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  1. I was fairly happy with this one until I took photos. See that I have managed to clot the paint a little much. Don't want to fiddle with her anymore though. The little tree is made from a dried grape-wine. :/
  2. So I don't know who made this guy or anything I now know this guy is a cultist from the Cthulu Wars boxset - he's made of a yellow plastic of some variety which took primer just fine, but on the bits I'd missed with primer, hated my paints with a vengeance. As such, he was a bit odd to paint. He came out of the UK/EU Box of Goodwill =] So um, hope you like him, despite his quirks and extremely dodgy OSL. I've never tried it before and I found I'm super terrible at it, haha. As soon as I have an ID for this guy, I'll edit my topic a tad =] Paints are GW Citadel... -Abaddon
  3. So I am super excited about the graveyard expansion for Bones 3 and it has inspired me to expand my undead horde. I'm looking for more interesting miniatures to paint and display. I currently own a small Vampire Counts army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle but I really don't play games with them and prefer collecting and painting. I have about 40 skeletons, 20 zombies, 10 grave guard, some zombie wolves, a corpse cart, a couple vampires, a varghulf, and Nagash. (Nagash requires assembly and painting but I have him anyway!) I want to assemble a graveyard scene where an undead army is mass
  4. For Christmas I received the new revamped plastic Nagash kit! Originally, the plan was to assemble him and then finish off a few outstanding projects (like my poor forgotten Storm Knight) before I started painting him, unfortunately:- He was a lot bigger than I expected, and there's nowhere I can safely store his parts, so he has bullied his way to the front of my painting queue. A couple of days work and:- His fancy cape thingy is finally undercoated. Not using my my usual White Primer because it doesn't like hard plastic too much and there is a lot of hard plastic
  5. Asheryver is a character my wife plays in D&D. The idea behind the character made her somewhat difficult to find a mini for. Asheryver was from a shamanistic tribe of Half-Orcs. As a child, she was being groomed to be a druid of sorts, and the worst possible thing happened. A malevolent spirit disrupted a special ritual, causing a deamonic entity to become bound to her. Her life has been torment and pain ever since. There are not many femail Half-Orc models that represent druids/mages/shaman in the manner that my wife liked. So, when I found this one on my shelf, I showed it here.
  6. Here is an early Citadel mini "Necromancer" from their "Fantasy Adventurers" range. I enjoyed painting him, it's always nice to visit the dark side! This guy has a wonderfully malevolent expression on his face & I love the way his staff is carved into the shape of a "diving" skeleton. Thanks for looking!
  7. Hi! My recent bones for friend. He was made in the image of dr doom:). I hope you like him.
  8. I wanted to have a more impressive necromancer figure for my D&D character and decided to start a new project, converting 03381 Satheras Elf Warlock by Bobby Jackson (my new favorite sculptor). I also used the staff from 03247: Nanuranidd, Dark Elf Sorcerer, and the skeleton from 02043 Undead Rising. I also used part of a Malifaux base (the 'marsh' collection). I'm a couple years out of practice, but I don't think it turned-out too badly. I ordered the bits directly from Reaper and loved the off-green paint sample that came with them. I took the top of the staff from Nanuranadd and
  9. Forgive the poor quality of this; I'm both getting back to painting after a bit away and am taking pictures with my cell, so they aren't going to be super-pretty. Not sure how I would make them look less terrible with what I have available, but I would happily accept pointers! Anyway, this is my attempt at Nonalla. I really like this sculpt, but I like less what I did with it. Very monotone. I may strip and repaint her and try making her more colorful.
  10. Custom Made Minis, Necromancer 1, Zombie 1, and Zombie 2 Painted these three during the first week of May. The Necromancer's staff head will not stay glued. I'm thinking of putting a skull on his staff instead. I need a skull though.
  11. I started out by giving the necromancer a couple shades of ink washes as a way to get to know the sculpt. In doing so I've found details that I would have missed. There was a seam that fell on a skull eye socket. With some work it looks better. The real work started with the cape. A chaotic red solid. Then came some tinting of it and painting in layers of shadow folds. I used a drop of Green Tone Ink to tint my red. By using green, the complimentary of red, it helps punch down the color in a more natural way to my eye. Adding black or black ink would shift the value of the
  12. The adventure continues. First up, the only Reaper mini I've stumbled across in the several lots I've bought on Ebay, a Guardian Wraith by Bob Ridolfi: I recently saw dispensed some advice about highlighting black with turquoise. So I tried that, here--a very light turquoise. I liked the looks of it, so I also used that for the detailing on the shield, hoping to get a glowing look. And then there's Lanah the Lost, Barbarian Princess, from Ral Partha's Fantasy Adventurers line: My first bikini-babe warrior-chick. Love love love this sculpt, even if it is a litt
  13. So I decided to get in on the possibility of a halloween contest, and this guy won the lottery of who would end up getting done up. of course I had started long before I decided to do a wip Base coat on the cloak and some details on the base to begin with gave him a thin coat of GW imperial primer (not worth the money, but oh well) to 'prime' and bring out some more details in the sculpt
  14. Well, I can honestly say I am not happy with this guy, but I am also afraid of doing anything else that may make it actually worse. There are a few things I am really pleased with, such as his cloak, and the popsicle grave stones, but others I am not. Still, I did have fun, and that to me is more important than anything else. So without further adieu
  15. Put her on a pentagram base for effect. I did my best to repair her face. I think the eyes could use more work but after the fourth try I gave up :( Oh wait. "I meant to do that." Yeah, that's it. <edit: a better color adjusted picture:>
  16. If you've been following my WIP, you'll see where I put the clear varnish on the gems. I put the static grass down. I put it on a bit thicker than I wanted to, but the first attempt was too thin.
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