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Found 19 results

  1. Walk Off The Earth and Skillet
  2. I went for a goth/rock chick look with black, violet and purple. Her hair is turquoise, highlighted with sky blue.
  3. The Light and The Dark I can't tell you how much I love this band! they've got a week left in this amazing kickstarter, and you should totally go check it out! ***** From the kickstarter page: About It’s been over four years since we’ve released an album. That’s about to change. The Light is coming 3/20/20. Here’s the plan: We are going back into the studio with the producer of Carry The Fire, Alex Wong, to record two sister albums that will reflect the dual sides of Delta Rae: The Light and The Dark. The Light will be hopeful, soulful, and sun-kissed and released in Spring 2020. It will include songs like “The Wrong Ocean” and “Any Better Than This.” The Dark will be mysterious, witchy and raw and released soon after (on/before March 2021). We will go on an expansive tour with each record, crafting live experiences beyond just music, to bring these worlds to life for you. But we need your help. For the past seven years we have been signed to record labels that have helped fund our albums, music videos, photography, and artwork. But as of last month, that has changed. We are incredibly excited to announce that we are independent once again. And we are humbly asking you to help us make our most ambitious project come to life. We made our first album, Carry The Fire, independently with the help of amazing fans on Kickstarter. Together, we learned just what it takes to make an album. So, here’s where your money will go: If we raise $30,000, we make The Light $10,000 Production $3,000 Auxiliary Musicians (Strings, Horns, etc.) $10,000 Mixing $2,000 Mastering $5,000 Physical Production (CD + Art) If we raise $60,000, we make The Light and The Dark And any additional money will mean we can make *MUSIC VIDEOS* and help spread the word about these two albums. And this is just the beginning. Moving forward — for the first time in a long time — we will fully control and own the music we release. We can make and share live albums, singles, and protest songs whenever we want. This means more mystical music videos and wildly ambitious creative projects. You will be helping to launch all of this. We know we already owe you all so much. And it means the world to us that you have helped us live this dream and make this art for the last 10 years. We appreciate you all more than you know and don’t ask lightly for your hard-earned money and help. But we also know you have made us a part of your lives and built friendships and community around Delta Rae that transcend anything we could do alone. You are a part of our story — the most important part. So let’s have a blast doing this together. Get a big group of friends and host a house party. Pick a song you want to hear us sing. Get psyched for some one-of-a-kind merch. Find the tier that sounds most fun to you. Help spread this campaign so we can make more “Bottom of the River“ and “Dance in The Graveyards”-style epic music videos. Thank you for being a part of this journey, your support and loyalty will help us make this next chapter real. We promise to work harder than ever to build a world of goodness, magic, and feeling through our music. Because you can’t have the light without the dark. And we still carry the fire. Love always. Delta Rae
  4. With the Bohemian Rhapsody movie being such a succes and knowing a lot of forumites like Queen's music, I was wondering what you would consider to be good covers of Queen's music. We all know the original which can't be beaten of course. But the music lives on, and as a tribute many bands covered Queen. What do you think to be a good cover? More than one answer is possible. I thought this might be fun. So here I go: Lords of Black - Innuendo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_X5uL_y0N8
  5. Dear Friends, Thank you so much for making the "Dawnstar" music albums possible! I am so excited and happy to share with you a new project in the series, "Dawnstar: Ennea" - it is live on Kickstarter now and will be running until January 6th at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/okrusko/dawnstar-ennea. This album, featuring music for violin and MIDI instruments, is inspired by my explorations of mythology and cosmos, and I wanted to invite you to join me and become a part of it. Thank you for being here, thank you for making my music possible, and thank you for your thoughts and ideas! THANK YOU!!! <3 <3 <3 Julia
