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  1. Ok, here are three more that I painted in the last month. More will be forthcoming, I'm putting the finishing touches on some rats, another orc, and finishing up some skaven that I started a long, long time ago. I also need to do up the half-giant hero for a game... The bugbear. Lot of good paint jobs on this guy out there, I made a conscious decision not to make the hair and beard distinct from the fur, just shaded it a bit darker: This is Garrick the Bold (Crusader with Sword and shield,) but in my Pathfinder game he's presently a 4th level Paladin named Heodin (HAY-oh-din, I'm on an Old English kick right now.) And here's one of three goblins. Comments of any kind welcome! These guys are done (unless you spot something glaring,) but I'll definitely keep any criticism in mind for the future.
  2. So here is my second bones.I must admit they are starting to grow on me (as i have not been a big fan after my first attempt). I had a little distortion on his face but I worked with it.I did a lot wrong on this. So I primed him with Krylon plastic primer before I read it not a good primer to use. I am still using GW paint but will be fixing that soon. Anyway there is a half way finished pic of him here http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/51587-the-good-the-bad-and-the-fugly/
  3. Hey guys, thought I'd post a few photo's of my Pig Faced Orc Warband. I sculpted most of them myself, but the Reaper Bones Orcs were converted to match my other figures. I cut the heads off and sculpted Pig Faced Orc replacements. What do you guys think? [/u RL] My Pig Orc Sculpts flanked by an Otherworld and Reaper (converted) Orc. [/u RL] My Pig Orc Bowmen & Crossbowmen
  4. Here's the first of my Orc band. Nothing fancy. Pretty much the classic colors.
  5. Here are two of the orcs I just finished from the Kickstarter package. I did these in an open/group WIP if you'd like to see the progress. When I first saw the sculpts for this line of orcs, I knew I had to do a few in a Blizzard Warcraft style. I've spent so much time in the Warcraft universe in various games, when I think of orcs, this style of orc is the first thing that comes to mind. Still not completely happy with my gold NMM, but I'm very happy with the steel results on the Berserker's 2-handed sword. I used more blue than in past attempts (including the stalker next to him), and it really does make a difference. As always, C&C are welcome, and thanks for looking! For the Horde!
  6. I will make put a matte finish on both orcs today. The first one has no Quickshade. The white dot on the hair is from priming miniatures near my painted ones with a brush. I should never do it again! 14384: Lesser Orc Warrior 14424: Bull Orc Archer
  7. My deliciously evil partner in crime, currently studying for her Masters in Fine Art, has been taken by Figmentia! I foolishly suggested that she might like to try her hand at painting some miniatures with me and I've created a monster! A Monster in Fine Art, if you will! Although, painting with someone is very fun : ) Behold, her first ever mini, and weep! WEEP! And here's a quick shot of her second: I feel completely inadequate to give her any advice, given that her brush strokes are so much more precise than mine. Any thoughts, oh people who know what the hell they're doing?
  8. Had a lot of fun with this mini. Tell me what you guys think.
  9. Here is one of three of my orcs that I am working on. Hello, Gorgeous! I'm thinking on the next one I'll paint the skin a lighter grey and the last one will be a lighter grey but with a touch of green.
  10. Another from the Great Lot of Mystery I bought from a buddy a while back. The mini looks goblinoid, but it's about human-height for 25mm scale, so I assume it's an orc. Confusing the issue further, the clothes actually look a bit more modern/futuristic than medieval. I only know that it says Olley 1990 on the bottom. Maybe one of you has a better ID? The paint job thus far took about three hours at the office, in case any of you were wondering where your tax dollars go. Skin is a mix of leaf green and tanned, which I think worked fairly well. I used some GW camoshade to give him some green shadows. The jacket and shoes are actually drow skin with some imperial purple highlighting. I'll probably add some white to the imperial purple to add more prominent highlights. The pants and shirt were done with blackened brown, with some of their yellow shade applied more as a glaze and then agrax earthshade to dirty him up a bit. The pouches and the strap are oiled leather, with earthshade to bring out details. His hair is a mix of intense brown and blood red, then given carroburg crimson shade to redden it further. His eyes were a bit of a challenge, since I didn't have any white paint. I ended up using white primer. They may be the best eyes I've done to date. The sword I'm not entirely happy with. I did it up in blackened steel, some true silver highlights, and tried tying them together with a glaze of tarnished steel. Didn't work as well as I'd hoped. One of these days, I need to crack open LTP3. The other metals are simply aged pewter and ancient bronze. At this point, I need to add some more highlights to the boots and jacket, maybe some to the shirt and jacket, and dirty up the pouches. I should probably also highlight his skin, but I'm tempted to try it with a very different shade, the way Buglips went with his orcs recently. I have some of that orc flesh he used... I'm not sure what to do with the sword. For basing him, he looks kind of urban, but I don't have anything of that nature. I think I'll just use some fine grit, maybe with some "dead" static grass.
  11. I did this one for my friends d&d character! Sorry the pictures aren't great... Guess I need to work on my camera skills :3 I haven't tried my luck with doing different bases yet, maybe next time :)
  12. Well I first got this miniature about 14 years ago so he is finally off my shelf of shame, where he has sat all but finished for most of that time. The curious thing is now I can see how I have imporved as a painter; the flesh and purple for example are examples of what was my best quality 14 years ago, various other areas reflect my "get it done quickly" standard today. I wish I still owned my own gaming store and could spend hours sitting at the table painting and call it work still! One final thing, the back of this shield is flat so all the detail is painted on and I'm pretty happy with how that turned out.
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