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Found 8 results

  1. Somewhere along the line, I stopped picking up the brush. It's been about two months and it's taken me a couple weeks of going, "I should really..." to finally actually do something. It just kind of hit me one day that I needed to paint this. So I went out to the garage and dug through my Bones 3 and Bones 4 stash until I found one (I originally had plans for two). I washed it up a few days ago and it sat on the kitchen peninsula waiting for me to get back around to it. I finally gave in last night instead of watching reruns. I didn't do a whole lot: just filled a well in my pallet with water and mixed in some Grey Liner and Wash Medium, and got cracking with a brush! In a freak occurrence that should send me scrambling for a stack of lottery tickets, I made almost the exact perfect amount of slop to cover the entire set! There was just a smidge left over. After that I started pondering color options. I knew I was going to be using my craft paints for this, so I'm pretty limited at the moment with only a couple handfuls of options (most of which are some shade of brown or grey). A few minutes later I decided that my love for Reaper's Redstone Triad by my guide. There are plenty of grey stones out there, and I like to do things a little differently from time to time. Even though my colors aren't quite good matches for the Redstone, I can get the same feel: Chocolate Cherry, Burnt Sienna, and Terra Cotta (I think). So the Chocolate Cherry base coat went down on the stones. I finished the night about two hours in, with all the standing stones (and most of the detritus) coated and the rest given something for a primer coat. I'm calling it a win. With nothing but "The Curse of Oak Island" on tonight, I managed to make it "two in a row!" Nothing much to say. I just grabbed my drybrushes and got to it. Burnt Sienna serves as the midtone and Terra Cotta is the highlight. I'm a little heavy on the highlight, and a little light on the midtone. After that it was Medium Foliage Green for the base. I really need to get the "Dark" and "Light" shades for that. Another couple hours and I'm over halfway to the finish line. I think I'll mix some blue into the Foliage Green to darken it up and use that as a wash on the base, and try some yellow or one of the lighter browns to do a drybrush. Less than five hours in, and nearly finished. It's nothing special, but it works. Thanks for stopping by!
  2. I decided to do the Mystic Circle so I could do all kinds of occult and folk horror scenarios. Currently "cooking" in the utility sink. The base parts were pretty warped. I may glue them to some foamcore for a little extra stability, but mostly traced, because I need to keep them " modular" for storage (the arches, I think they still qualify as dolmens, but I forget, will get pulled on and off. Unless it really doesn't work ). This will likely be an all June project, because I had an unexpected computer death and porch reno and need to deal with that.
  3. I figured I'd make one "mega" thread for some of this with the goal of not only working on a few new things, but to also finish off a few projects that are in various states. Several Many moons ago I won the Mystic Circle set on Reaper Live (Reaper 77556), and it's sat on the gaming table for some time now waiting for inspiration. Now that I've ideas for a second Infinity gaming table, and a few other hobbying things have come in the mail, I'm putting it to use. More than likely, this will wind up being semi-repurposed into terrain for such a table, but also be able to be used standalone for fantasy use. In short, I want to still be able to have it as a circle (perhaps even with a sacrificial altar within it - I'd have to order such first, naturally), but also somewhat more spread out as cover / line of sight blocking elements of terrain to be used in a wild forest Infinity table. ^Obligatory no-paint photo, with Queen of Hell in there. King of Hell is out of frame, because of still being assembled. ^A number of different pigments were used, but I'll be settling into more or less just six: Vallejo Desert Dust, Vallejo Sienna Natural, Vallejo Light Sienna, AMMO Light Rust, AMMO Medium Rust, and AK Interactive Smoke. This is also where I realized one almost critical flaw with my plan - my pigment fixer is enamel, so boy did things get dark when the fixer was applied, aaaaand things got tacky too. Thankfully, a coat of Vallejo Mecha Gloss Varnish solved this, and I'd only started on two pieces. ^The other two pieces right now are simply airbrushed with a mixture of Brown Liner and Dragon White, and then sealed with Vallejo Mecha Gloss Varnish. Hopefully such will provide a better barrier when I go to seal the pigments this time, and of course not have the fixer make things go all tacky on me. So with this, I had originally planned to use them to learn more about pigments and how they work together (I still am), but I suspect I'm going about it the wrong way, especially on the ground. Compared to my usual many layers of drybrushing, I'm not feeling how that ground looks so far... Nor am I quite feeling how the rocks look. It feels like they