  6. This is from the latest Randomness thread (I can’t seem to quote directly into a “Create New Topic” page): Notes are cribbed from Wikipedia and other places because I am not an expert on this music. I just enjoy it. I expect to add more songs later. Here’s one of my favorites first. Ríu Ríu Chíu (Spanish, 16th century) Notes (cribbed from online sources): This is a Spanish villancico (a type of song popular between the 15th and 18th centuries) attributed to Mateo Flecha the Elder (d. 1553). It is known from a single manuscript presently in Uppsala, published in 1556. The Monkees, of all people, did a cover of it (this is not that version). The phrase Ríu Ríu Chíu is said to be the cry of an attacking Kingfisher guarding the riverbank from wolves (Sorry, Glitterwolf and Chaoswolf ...). Lyrics: Riu, riu, chiu la guarda ribera / Dios guardó el lobo de nuestra cordera / Dios guardó el lobo de nuestra cordera. El lobo rabioso la quiso morder / Mas Dios Poderoso la supo defender / Quizo la hacer que no pudiese pecar / Ni aun original esta virgen no tuviera. Riu, riu, chiu... Este que es nascido es El Gran Monarca / Cristo Patriarca de carne vestido / Ha nos redimido con se hacer chiquito / Aunque era infinito finito se hiciera. Riu, riu, chiu ... Este viene a dar a los muertos vida / Y viene a reparar de todos la caida / Es la luz del dia aqueste Moçuelo / Este es el Cordero que San Juan dijera. Riu, riu, chiu ... Yo vi mil Garzones que andavan cantando / Por aqui volando haciendo mil sones / Diciendo a gascones Gloria sea en el Cielo / Y paz en el suelo pues Jesus nasciera. Riu, riu, chiu ... Pues que ya tenemos lo que deseamos / Todos juntos vamos presentes llevemos / Todos le daremos nuestra voluntad / Pues a se igualar con nosotros viniera. Riu, riu, chiu ... English translation: Riu, riu, chiu The river bank is protected God has kept the wolf From our ewe lamb God has kept the wolf From our ewe lamb The rabid wolf Wanted to bite her But Almighty God Knew how to defend her He willed to make her Unable to sin Even original sin This virgin did not have Riu, riu, chiu... The one who is born Is the Great Monarch Christ the Patriarch Clothed in flesh He has redeemed us By making himself small Though he was infinite He became finite Riu, riu, chiu... He comes to give Life to the dead He comes to repair The fall of all mankind This Child Is the light of day He is the Lamb Of whom St. John spoke Riu, riu, chiu... I saw a thousand Angels Who were singing Flying around Chanting in a thousand voices Saying to the shepherds Glory in Heaven And peace on earth For Jesus is born Riu, riu, chiu... Now we have What we desire Let us go together To present him gifts Let us all give him Our will For he came As our equal Riu, riu, chiu...
  7. Dear Friends, I wanted to invite you to join me for a new musical adventure, "Dawnstar: Eternity"! The music features cinematic and fantasy stylistics, and this album is the third in the Dawnstar series, which I have been conjuring inspired by astronomy and The Elder Scrolls during the past year. I hope that you may join me on this quest for musical exploration as this new album is inspired also by several art and science disciplines. I am currently running a Kickstarter campaign in hopes to make the production possible, and I hope that you may consider joining this new project and enjoy being a part of it. Thank you very much for supporting and inspiring me! Julia <3
  8. The Weitz Method, created by Andrew Weitz, a Juilliard-educated professional musician, is based on a revolutionary method of music notation called Weitz Notation that allows students to play piano in minutes. Once a student learns the basics of The Weitz Method, they will have the ability to play any song in Weitz Notation. Andrew Weitz wants to bring The Weitz Method to people all over the world via downloadable video lessons. Why 'The Weitz Method' 'The Weitz Method' works by breaking down each song into simple notation using familiar shapes. No need to spend hours learning how to read music! 'The Weitz Method' gives you the freedom to learn the songs you choose immediately. Say goodbye to the typical beginner tunes and hello to your favorite pop melody. With the funds to purchase song rights, 'The Weitz Notation Library' has the potential to grow exponentially. Let's face it: you're busy! With responsibilities, friends and family, your time is at a premium. You deserve the freedom to pursue your passion for music at your own pace. That's why 'The Weitz Method' will consist of a downloadable material that's always ready when you are. For more information or to donate, click the link below! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/11668449/the-weitz-method/description
  9. So some avid fans with too much time on their hands have covered the entire Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album as a retelling of Star Wars' A New Hope. Each track is more ingenious than the next. This surely wins the internet for 2017:
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1281758745/numenera-audio-collection-from-plate-mail-games?ref=category_newest Professionally designed background loops for Monte Cook Games' Numenera setting!
