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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all! I’ve been giving a set of orcs all too much of my free time recently while trying out NMM for the first time. I’d appreciate any constructive feedback! Especially with respect to how to finish off the chainmail. Also, given how top-heavy these guys are, they are prone to falling over with such a narrow base. any suggestions on how to base a medium monster for D&D whose footprint exceeds the 1” square? I’m guessing I just use a large base and blame the orc for engaging more foes with his obnoxious wide stance. Here are all of the orcs after base coating their skin with a mix of naga green and leather brown. After shading the skin with candlelight yellow, brown liner, and more naga green. Also worked on the bracers and boots. Painted and shaded the red skirt with dragon red and brilliant red. Base coated chainmail with black, metal plates with 50/50 black/white and a smidgen on vallejo red black. Filling in shadows on the metal for fist NMM pass. Filling in highlights. Now the medium blending... ... and then jumping ahead after working on the transitions, adding some edge highlights, and putting some scratches in. So, how did this go?
  2. A Bones Orc Berserker. I'm trying to learn to paint shading on skin, primarily, although I decided to do this orc in green with the olive greens triad. I also decided to try a rust effect for the armor (inspired by somebody's verdegris post). I started with a Ruddy Brown base, heavy drybrushed steel over it, and then dabbed bits of the lava triad oranges on it with my most goofed up drybrush brush. I should make my players save against tetanus with this guy. I see from the zoomed up image that I seemed to have left some gaps in his armpits which is really frustrating, and I'm starting to get bummed out about my lack of basing ability...
  3. I'm just getting started on this, posting a new thread to motivate me to stay on top of things. Internet is a bit slow today, so hopefully I'm not straying too far from the new guidelines. I'll post pictures when my internet is better The Orc Berseker will be an experinent in the Ollie Kickflip layering/blending method... so the reverse of my other orcs. I'm also using different colours for the skin - a more olive-y scheme. I'm going to base him the same way as my other orcs, all at the same time, so I'll probably do a show-off thread with all of them. The Tiik warrior will be a tester for some ideas for my Kraken from the Bones II kickstarter. Incidentally, somewhat similar to the paint job for the tiik champion. The Ranger Michelle, is a mini I'm painting for my gf, her colour scheme on request. The Ferocious feline is inspired by our cat Moose (who you can see in my avatar). Considering my schedule, I think I will be lucky to finish these this year, but I really hope I can.
  4. I love painting these guys. I thought I had him done Monday, then I looked at the pictures... "Whats wrong with his eye? and Needs more contrast on NNM... I may base him (and all this set of orcs) in a red desert environment, but I will need 40 mm bases. Final version:
  5. I finally got to painting my Bones Orc Berserker, by Tre Manor. It was one of the first Bones I purchased, an awesome sculpt. I didn't get him nearly as green as has been my tendency with previous orcs. Was aiming for some more bluish black. In other news, my first use of a Secret Weapon wash is here: I used Baby Poop (lol) on the dark armor. Again, having trouble with the photos. I went back and took the last couple shots here after; I think maybe they give a better representation of how he looks in person. Thanks for looking. Comments and criticism are very welcome. Still trying to get better!
  6. I was going to post this in Bones, but since I couldn't post pictures there, I figured I'd do it here. I'm one by one making an orc warband (no good reason, I may play them in something one day, and at any rate they'll be great for tabletop RPGs.) I love Tre Manor's orcs - the problem is they're a bit too big to fit on a 1" fender washer and if I put them on a 1 1/4" washer I can't fit them into my smaller miniature case. Besides, they'll be a bit big for our grid. I went over how I fit my first Tre Manor orc, a Marauder, in this particular forum post: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52371-reapers-gnolls-too-big/page-7 I was playing with an Orc Beserker (the one with the greatsword,) when on a lark I ran him under very hot water straight from the tap. It gave me enough flexibility that I gave it some thought. I chopped off a significant amount of the broccoli - I left enough to get plenty of surface area to glue down, but small enough to give me pretty much full range of motion when positioning the feet. I then microwaved some water, plunked the guy in, fished him out about a minute later and dried him off. The water was probably over a hundred degrees, but significantly cooler than boiling. This gave me plenty of time to reposition the feet and glue them down on the base. It actually gave me more than that, I was dissatisfied with the front foot, so I pried it up, turned it a bit, and glued it down again. Here's a picture, sorry about the focus, it's from my cell phone: Here is a close up of the feet: Incidentally, to be on the safe side, after this point I did immerse him in boiling water, do some slight stance adjustments, and gave him the cold water bath. I did this mostly because I thought it might alleviate potential stresses created by doing the relatively cold water adjustment. For example - when working with metal it is best to heat up metal that you've bent (into, say, a bracelet) so the structure re-aligns to it's new configuration. This may be unnecessary with Bones, but I thought it couldn't hurt. So anyway, I got an old digital camera from my dad (he's an avid amateur photographer,) but it didn't have a battery. I ordered one, if it gets here I'll continue on with this WIP. Next step - filling out the rest of the base with miliput. Comments welcome!
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