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Found 4 results

  1. Edit: Since this is now complete, here are before and after photos, so those who don't want to read through the whole process can see the results: before: after: If you want to see exactly how I got from one to the other, read on! ------------ The Bones KS 1 version of "Ellen Stone, Cowgirl" had a badly deformed face. I'll attempt to repair it. It should have looked like this, as the metal version does: But what I got, even after working a bit to build up the nose and do a liner wash, is something so bad my camera can't even autofocus on it:
  2. So. I tried painting some minis without WIPs and found myself having a hard time keeping track of what and how much I had done. So I'm back, although these may be sporadic and really slow to update. We'll see. Anyhow, after painting a lot of tiny figures for the January Bones Beauty Pageant, I decided to move in the opposite direction and tackle some of the big figures from Bones I to clear out room for Bones II. So I am painting dragons. Five of them, if you count the Frost Wyrm. Each one gets its own thread, though, since I don't know how I'm going to progress through them. I didn't know the names of the dragons when I decided what colors to make them. Since I'm painting five, to keep up interest I'm using a slightly different approach to each one. This one, at least for the moment, I am imagining as something warm and desert-like, gold with red undertones. When I looked at it I thought of brass or gold dragons, although I don't know if I'm going to actually attempt metallics on it. As you might have gathered, I improvise a lot when I am painting. If I were a writer I would be what they call a pantser. Anyhow, to make sure I didn't get all those unglued wings mixed up, the first painting session I made sure to put a wash on each dragon and its wings of a major color element I had planned for it. So after I primed everything with Reaper's Brown Liner, this one got a terracotta red wash of pure thinned-down Iron Oxide Red. The other dragons I'm painting concurrently are Deathsleet, Ebonwrath, the Shadow Dragon, and the Frost Wyrm.
  3. Okay! So I've primed a few figures and I'm ready to go. The problem is, I notice that on one of my figure's very delicately muscled arm, there's a flashing problem: her bicep is bifurcated! I'd prepped this one earlier before priming, but like everything else, you notice the flaws better after priming. The problem is that I'm finding it impossible to use a file, hobby knife, whatev to clean up her lines. If I use the file, it won't fit into the area I need to get to, and actually starts to wear away on a spot away from where I'm trying to reduce the flashing. The same problem happens with the hobby knife, and I'm worried I'll give her a flat bicep. So... with that said, to what degree do you clean up casting flaws like this that go slightly beyond ordinary flashing? Do you rub greenstuff on the area and try to even out the miscast area and smooth as best as possible? Do you file away until one arm is skinnier than the other? Do you just leave it be and pray that nobody notices? What are the best techniques for getting rid or covering up flashing/miscasts/etc? For reference, this is the model I'm working on: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/blade%20sister/sku-down/14645 It's on her right bicep and I'm probably being overly obsessive about it, but I want to get better at my prepping. I should also note that there are a few occlusions in this model as well. Nothing too serious, but there is a distinct divot on one of her boots and a couple in her hair. They're small, but they're there. I guess I'm just OCD over this stuff, or Varaug was just a very good cast. Thanks for the advice!
  4. So it took me chasing my friend down and threatening to beat her with a folding chair @ our friendly local game store before I could get this video blue toothed to my phone But never the less Here it is folks. Proof of how easy it is to Fix your Bent Bones. Now keep in mind if you do this and burn yourself well... just keep in mind that I will laugh at you for being silly (I got over conifdent and did one by hand after this and accidentally dipped the tip of my finger so Don't use your hands)
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