  11. Dear friends, We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to release the recordings of our string quartet program, "Rivendell", and wanted to invite you to join us and help make this album a reality! The program, inspired by fantasy and medieval themes, includes selections from Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, themes from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Game of Thrones, and movements from The Lord of the Rings string quartet. You could visit and join the project at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nestringquartet/rivendell-fantasy-string-quartet-album-release, - it will be running until July 17th. The funding would allow us to manufacture CDs and download cards, cover the soundtrack licensing fees, and move forward with the production. We hope that you will consider becoming a part of this project, and we are very grateful to you for your support and inspiration! Thank you! NESQ
  12. So, along the lines of the Great American Hero, what song would you recommend to use for the northern version of Buglips, The Great Canadian Hero!? One that I can think if is "I drink alone!" by George Thoroughgood remade to be "I paint alone!"....
  13. So, I am sitting here dry brushing the terrain pieces from DDS2, and the cd changer is playing Deep Purple 'Black Knight'. The 'House of Hair' with Dee Snyder just ended 30 minutes ago, and the radio was playing [redacted] so the CD player is loaded and on shuffle.... I listen mainly to metal music, doesn't mater if it's from the '60s or came out today, as long as it rocks! As my formative music years were the '80s, it is really no surprise. Good seats at a concert were $20, and nose bleeds were $10.... Try finding parking at a concert for that today! Some favorite bands, in no particular order: Deep Purple, Dio, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Twisted Sister, Michael Schenker, Yngvie Malmstein, Jimmy Hendrix, Skid Row, AC DC, Jethro Tull, (They did beat Metallica for a grammy.... ), Ufo, Scorpions, Rush, Yes, Triumph.... I also like some Classical Music, Strauss, Beethoven, Mozart, Copland, Holst, Wagner, being some favored composers.... Almost anything with a Sci-fi or fantasy theme and or lyrics will get at least a listen... So what is on your I-Pod, in your CD player, or in your vinyl collection? Or do you paint in SILENCE????? George
  14. Does anyone know of any minis playing an accordion? The only one I've found so far is the Mousling squeezebox player in the tavern set. Doesn't have to be human, this band is already multi-species… I'll use the mouse if there's no other option, I'd just prefer a full-size accordion. Thanks!
  15. I haven't actually seen "Frozen" yet. Movie's been out awhile, but I've been busy. But I can tell you chapter and verse what HAPPENS, oh yeah. And the snowman is named Olaf. And it's an allegory for bein' gay. Except when it isn't. And it's a feminist fable. Except when it's an allegory for oppression of women. And best of all, you can have "Frozen" cereal for breakfast, "Frozen" Campbell's soup for lunch, and a "Frozen" frozen dinner for dinner, and in between, you can play with enough "Frozen" toys to recreate the entire movie, before finally going to bed on "Frozen" sheets, pillowcases, and comforter! I am starting to dislike a movie I have never actually seen. It's happened before, too. I didn't WANT to hate "E.T." It came naturally, though. The movie came out in 1982, and I went and saw it in a theatre. I thought it was a bit kid flavored for my taste, but not a bad movie at all; rather liked it. And I forgot about it about ten minutes after I walked out of the theatre. "Star Wars," it wasn't. For about a month, everything was OK. And then, the happy meal toys appeared. And the collectible set of glasses. And the marketing tie-in with Reese's Pieces. And the coloring books. And the toilet paper. And the sheets. And the windup toys. And the cereal. And... for something over a year to 25 months, I literally could not go out in public without having ET shoved down my throat in some form or fashion. Staying home didn't help. They attached ET to anything they thought might possibly sell better with a frog-faced alien on it. Reese's Pieces' sales went stratospheric, and everybody else wanted a piece of the action. I literally couldn't watch a half hour sitcom without seeing some commercial with a clip from the movie in which ET was trying to sell me anything from hair conditioner to brake fluid. And one day, I turned on the radio, and Neil Diamond of all people sang, "Turn on your heart-liiiight..." and I literally jumped back from the radio in horror. No, NO, NOT HERE, TOO! And the [expletive deleted] song went gold, and they played the fraggin' thing every five minutes, and I literally went out and bought my first Sony Walkman so I could listen to music without having ET stuffed into my poor ears. I wondered in calm horror, did they pay Neil Diamond to sing an ET song, or was he so wild about the movie that he wrote and sang the fraggin' thing out of sheer enthusiasm for the Culture God that was ET? The phenomenon