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Found 49 results

  1. So, my new project is mostly in my head at present, but I'll try to describe what I'm envisioning. I am making a terrain piece that is going to represent the Great Breach portal in Malifaux. For those who dunno, it's essentially a portal from our world into the other side, which is a very odd sci fi, gothic, horror, steampunky kind of dangerous world. At first to represent this, I thought I'd make an actual picture as if you'd see it through the portal. But, one that's not very terrain-y so to speak, plus I really think it's beyond my skills. So what I'd like to do is, on one side of the portal (Earth) I'm going to have everything look normal and bright. On the other side, I'd like it to look otherworldly, with mainly a dark colour over everything, and a lot of decay etc. This is going to be a 12"x12" board I will split, probably on a diagonal, so the Breach sits in the rough center, on the dividing line of the board/terrain piece. I have a car model I'm working on, that will be half way between the Earth side and the other side. So one half will look shiny and newish while the other... very much not. What I'm trying to figure out, of course, is how to do the dark side, otherworld side. I was thinking monochrome - not necessarily black, but maybe a very dark blue. Since I've never done anything like this before I was hoping I could pick the brains of all you more experienced painters How would you start to paint a dark world, how would you highlight or shadow it? Obviously I want it to actually be something you can see... but look like it's in darkess. Any help is appreciated!
  2. My last one was REALLY pink. This one is a little more realistic..
  3. This guy was fun to paint. He looks fierce. When I took a picture of him with my flash on he looked radioactive.
  4. Really like the old school ogres.
  5. Finch

    Hook Horror

    The hook horror is complete:
  6. The first three minis from Otherworld's Henchmen and Hirelings box-set:
  7. Finch

    Halfling Fighter & Henchbadger

    Otherworld halfling fighter & Splintered Light talking badger:
  8. Glitterwolf

    Otherworld Skeleton Warriors

    Three more from the Undead Regiment. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60959-undead-regiment-in-a-swamp-mixed-manufacturers/ These are from Otherworld Miniatures. Very nice detailed mini;s. I painted the snake symbol as a freehand again. And again reds and or purples as the Vampire Queen's Heraldry. Enjoy ( I hope).
  9. Glitterwolf

    Undead Regiment Swamp Based

    And this is my regiment of Undead I'm working on. This is the Vampire Queen ( or maybe just her sister I haven't decided yet). She conquered a swamp, so she got an army of Undead and all kinds of swamp creatures. Right now she has to deal with an uprising of some of the swamp dwellers. Here she ( or sis) leads her regiment of mixed undead warriors to battle. All in her heraldry of reds and purples, with the snake symbol to show she owns the swamp.
  10. This thread may be very sporadic. My painting time is usually between art projects, and these puppies are pretty big. I have gotten started on some frost giants: Reaper's 02599: Frorigh, Frost Giant, 77107: Svetlana, Frost Giant Princess, and 77106: Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl. I am also painting a frost giant from Otherworld Miniatures that is a really nice figure, and a 54mm scale jester I bought by mistake and decided to paint up as a frost giant (he was on sale for such a good price I just assumed he was 28mm scale). The metal figures I primed in my usual fashion, with a layer of white paint followed by a wash of Burnt Umber. For the two Bones figures, however, I used Buglips' recommended method of priming with Reaper Brown Liner. Let me just say this is my first use of Reaper paints, and I was impressed with the handling. Although I thinned the Brown Liner considerably, it gave full coverage of the Bones figures with a single coat. Indeed, the surprisingly dark and greyish liner gave the figures a bronzey metallic look where it went on thinly. Burnt Umber is a dark color when applied thickly, but the contrast between it and Brown Liner was striking. I started painting the giants' skin with a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, adjusted to just the blue side of a neutral grey and lightened with various amounts of Titanium White. These are the only color mixes I have used so far. I like to do the faces first so I don't have to worry about them later. (Although I will probably add refinements as I go along because I can never seem to let a part of a figure be done when I am painting it, but always see more places which can be improved.) I figured frost giants would have icy blue eyes. One odd thing, these figures are huge but their eyes are tiny. They were definitely just within the range of my being able to see what I was doing, and I still had to check things with a loupe as I worked. The Reaper frost giant princess, Svetlana, is usually painted as though she were wearing a mask, although I gather that was not the original sculptor's intent. I decided to paint her wearing a mask open at the mouth, showing her mouth and chin. I haven't painted the Reaper jarl's teeth yet, so his face looks a little odd. The older Reaper frost giant is really big. He reminds me a little of a Muppet giant monster. The Otherworld frost giant is really exquisitely sculpted. I should look up the artist. I need to go back and look up the company that made the jester figure. It comes with two alternate heads and is kind of cute. I decided to make this one looking soulfully up and out rather than malevolently down at puny humans like the others. No that he's painted it's harder to see, but under that smiley-looking moustache his mouth is actually set rather sadly.
  11. Judging from the Otherworld Forums wave two of the IndieGoGo campaign is about to be delivered. So I made an effort to finish my last miniatures of wave one. First we have the Elf Male Fighter/Magic User. Secondly the Half Orc Assassin.
  12. This is Otherworld's frost giant, a companion piece to the somewhat larger Reaper's Frorigh: Frost Giant. I painted a whole batch of frost giants, WIP here. As with Frorigh, I was trying for a raking, low arctic light effect. The lights are pale yellow, the shadows deep blue and violet. The figure has some fun details. He had a number of ovoid knobs on his tunic which I decided to paint up like red gemstones, garnets or rubies. The shadows are all painted on. I used metallic paints on the metals but also added lights, reflections, and colors.
  13. So here are a few more. The wizard is the newest version of Hyreka. I love Bobby Jackson sculpts, but I feel like the ball was dropped on this figure and I prefer the Klocke version. Her lips were not very prominent on the sculpt so I had to fake it. The Dwarves are from Godslayer which I have never heard of until I did an Ebay search. I like how they look but they are sorta pricey. The other is from Otherworld. I love the old school look of the model and cannot wait to do more. The Bones model was from the Learn to paint kit. I enjoy painting armor and the model turned out great for a simple paint job.
  14. I did these a while back but didn't have time to take pictures until today. I love skeletons, and these are probably my favorite miniature version I've found so far. They were sculpted by Paul Muller for Otherworld Miniatures, and I think they manage to be old school with a slightly humorous touch, but without getting too silly. These have actually already seen tabletop use, but were of course utterly annihilated in about ten seconds by the group's cleric and paladin. Oh well, c'est la vie, they will be used again I'm sure. They were really fun to paint, albeit slightly fiddly to assemble (it was actually good practice for me though; I improved my pinning skills considerably with this project). Anyway, hope you like them; I'd love some C&C if you have it! Here's a group shot of the 12 skellies I've painted up (they're sold in packs of three by Otherworld, so these are "Skeletons I and II", and "Armoured Skeletons I and II"): And individual shots (I'm putting them behind a spoiler because there are so many of them):
  15. Finch

