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  1. Kobolds! Who doesn't love the cute little guys? So these guys were a really quick paint job for my ongoing Pathfinder campaign, and I know what you're thinking. "Gargs, that sorceror is purple!" True, he is, but that's he is described in the module. :) Anyway, for a quick paint job at my relatively newbie level, I'm actually pretty happy with these guys. In retrospect, I probably should have chosen a different color for the shirt on the sorceror, but honestly, wasn't sure what would contrast well with his dark skin. Any thoughts for future reference?
  2. Here's my latest newbie WIP. Trying to take some of what I learned from the Bones LTPK2 and apply it here. These little guys are for my current Pathfinder campaign. As you can see here, I've started on the prototype to see if I can get the skin coloration (primarily) and the rest of the scheme looking more or less right. I intend to have fun with these guys as they are meant to just be sort of the red-headed step children of the fey world (at least among the evil fey anyway). Needed two sets of these guys, so normally you only get 3 in a package. Will get around to dotting the eyes of
  3. Not nearly as exciting as many of the Show Offs here, but part of my goal of continuing to paint, and to getting better, is to keep myself honest by posting as I go. So here then is High Exemplar Kreoss by Privateer Press. There are parts on here that I really like and parts that I know I still need to work on (in general). For the most part, I'm pretty happy with how the shoulder pads in particular came out, while the gold parts are still giving me fits when I try to shade. I know I really need to work on my paint consistency (I think) when shading the gold, but I also have decided to be
  4. So since I was kidding Ub3r earlier, I feel its only fair that I post my own WIP (which will likely be slow progress). This is High Exemplar Kreoss, a.k.a. Kreoss 1, a.k.a. pKreoss. A Warcaster for the Protectorate of Menoth in Warmachine by PP. This is just a quick shot of him primed (along with my lovely thumb as I had to hold it close to the light in order to get any of the details to stick out). I should have an update tomorrow with some early base coating!
  5. So with the new year I finally got back to painting after an overlong hiatus. Started off with the Bones LTPK2 focusing on layering. I have to say that I really like this kit all in all. The minis are pretty good, the selection of paints are nice, and the instructions are great. While I in theory, knew much of what was being instructed, it didn't really "click" for me until I was going through the instructions in the kit. Now, that's not to say that I suddenly became amazing (its Learn to Paint after all, not Mastering Painting), but I definitely feel as though this will help me out a lot
  6. I normally use Apple barrel or folk art paints, but for my birthday (Oct) I got some minis, and they came with some free paint! So her skin is Vampire Skin and the bright red is Fresh blood. The rest are craft paints :p I'm really cheap... I'm really happy with her face, but not too keen on her shading. I used a different technique, kinda meh about it. Link because shes NSFW https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14980745_1362968560389276_3418679112396806477_n.jpg?oh=21960bebe8aeb722fb89e9354d45e828&oe=58C8AC46
  7. I've been painting for a little under a month now, and just wondering what you guys think I could do to improve! Sorry about picture quality, all I have is my phone at the moment.
  8. I've been steadily plunking away at a series of "other" projects but now have some extra time to start "playing" with Bones. As a newbie, I wanted to start with some nice, cheap models that would allow me to experiment some with the feel of Bones and how paints interact with them since the material is completely different from the primarily metal/resin/plastic that I've been using. As an additional bonus, this will also give me a chance to play with some of my new paints that I haven't really used yet. All of this is in build up to some bigger Bones projects that are taunting me on the hori
  9. So after having a brief start a few years ago in the painting journey that got interrupted by various life events, I have finally gotten the painting bug back and am starting in on some tabletop figures while I try to wrap my head around how I want to paint some of my various Bones and old assorted RPG figures. The tabletop figures have an obvious advantage in that once I settle on a scheme, they all kind of just flow from there so its a bit easier to figure out how I want to paint them. That said, I am still operating at a bit of a disadvantage while I slowly gather proper supplies/tools
  10. Ok. So this is my first show off post. I haven't based her yet, so I wouldn't call her "finished"... Also this has helped me realize I need to up my photography game, but I'm posting anyway because "Done is the agent of More" :) I'll break out my real camera and some better lighting in the near future. EDIT: Improved pictures (still need better lighting for future posts) Heavily influenced by Derek Schubert's excellent work.
  11. So, I want to start sculpting. Any advice? Things that I need to start with, tools I need to get? Just things like that. Gosh, I'm such a noob! But, I'm hoping all ya'll wonderful and talented people can help.