lack a lot of definition that a bit of drybrushing could easily pull out, so I've been tempted to do that to help with lifting the highlights before I move onto the next plan for trying out with these - as a canvas for practicing/learning to use my Oilbrushers. ~~~ Next up we have the crashed Aquila Lander from the Battle for Macraggae. This was used to try and get a basic baseline of my airbrush initially, but then I got inspired and just kept going, so I'm definitely wanting to continue this project... ^So first up was Mission Models Black Primer, which truth be told I was (and still am) having trouble with spraying it through my brush. I follow their directions, but I get a decent amount of tip dry as well as spattering. Not sure if it's the 0.3mm nozzle I have, or if it's technique. I'll have to spend more time at a later date working such out. ^Second layer went down much easier, although I don't quite remember what gray I used. It may have been a mixture of Mission Models Black and White. Third coat was Reaper HD Twilight Purple, once again through the airbrush, and it behaved a LOT better than the others did. Funny how either a bit of practice with things or just using paint I'm more used to the properties of can make it work out so much better. ^Next up came drybrushing, mainly with Reaper Bones paints. I think this is two, maybe three layers in. First layer was Saddle Brown mixed with Heraldic Red, then Heraldic Red, then Vallejo Game Color Hot Orange.... ^Then came another four layers of drybrushing: Sunrise Orange, Lantern Yellow, Wolf Grey, and finally Bleached Linen. After such came cockpit details courtesy of a mix of CAV's Schwarzenwald Gray and Reaper MPS Pure Black, and once those details had been painted it was thinned a fair bit and then used for lining of pretty much the entire. This piece will also be used with that second board I'm planning for Infinity, partially due to already having it, and partially due to the feeling that it would just fit into the whole overall idea anyways. ^Also, in case anyone is wondering, this is how the terrain looks under the usual lights we have in the house - house lights are 2700K due to my eyes, while my airbrush booth is 5000K or so they say. Biggest thing I'll be using this terrain for is practicing aging and rusting techniques, but also to try out my AK Interactive Weathering Pencils. ~~ Last but not least is 17341 Rauthuros from last year's thread. This time, I definitely do want to finish him off, and I'm also rather looking forward to making use of my airbrush to give his wings even more... luster I think is the word? And yes, I'm going to keep to the previous idea of using mainly iridescent and pearlescent paints on him, because why not. They look good, and I want to see them anyways I'm looking forward to finishing off a few of these, or perhaps even all of them. All would be lovely, especially given their size!
  4. Howdy, It's a mystery to everybody... Come back at the solstice, Kev! P.S. Ostarzha for scale
  5. I'm relatively new to painting and had to put it on the back burner for a while. My KS3 shipment just came in and I figured the Mystic Circle would be the perfect "mini" to jump back in with. I was out of crazy glue and could not assemble it. If your in this situation, sharpies fit inside the stone pillars perfectly. I used craft store black paint to base coat the stone, and inadvertently made a half wash. I'm not happy with how it pooled in some areas, but I'm going to move on an use it as a learning experience. Im planning on using a dremel to carve in runes on the stone. Has anyone used anything else to carve into reaper bone material? Any tips or C&C would be appreciated.
  6. My first Bones 3 paint job is also one of the ones I was most anticipating. It's not quite done, since I have to touch up some of the little stones on the ground, but I'm basically calling it done. I've read that you shouldn't overdo the static grass, but I didn't really know what else to put in it and I didn't want to leave too much bare "broccoli base." Overall, I'm not too unhappy with how it turned out, given my level of ability. Oh, on this note... I've got some "flower stuff" which is okay, but I don't love it. It does have lots of nice little yellow bits. You can see these clumped up in the bottom picture. I'm wondering if people can recommend a good "spray glue" or something to that effect, so that I can just spray a light coating of clue in some places, and then sprinkle the yellow bits. I'm looking for a more spread out "wildflowers" effect, since I think the clumps are too much.
  7. So I finished up the Oathsworn Mystic Circle and Runestones from the latest KickStarter.... Pentacle by itself: Circle with the different inserts The Runestones: All together: Was a Fun thing to paint.... Thanks for looking!
  8. You knew it was going to happen, didn't you.... My Oathsworn KS cam the other day, and I thought it might make a break from painting scales on Czaristikalian... (Nathavarr) So I dremeled the center circle a bit to make all the inserts fit, attached the pieces to handles, and primed them black.... Stay tuned for more.....
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