that I can find to create what I see in my minds eye. Happy New Year...everyone! Paul
  7. So today, I was painting. And taking occasional breaks to waste time on the internet. You know. "A day off." And I noted something interesting on artist Tony diTerlizzi's blog: Tony's got this really interesting article up about the origins of some of the first Dungeons and Dragons monsters... whose MINIATURES actually predate the MONSTER! Usually, someone comes up with the idea of "beholder" or "Frog Dragon" or whatever, and then someone SCULPTS the thing. But these creatures actually caused the development of their D&D counterparts -- in the illustration above, the rust monster, bulette, and owlbear, respectively. In this case, Gary Gygax bought a bag of dinosaurs at the dime store, found some things in there that were decidedly NOT dinosaurs, and literally whipped up encounters based on them ANYWAY. Can't blame him. Would you believe there was a time where miniatures of D&D monsters were really pretty hard to find? Outside of a bottle of Old Skiddocan Squeezin's, anyway. It got me to thinking about inspiration sources. I'm no sculptor... well, I am, but no one in their right mind would pay me to sculpt anything more complicated than a very relaxed ooze ... and I found myself looking at the figure I'm painting at the moment: the medusa from the first Bones kickstarter: 77037, by Bobby Jackson, for the completists. Now, while this is a perfectly good medusa -- attractive, detailed, and certainly quite menacing -- it ain't the medusa described in Greek literature. I had to go and look around at the shelves to see the other medusa... 02354, sculpted by Jim Johnson. Not the poison koolaid guy, the sculptor. Two totally different guys, really. ...no... still not the Greek mythology version... where had I seen this before? And then it hit me: The original version of "Clash of the TItans." So... we have RPG adventurers facing off against a Greek mythology critter, as filtered through the sensibilities of movie SFX master Ray Harryhausen, and then through the minds of two different sculptors. Made me think hard and seriously about inspiration sources for sculptors. I mean, everyone has a mental idea of what a zombie looks like, sure... and owlbears... well, once you get the idea of "crossbreed between an owl and a bear, mostly bear with owl head, and big honkin' claws and the temperament of a wolverine who took the brown acid," you can draw a pretty quick mental image. 77156, by Jason Wiebe. Here, Jason Wiebe takes a basic idea by someone else, and goes pretty gonzo with it -- while the one in the picture up top looks like it might be satisfied with a few pick-a-nick baskets, Boo Boo, and watch out for Mr. Ranger... Jason's looks like it wants to rip my arm off and shove it down my throat, just to see the horrified look on my face. My point: The original idea wasn't Jason's, but he took it and ran with it. And he's not the first, nor is he the only. I was kind of surprised when the D&D folks didn't sue Blizzard for some of the things that turned up in World of Warcraft: Jason Wiebe coulda done 'em better. ...and anyway, I guess I'm not sure where I'm going with this. It made me think about cultural bleedover, and how "orcs" started out as one thing when I was twelve (Lord of the Rings) and became another thing when I was thirteen (Dungeons and Dragons), and would become yet another thing when I was in my late twenties (Warhammer), and to most of today's kids, have become yet ANOTHER thing (the LOTR and Hobbit movies). Like I said, cultural bleedover. Our myths are CHANGING. Sometimes in small ways, like owlbears in dynamic poses instead of just standing there. Sometimes in BIG ways, like the ever-changing orc. Anyway, anyone interested in diTerlizzi's blog article? It's here: http://diterlizzi.com/home/owlbears-rust-monsters-and-bulettes-oh-my/
  8. Thanks to another topic about Sophie, I was poking around on Miniature giant and found Harapan, the elephant warrior disaster relief mini. Who doesn't seem to be sold online anymore, at all. I really like elephants. Really, really, really like elephants. And I would be ever so very happy and pleased and grateful and joyous if you'd make this fine fellow available for the 12 days of reaper. That's the only way I can see me getting him, even if he was available on mini giant, I'm just not spending $40 on something that small. http://www.miniature-giant.com/harapan-elephant-warrior-tsunami-disaster-relief-discontinue-Reaper-Special-Edition-SE-sku-1411-c-410-p-2-pr-15.html
  9. OBJECTIVE: Obtain three units of medical supplies and return to your deployment area to win. Medical supplies may be found in the Hospital (one unit per figure searching, but the place is crawling with zombies, and you can't fight and search in the same round), in Police Cars (fifty fifty chance of finding one unit of supplies, one search only) or in Ambulances (one search only, 1d6 units of supplies). The hospital is in the middle of the terrain board. There are two police cars, randomly placed. The ambulance is on the far side of the board from your deployment area. However, there are only twenty zombies on the board in the streets at the moment... but that could change the moment someone opens fire. What do you do?
  10. Please scroll though to the SECOND page. I have posted the final photos. I have just competed Judas Bloospire/ Be so kind to leave me a comment as to what you think. So many folks just download a copy, and while I am flattered I really posted this here for people to give me feedback. Thanks ! I just started painting this Miniature. I have just coated him with a Brown Wash. Thanks to those of you that clicked like ! I'm still learning how to do this. I'm having a blast working the color depths.. Take your Time, and look at the color evolve ! Would enjoy Hearing from you on enhancements, or suggestions. I'm rather new at this. I am adding the my latest Judas Bloodspiers up here. Working this yellow, and red together without getting "chaulky" is a bit daunting. Think I am getting closer to my "flame" idea.