  12. Why not? I've never sculpted before, but I enjoy painting minis. I've done a few very minor mods before. I wanted more. So I decided to try making my own custom mini. I read the article in Kinetic7 vol 1, swung by a suprising number of craft/ art stores, decided on a build, and went to it with as little foreplanning as possible (before I lost my nerve). I decided to try to make a female Hobgoblin hero archer. Why? Well, our Fighter cleric just picked up a hobgoblin cohort in our DragonLance game and there don't appear to be any female hobgobling archer minis already lying about on th
  13. My name is Doctore Oenomaus, I have started my collection when I was gifted upon by my mother a board game filled with detailed miniatures taken from realms and eras all fated to battle each other in the name of the gods, such was the theme of Heroscape. Then I came across fantasy, medieval, and science fiction miniatures from novelty stores, comic book stores, Ebay and of trade. After parting with some coin, I now hold quite the variety of miniatures; vast and numerous for such a new person of collecting. Now, I procured some Ral Partha, and Bones minis, unsullied, and un painted... i
  14. Hi! I'm new to the forum and painting. I hope I'm doing this post right. I only have a camera phone so the picture aren't great, but I tried to crop them to make it easier to see. I got into gaming less than a year ago, and my new gaming friends talked me into buying the Kickstarter. "What do I need with hundreds of unpainted minis? I don't paint. I don't do anything artistic. I don't GM and don't really need minis." I say. "We'll have painting parties. It will be fun" they say. It sounds like finicky and annoying work (not fun), but I purchase the vampire level and a couple extras
  15. Oi everyone! My fiancé has given me the BESTEST (yes, bestest!) birthday gift EVER: over 30 miniatures which arrived just yesterday, along with a sample bottle of MSP paint (thank you Reaper packaging team)! :D I finally feel like I'm getting serious about this hobby. This, and I've watched easily over 5 hours of YouTube vids just about painting techniques... Let's be honest, I'm no professional, and I'm not using professional tools (except for my brushes). But this is fun! I'll be posting my work here, and if you have some tips especially for the scenery, I'll be glad to read it
  16. For my second attempt at painting minis I thought I'd try something easier...and I love rats. So here are my Bones Dire Rats - one has escaped from some mad wizard's lab I think... The fur came out ok, but I maybe need to cut back on the coffee or not watch Monty Python while painting - the tails and ears and paws came out so messy, even with my hands braced. When I tried to clean up the stone parts, the pink parts got all messed up. Argh!
  17. I had asked this question in the LPK5 WIP thread but hadn't heard a response so thought I would toss it out here in hopes of hearing what people had to say. My apologies if the double post is taboo, Anyhoo, the instructions in LPK5 don't mention how to do the hair (likely because it is covered in an earlier LPK -- which unfortunately I only have LPK1). So, for my dwarf, I am considering making him a red head, but have a very limited paint collection. I have LPK1 and 5 (neither of which are any help in the red head department). I also have the first set of the MSP HD colors (1-18 I beli
  18. Well, since I've got my first order of minis from Reaper, it looks like I'm officially in the hobby. Alas, all I have at the moment are a big pile of minis, four paints, and no brushes to use them with til I open gifts with my dad this weekend, he got me the four Learn to Paint Kits that are in stock (no #2), so that also means a Bones stocking. I think I might've gone a touch overboard in getting minis, but I wanted a wide variety of things to work with. So today marks the first package of four, hopefully all of them having a Bones stocking within, so in addition to the minis I want, I'll
  19. Hello! I'm Ravenscroft! I've been sitting on these Bones minis for quite a while now and finally got a round toit, so I gotta paint 'em, right? It's kinda relaxing, being able to focus and see as colour fills gaps... Even if apparently I need to go back to kindergarden since I can't paint in the lines sometimes. Either way! WIP! My first mini painting attempt! I've watched a lot of tutorials and read a bunch of stuff on how I should set up my workstation and whatnot. I use a wet palette made from a blister pack, water, a kitchen sponge, and parchment paper on top. I have gater clip
  20. Hi all, Was encouraged to post a few of my first attempts at painting. The first Bones Kickstarter was what got me going. I've done many craft painting projects, but no mini painting before. Enjoying the painting part. The most annoying thing thus far is trying to figure out how people get such awesome photos of their projects without the weird line effect. (Oh and the eyes. Cannot quite get the eyes right yet .) Regards, Milton
  21. I just bought the Black Orc Warrios #03489 and am trying to make a decision about what colour to paint the skin. I've never painted an Orc before and am just now learning to paint a Goblin, so please understand that I know absolutely nothing. I've looked pictures of Orcs and I don't favour the green skin for them. I do like the one painted up by Jeremie Bonamant Teboul on the Reaper site. Can anyone tell me what triad may have been used to get this skin tone? I'm favouring grey's or blue grey's for them. I will be ordering paints from Reaper next week so any help would be apprec
  22. So I was really excited after the Kickstarter ended .. so I picked up the only Bones mini I could find! Please be kind I haven't even been painting for a year yet .. so i am still learning. Please excuse his unfinished base too. :) I have to say I am even MORE excited to get all the Kickstarter figures now. Okie! I worked on finishing the base today and snapped a couple of different images. :) Front Back I think my biggest challenge is still highlighting. I welcome notes :)
  23. So this is my first attempt at painting a miniature and just wanted to get some feedback. It's not completed yet as I'm waiting for a new triad to come in. I haven't spent any money on miniatures but a buddy of mine gave me a couple from his stockpile, this one caught my eye. I just wanted to paint so i haven't looked up any photo references or anything so the color scheme is completely different than it is supposed to be. I don't play 40K, at least not yet, playing with minis is getting me interested. Took these pics with my phone and it made me realize i should probably set up som
  24. Hi everyone :) I've been a lurker for a while and I love perusing all of the great artists here and the work they do. My husband and I have talked about trying our hand at miniature painting for a LONG LONG time. We were both always so intimidated, both by initial cost and ability, that we never really got anywhere with it. Not to mention that I am NOT artistic, I can barely draw anything! I'm 37 and am sort of worried that I waited way too long to get into such a hobby. I finally said enough and set to work practicing on some yucky GW goblins with some of the old GW paint that my husb
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