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  1. Great miniature for my undead army.
  2. Getting behind on my posting, so a 3 in 1 show-off today. Today's theme is...mummies. First up are the three standard mummies. I tried to give them each a little color for table gaming purposes. It helps the DM to keep track of "the red one" etc. So all these guys are color-coded. Next up, mummy warriors. Same deal here, their cloth is their identifying colors. And lastly their mummy captain. This guy was fun as I decided to give the meaty parts of him a real exposed muscle look. Tried out that blood red triad on it for the first time and I think I like the tria
  3. As one of my many ongoing projects, I'm stripping and repainting some old original HeroQuest minis. I don't have a complete set anymore (gave almost all of mine away, including all the expansions), but recently got a second hand set that had some Testors (or similar) slapped on it, and it makes for a fun project to try to recover lost detail. The dwarf in particular was pretty caked up. Being the iconic White Dwarf model, I took some extra time on him, really trying to elevate what are essentially pretty detailless models by modern standards. The gang: Anyway, pre
  4. Wasn't sure if I wanted to post this one, I was testing out a color selection and custom base. Then I decided that getting additional input to help improve the next mummy. So base was custom base attempt to paint black marble tiles. Nothing special about the tile support other than an attempt to paint rust effect. Thanks for view and any C&C you feel inspired to give.
  5. To simplify things for me I decided start a separated thread for testing out possible mummy paint colors for my Giant Mummy Diorama. Ordered a pack with my last reaper order but thought I start with the one from my KS1. Mixed some Brown Liner with RMS Matt Sealer to make a wash to bring out the details. Glued down some sand to the base to test out Foundry's Sand color triad as well.
  6. Here is a shot of a figure I stumbled across in one of my mini-boxes. Not sure who made it or what the mini is aside from a big mummy. I put a bones mummy beside it for comparison. Thinking It's about time I tried a large figure. So I think after I finish Khael (aka Gandwarf), I'll give him the full treatment with a scenic base. Think my skill are finally up to the task.
  7. After decades away from the hobby I got pulled back in. Paints: warpaint, various liquitex acrylics. (Building my paint selection back up) Base is custom done with super sculpty.
  8. Last weekend I GM'd the Pathfinder module Risen From the Sands for Free RPG Day at my FLGS. I used it as an excuse to move a few minis onto the completed list, because I'm in the kickstarter wave I-forgot-what-number but November is coming soon and oh em gee now I'm really starting to panic! I did not do my usual WIP, because time was of the essence. They got finished over the course of two days - about 10 hours spread over all three. 77130 Bones Beetle Swarm: Want to know how to make a group of seasoned adventurers cry and pee their pants? Throw a swarm at them! 77144 Bone
  9. So, I've decided to try my hand at batch and speed painting... First post here is of the raw product after warp corrections. Zombies, mummies, and skeletons from the 2012 KS...
  10. Finally got around to finishing my tomb guardians. Basically got to the point of "good enough, calling them done". I'm considering building up a small Nefsokar army, so I don't want to go into too much detail if I have to paint several more mummies. I do wonder if I should put some more highlights on the faces, though.
  11. This is another one of my older fantasy figures that I just finished. I tried to keep the look of both the figure and the base very bland, barren & bleached. I executed the skin color of the mummy (the way I would envision it)...a grayish rotting green flesh with corpse maggots in the eye & mouth (but executed in a dull dark aged feel, look and manner)...did the same with the cloth wrap...I hope that you feel I succeeded in my attempt. FIGURE...Grenadier (Mummy Lord) # 512...circa 1986...
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