  11. http://www.kickstart...re-set-chibi-an This set of minis has 6 archetypes based on old-school D&D, but with an ADORABLE chibi twist, like SDE. For $30, you can get a chibi Magician, Barbarian, Cavalier, Thief, Ranger and Acrobat! More minis will be unlocked as the kickstarter gains suppoer (however it seems they will be primarily add-ons, not freebies). The first unlock is at $5,000 and is a DM mini. Happy pledging . ETA: Checking the comments, the minis are expected to be spin-cast plastic by Troll Forged.
  12. Hello! Sorry if this seems like a silly question but I am honestly curious about what people will say. I will offer my own answer first: For me, there is no question, that it is when something new happens that I wasn't expecting. Either I experiment with some new paint that surprises me, or I try a new a technique (basing, eyes, wet palette, etc), and particularly when I start painting a miniature that I am not all that excited about and it gets to a certain point in the painting when the details resolve into a surprising whole that really catches my attention and makes the figures seem dramatic and exciting and something is revealed about the figure that I hadn't noticed and for a fleeting instant this is the coolest mini I have ever seen. Or I try something hard that I have chickened out of before and it seems to even kind of work if I squint hard and make a wish. Constantly trying new things and discovering new things. For instance, cutting the bases off a bunch of bones and planting them in clay bases was something that I had a hard time making myself do. Once I started I couldn't stop because of how much fun it was to see the new base "frame" the mini and add some drama to the pose. This is what keeps me enthusiastic and coming back for more. Cheers and hope your Thursday night rocks.
  13. I am about to start work/painting on these (2) ogre figures...but have lost all data on them. Anyone out there who can identify these for me...please do so. They are circa 1991 and came in a blister pack...but I do not know who released them or their SKU numbers. Thank you for your help!
  14. Im looking for my PC miniature and im having a hard time. My PC is a male High-elf Warlock hexblade (dnd4e) and has: A horned helm Conjured sword in one hand Rod in the off hand Cloak/Cape The closest i could find (basically spot on) was this Kingdom death mini but its part of the multi million dollar kickstarter (which I didnt back) so I wouldn't be able to get one any time soon.
  15. Hey guys, I am new to the reaper boards, and miniatures in general. I've collected them for a few years (for gaming campaigns), but just recently started painting, and taking some interest in basing. That said, I have no idea what I am doing! The minis already have small bases as part of the figure, so I am wondering how to base these. Do I cut away the metal base it comes with? If you can point me in the direction of a good guide, that would be wonderful. Thanks, Risingdark
  16. The 2 week long deepwars KS has started. http://www.kickstart...yss-mini-kicker Wonder if the OP can retitle this thread to be Shadowseas\deepwars as there's no real reason to start a new thread.
  17. Ok, so I was looking for flow improver today, and Hobby Lobby and Joanne's did not have it. I want to make a wash similar to Les's wash recipes... I have the ink, distilled water, and matte medium, but no flow improver... I've read Future works as a flow improver, also dish soap works... So, anyone have a suggested recipe with the inks, and matte medium?
  18. So, now that I'm getting a Ton of Bones and a nice chunk of Stonehaven Dwarves I really think it's time to expand my group. Currently it's mostly one or two friends and myself that are interested in the painting of miniatures and such, whereas the rest of our group is just about gaming. We try to get together once a week for a full day on Saturday in Aumsville, but it's likely we'll aim for Salem as our main venue moreso, as people are moving here (I already have as have a couple others) and a lot of them go to Chemeketa. Once school starts up they'll also be in Salem more often during the week, so likely throw in some hanging out here and there then too. Really, I'm just looking for anyone to hang out with that is interested in miniatures enough to at least get these bones. Maybe plan something out for when they come so we can all get together and motivate each other to paint them instead of just marvelling at their awesomeness. I'm also willing to sell/trade some miniatures from this kickstarter to people who just plain can't get the money right now or whatever else if they live in Salem or around the area, presuming they're also willing to either game with us or let us game with them or whatever else. I'm not too big of a fan of the FLGS here because they're quite a distance away from where I live in Salem and more recently they've become less and less interested in non-card gamers and their staff likewise has become less and less knowledgeable on non-card subjects. (Recently a friend went there who had just got into miniatures and asked what all he would need to get started painting and the guys there managed to sell him a brush and some paints. That's it.) So yeah, just looking for anyone interested in gaming and/or miniatures around the area of Salem, OR as I know there's tons of you, you just all hide somewhere... And it's apparently not Borderlands... See very few groups there, although there's a decent amount of wargamers, just not a lot for pen and paper gaming usually.
  19. I've been painting a little while and have a few metallic paints, both Reaper and GW. Any way, I was blown away by the miniature pictured next to Julie Guthrie's shark greens. Specifically, the miniature's helmet looks so shiny you could shave in the reflection. These photos inspired me to experiment with media and varnish. I came up with a medium that is 2 parts Liquitex Gloss Medium, 1 part Winsor and Newton Flow Improver and 1 part water. This I mixed 1 for 1 with my metallic paints. Then I experimented with various varnishes and found Liquitex Hi-Gloss Varnish to be pretty nice. Still, I doubt I'll get anything as shiny as the mini in those photos. Any suggestions? Also, does anyone know if that was that one of Julie's figs next to the sharks, or did somebody else paint the knight in question? I've reposted the photo here for ease of reference.
  20. Hi all, Has anyone purchased a mini that is 1/72 scale? If so, how does the scale compare to Reaper's 25mm "Heroic" scale? Smaller, bigger... about the same? I found some plastic minis that would do well as fodder, but I want to make sure the scale is right before I purchase. Thanks! -mb
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