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Found 6 results

  1. DIORAMA TITLE...OUTLAW BIKER PHOTOSHOOT PROJECT DATA...This is a (28mm) diorama that I am working on...based on an actual photoshoot I did for Outlaw Biker magazine for the (100 Anniversary Issue). The magazine flew in Rhonda Shear (NYC late night TV hostess) for me to shoot for the cover and inside photo layout. PHOTO # 1...Old biker clubhouse from the front (completely scratch built)... PHOTO # 2...Looking through front window at pool table inside... PHOTO # 3...Left side of clubhouse (completely scratch built)... PHOTO # 4...Right side of clubhouse (completely scratch built)... PHOTO # 5...Assorted racks that will be in the front and on both sides of the clubhouse...plus biker sign... PHOTO # 6...Photo shoot props (rack with free magazines/SLR camera w/power source/public photo shoot notice w/reflector boards in back)... PHOTO # 7...Closeup of free magazine copy... PHOTO # 8...Photo of actual (100 Anniversary Issue)...this is the shot the magazine selected for the cover (from my shooting)... PHOTO # 9...This is a photo of the beautiful Rhonda Shear and Outlaw (aka: Paul (Catdancer)...shot by 2nd camera photographer (J. Singer)... I am about half way finished on this piece...still have a few items to build...Once done; I can start work and painting on the Reaper figures that I will use in this diorama. Hope you like it so far. Paul (Catdancer)
  2. MODEL...CONGO KEEL BOAT...1/35th SCALE...SCRATCH BUILT...AFRICAN PRINCESS (AMANDA)... HISTORY...On the river, known in common terms as the (taxi)...the version depicted here is the (23'6") boat with a (2'4") draft. Used for the moving of just about everything on the Congo River system. The most famous version of this type of boat was depicted in the 1951 movie " The African Queen " with Humphrey Bogart. The (Princess) version was in common usage from 1928 to 1972...although you can still find some in usage today on both the Congo and Nile river systems. NOTE...My model is completely scratch built as a static display model (not as a diorama) and I named it (Amanda) after my granddaughter...I had many trips on some of these small boats while I was photographing the deadliest snakes found in Africa...And yes; automatic weapons on board were part of the regular gear...it was a time of great political unrest in Africa during those years. SCRATCH BUILT...Hull, cabin, all wooden boxes/crates/barrels, 80% of items, green bananas, food items, etc...all non scratchbuilt items are from my parts boxes. SCALE NOTE...I took you from the (9mm) North Seas pier to this 1/35th scale boat...I hope that you enjoyed both. Paul
  3. This is another vignette for my private collection...I again return to the Streets of San Francisco for this modern era version (I left the wooden fence off so that I could shoot the back side shot...I will add the wooden fence with a poster and post the shot on this thread). TITLE...JACK IS BACK! FIGURES...Reaper (Jack The Ripper # 50012) and Reaper (Ladies of the Night # 50157). This was a really fun vignette to do...hope you like it.
  4. As promised, here are the postings of the secondary building that goes with the previously posted wharf workshop. This building is again 98% scratch built...it has no interior details (only the exterior). This brings to a close my postings of non-fantasy items. I hope that you enjoyed viewing the (3 such postings) as much as I enjoyed the presentation of them and wish to thank all the members for their comments and I am sure in some cases...their toleration of my posting my nostalgic memory materials. Catdancer!
  5. As a change of pace from my fantasy miniature painting and fantasy terrain building; I work in the modern era in areas that deal with modern mercenary models and figures. This is a (Congo Keel Boat). On the river it is known by the common name of (river taxi)...the version depicted here is (23'6") with a draft of (2'4")...used for moving just about anything on the Congo river system. The most famous version of this boat (a longer version) was depicted in the 1951 movie (The African Queen) with Humphrey Bogart. The model is 97% scratch built in the 1/35th scale area and in the " princess " line of such boats that were common from about 1928 to current day on both the Congo and Nile river systems. My figures (in the works currently) are a modern day (5 man) mercenary team using converted pieces/figures from the 1/35th scale U.S. Ranger team produced by (Shanghai/Dragon). The 3% non-scratch built items are all items from my parts box...all lumber used was scale hardwood...As you can see, the cabin section can be removed.
  6. I am back with another miniature figure question. Does anyone (except for Black Cat Bases) make a modern era male photographer miniature figure (prefer standing) with a modern SLR camera? Black Cat Bases makes an ideal figure (male photographer = bcblswp 1)...but I have sent them (5) email messages over the past 10 days and have not received any reply from them. I have also searched for dealers in the USA who might carry that figure and have had no success. Is there any other miniature company in the USA that makes such a figure? I am also seeking a sitting miniature figure (male or female) who I can have sitting in my (one holer) privy at the open air farmers market & renaissance fair game board project that I am currently working on...some kind of sitting human with their head sort of down (sitting on the throne in contemplation)!!!
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