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Found 4 results

  1. This is the follow up to The Tomb of Yaegar. It assumes that your characters completed that adventure. However, if you want to use it by itself it would be easy enough for the players to find the Forgotten Temple. Unlike the previous adventure all stats will be done in the Labyrinth Lord rule set, but it is simple enough to convert it over to almost any other system. As with the previous adventure I will share this in several installments. It was written for my home brew world of Renascentia, but can easily be adapted to any setting. It is designed for 4-6 players of 1-3 levels, though if the players are level 1 you might want to adjust the number of monsters encountered and the final fight. In my game I use Reaper Bones Miniatures for all Player Characters and NPCs. I will note which minis were used. You are of course free to use this for your non-commercial use. If you do use it for anything though, please give me a nod.
  2. anyone want to play Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale B: Jason Bulmahn Nestled between lofty peaks of the Mindspin Mountains, the Bloodsworn Vale has been forgotten by civilization for decades. Once a well-worn path connecting the heartland of the empire with its more remote colonies, it now exists as an unclaimed and unspoiled woodland. The years have erased the road and various monsters, once held in check by the Empire’s soldiers, have all but over- run the valley. Today, the vale is a dangerous place, thick with tenacious plants, cruel monsters, and hungry predators. Four months ago, King Arabasti, the aging lord of Korvosa, decided to reclaim the vale for his crown, planning to tame it and reopen the important trade route with the south. He charged Sir Tolgrith, one of his more trusted vassals, with this task. Soon aft erward, the loyal knight and his band of hearty soldiers set off into the vale, reopening the northern mountain pass and establishing Fort Thorn in the heart of the valley. Over the past three months, Sir Tolgrith and his men have worked hard to reopen the old trade route. While they met with some success, the magnitude of the challenges that lie in their path have put them behind schedule. Monsters constantly attack workers and caravans bound for the fort, the water supply fouls once per month, and the ever-present rose bushes make sur- veying and exploring the region painfully slow. In hopes of putting progress back on track, Sir Tolgrith sent out a call for adventurers, promising gold, land, and titles to those willing to help solve his problems. We will use: Core Rulebook Advanced Players Guide Ultimate Magic Classes: Any Alignment: no evil Level: 6th Race: Standard races uncommon races please post characters here to play positions filled 5/5 slots closed
  3. Kickstarter Link I backed his first project. Turned out to be good quality, and delivered on time. This one he is adding some sci-fi to, and I am backing it as well. Was funded 3 hours into his goal.
  4. I created this one off adventure module as a way to introduce a friend of mine to Tabletop RPGs, since she had never played. The map and the resultant adventure turned out better than I had expected. So, I decided to write a back story. The miniatures used for the encounters and NPCs were exclusively Bones miniatures present in the Vampire Box of KS1. I will share the adventure here in several installments starting with the Background, Summary, Notable NPCs, and Map. It was written for my homebrew world of Renascentia, but it can easily be run world independent or modified for any other world. It was designed for a single player with a supporting NPC for Second Edition AD&D. If you want to run it with more players, or in a newer system you will probably want to add more monsters/encounters or scale their power levels to make it more challenging. Additionally I added a hook to the finale so that if you wish it can become the start of a much larger adventure or campaign. I hope that some of you might find it useful, in part or in whole, or at least enjoyable to read. You may freely make use of all the materials provided here for non-commercial use. Please feel free to share it. At the end of the adventure I will provide a synopsis of all miniatures used, and download links for all the NPC sheets and map. Thanks for reading. Cheers. Legal fun things: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Player's Handbook Copyright 1989 is the Intellectual Property of TSR and any parent companies. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition is the intellectual property of TSR and any parent companies.
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