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Found 4 results

  1. I'm a pretty new painter this guy is my 20th or so miniature and is the first one i'm willing to brave showing off. Any creative criticism is not only accepted but is greatly appreciated, I've seen the beautiful pieces that people have done on here and aspire to be half as good! This is also my first post to the forum so I apologize in advance if I've misplaced anything.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm a totally novice painter. I got tired of staring longingly at all the painted minis online and then at all my plain boring unpainted minis and finally decided to give it a try. I'm working my way thru both LTPKs (and all the similar looking minis I have) and I have this issue with washes that I couldn't find an answer for in past topics (I could have just missed it, apologies if that is the case) I follow the directions in the LTPK, for example when painting Anirion the Wizard, I base coated his hands and face in the flesh tone and then it says to make a wash with 1 drop dark highlight and 3 drops water but when I used it, it left these little speckles on the flesh tone instead of just sinking into the crevices, like teeny granular blobs. Likewise, when I painted the Orc from LTPK1 (and 2 of his cousin's that I already happened to own) when I used the wash, it dried leaving dark splotches on the paint instead of just going in the nooks and crannies, like little water spots but darker. Especially around the base of the spikes on the armor and shield. Am I not thinning the wash enough? I know for sure that I am letting the paint fully dry between layers because the first time I didn't let the basecoat dry all the way before adding the wash and boy was that a disaster. I will edit to add pics later if needed, can't seem to get them off my phone right now.
  3. Hello All! So my daughter, she goes by Alsnia here, (posting in my account) has decided that she wants to start painting figures again. She will becoming with me this coming Saturday to the New England Paint Day in Groton, CT. So I told her that if you want to paint, you need a figure! She said that she wanted to paint a creature, not a PC type, so I sat her down in front of the 20 minis in the stash of creatures, and told her to choose what she wanted! Out of everything in the box, she choose 02712, The Eyebeast. I warned her about the multiple eyes everywhere, she said "it is harder to draw eyes than paint them...." So I left well enough alone, and aided and abetted her.... Washing the minis- She wanted to know why, so I told her, and had her clean the pieces: (Yes those ARE freshly baked brownies over there... ) Then Prep work- Showed her how to remove mold lines, flash, etc: Then we discussed if the figure should be assembled first, or the pieces primed first. She thought better to prime and paint the inside of the mouth first then assemble. I showed her the gaps where the 2 top pieces fit together, so it was Green Stuff time for the 2 top pieces: So she mixed up a pea size ball of GS An then rolled it out into a snake, we placed it where the gaps showed, put some super glue where the gs wasn't, and stuck it together. She asked my to 'sculpt the outside part, and then she did the inside part of the blending: After that, as it is a school night, off she went to bed.... If she wants to comment, I will let her edit here, or have her write her own post. Hope this helps some other parents out there whose kids might be interested in picking up our hobby by watching us from start to finish! Comments welcome! 8) George
  4. Hello, I'm a relatively new painter. My previous experience is 2 core boxes of Firestorm Armada, a few other western minis for Gutshot, and I'm half way through my Batttles of Westeros game. I haven't had much time the past several months, but yesterday I did have some time and spent 4-5hrs taking these two guys from black primer and white drybrush to what you see. What do you think? All comments and tips are welcome and appreciated.
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