was that saturated in the fraggin' culture. To live in America was to eat, breathe, drink, and sleep ET. And to this day, if the thing comes on TV, I'll change the channel as fast as I can reach the remote. I've only seen the actual movie twice, but after a couple of years of marinating in the cultural phenomenon 30 years ago, I'm marked for life. Pavlov's dogs drooled, and I flee ET. I mourn "Conan The Barbarian." I didn't want to dislike "Conan." I really liked it when I went to go see it in the theatre. But later, my roommates and I splurged for cable with ALL the premium channels, and that night, we made popcorn and prepared for the SHOW. And we clicked on HBO. What's on? "Conan The Barbarian," with Arnold Schwarzenegger. How about it, guys? Meh. Seen it. What else? Showtime! They try harder! What's on? James Earl Jones? No, Thulsa Doom.... in the middle of "Conan the Barbarian." Ah. Well. What else? Cinemax! Awesome! The Home Nudity Network! What have they got? Ah. "Conan The Barbarian." A couple of months later, we had the cable company pull the premium channels. And for 25 years, I haven't been able to watch "Conan The Barbarian." It's especially bad with songs, though. I don't hate "All About The Bass." Not yet. Or "Take Me To Church." I'm getting there, though. But they haven't been ramrodded HARD enough yet. I don't walk into stores and hear it blasting at me through the sound system yet. And they haven't coopted the song for commericials. Yet. So far, I can escape from it by simply twisting a knob. Not so "Elvira." Not the erstwhile Mistress Of The Dark, Bad Movies, and Cleavage. Her, I still like. But the song of the same name by the Oak Ridge Boys, I cannot stand. Because once again, back in the 80s, something went wrong with reality, and the dumbest song ever written became legally mandated to play on every broadcast medium, nonstop. "Ail-VAH-ruh, ah oom poppa, oom poppa mau mau, Ail-VAH-ruh..." There were days I kept the Walkman headphones clamped on my skull nonstop, to keep the earworms OUT. There was no ESCAPING it. At least one radio station in central Texas played the [expletive deleted] thing four times an hour. I heard it leaking from car windows, in sandwich shops, walking down the street... it Would. Not. Stop. To the point where I finally snapped, and killed that one guy who was walking down the street singing, "...oom poppa mau mau, oom poppa, oom poppa, oom poppa mau mau..." Yup. Snapped. Shrieked like a banshee with kidney stones, and with strength borne of sheer wrath, I uprooted a STOP sign and beat him to death with it, right there on the street corner. I'm lying, of course. I gritted my teeth and kept walking. But it was a near thing. Anyone else got a tale of a thing that may or may not have started out as a good thing... until sheer involuntary immersion in it threatened to make you crazy?
  16. My youngest boy is interested in playing the keyboard. In school up til now he's played the saxophone, which he wasn't bad at but his heart was never in it. We told him if he demonstrated actual application we'd let him take piano lessons next year in school (He has his own electronic keyboard, but never did much with it until now). On his own initiative, he dug out my old copy of "Too Many Songs by Tom Lehrer" and has done quite a good job figuring out the first few bars of "The Irish Ballad" (until a too-wide spread stymied his not-quite-adolescent hands), particularly since he's never played more than one note at a time before now. I would like to gently encourage this without being too overbearing. Do the musicians on the board here have any suggestions? Is a book of music a good idea? All I can think of is Bach's "Well Tempered Clavier." If it helps, his elder siblings are quite accomplished with classical guitar and flute and they all get along well.
  17. Since I know some of you are fans, TSFH just released a new album. It is called Miracles and while it is different, it is awesome!
  18. This torch song was (rightly) removed as off-topic from a discussion of the shipping of the Bones miniatures from China. I'd like to preserve it here for posterity: Well, there's no verse to this song 'Cause I don't want to wait a moment too long To say that I'd love to get you from a slow boat from China All for to play with Bones To get you to keep you for my many campaigns The dragons, critters, monsters and the zombies with brains Well, out in the portage there's a PVC shortage Leaving my paints alone Well, I'd love to get you from a slow boat from China All for to play with Bones Well, I'd love to get you from a slow boat from China All for to play with Bones Speed up that slow boat Oh that slow slow boat from China (adapted from "Slow Boat to China" by Frank Loesser)
  19. One of my favorite bands, and special guests on the Bob and Tom show, Here come the Mummies have their own Kickstarter to help launch their next CD. If you like the Funk, especially with lots of horns, please give them a listen. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/787528134/make-cryptic-our-best-and-biggest-yet
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