    Otherworld Owlbear

    The Otherworld Miniatures' Owlbear, sculpted by Paul Muller:
  16. Maglok

    Otherworld ticks and centipedes

    Took a quick side trip into Otherworld models I still had laying around. Not much to say, quick paintjobs. :)
  17. So I wanted to paint up an evil cult after seeing the excellent venom cult by Maglok in this thread http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/49517-the-venom-cult-lots-of-pics/?hl=cult I decided to go with a more stereotypical black robe cult look for a more generic bad guy look. First up, the 3 evil Acolytes from Otherworld Miniatures, I love these guys, they have so much character. Then I needed to expand the evil band, so Bones Anirion (77068) got drafted: And Satheras (Bones 77040). By popular demand from the Scary Autumn contest, here is how I did the staff Crystal: Pretty sure the main color was Winter Blue (Reaper HD 29817) with Mint Green (Reaper MSP 9263) and Pure White (Reaper MSP 9039). The top crystal facets got the darkest color, the middle facets got a mix of blue and mint green, and then the bottom facets and the crystal edges got a lighter mix of blue, green and white. Then to finish it off the top facets each got a tiny white dot. Even though I have a pint notebook next to my work area, I wold rather paint than write, so this is from memory. The Herald of Aglanda also joined, she/he got a pointier cowl with some green stuff: And the last member of the cult is a Lance and Laser monk from long ago: Group shots are always fun!
  18. Finch

    Cyclops & Medusa

    A Heresy cyclops and Otherworld medusa: More pics up on my blog.
  19. Painted this guy earlier this year. As he is currently part of the Fractured Dimensions Kickstarter, this seemed like a good time to post some pics. Sculpted by Pedro Navarro. Slightly modified as detailed here.
  20. Finch


    Meazels, the diseased, web-footed, clown-haired misfits of the goblin world. Great Kev Adams sculpts.
  21. A: Three meazels and a cyclops. Currently on the production floor:
  22. Finch

    Hook Horror

    More Fiend Folio goodness in the works:
  23. Finch

    Hill Giantess

    This conversion project sat half-finished for many months. Finally got her finished. While I was at it, I painted her a boyfriend.
  24. I thought I was done painting these three models, but after I based them I decided I liked the basing so much I wanted to put some more work into the paintjob, starting with at least another layer of highlights. The small tufts of grass on the henchmen and the mule are Army Painter Battlefields Winter Tufts, which just arrived in my FLGS. They're pretty cool, they come on a plastic sheet and you just pluck them off with tweezers and put them down on a drop of glue. A lot easier than trying to make your own tufts from static grass or long grasses (you can see a static grass clump on the overladen henchman). 02572: Overladen Henchman The Overladen Henchman is something of a nightmare to paint. So many different items, all crammed together, and calling on so many colors. Adding another layer of highlights to him is going to be a big task. P02548B: Henchmen The Henchmen w/Chest are pretty simple models, but its difficult painting the lead man's back and the following man's front, as the chest and the other man get in your way. The lead figure has a great face, comically drawn with his tongue poking out of the corner. I'm giving him a gray beard and hair, having decided he's a long retired adventurer earning work in his senior years by serving as a caravan guard. Expedition Mule II (Otherworld Miniatures) Noticeably, the mule is carrying less gear than the henchman. Apparently everyone thinks the mule has the better personality.