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Found 66 results

  1. This is one of the male characters in my RPG adventure group.
  2. This is my (NPC) character that is used in the adventure games played by (The Seekers). Voltar will join the group when (1 or more) regular characters are unable to attend a gaming session. It has not happened too often; my group tends to be serious about & dedicated to the game saga.We play every other week (they have been on the saga for 5 months) and Voltar has only joined the group 4 times.
  3. This is one of the female characters in my RPG adventure group (The Seekers). She is a female spell caster type of character. This is a playing piece (all pieces in this group have a high gloss finish to cut down wear from handling).
  4. This is a male player character from my adventure group (The Seekers)...He is a Norse warrior. This is a game playing piece.
  5. This is a vignette from my private collection. I thought that this was a very cute piece when I saw it and that it would lend itself well to a cute vignette in the fantasy style.
  6. This is another human character that my RPG adventure group encounters during their adventure saga. This is a game playing piece. It was a fun character to paint...tried to keep him scrubby & rag-tag looking...added a few gold coins into his bowl.
  7. This is one of the female characters in my RPG adventure group (Sonja); based on the character (Red Sonja)...it is an old Ral Parth figure from set 02-209.
  8. This is a vignette from my private collection. I love this figure and think that she is cute as a bug. I had fun painting her and the vignette concept was a school girl with her books and a bad-a** gun.
  9. This is one of the male characters in my RPG group. I added the ax weapon to the original charter.
  10. This is a game playing figure; my RPG group has many encounters/battles with these cave people.
  11. This is a tabletop playing piece for my RPG games. It came about because I had a (metal statue) in my old parts box...so I decided to build it into this piece (Cobra Shrine of Rama Kas - Evil Cultist). The size of the piece is 8" x 6". The statue is (the metal statue from my parts box)...the alter stand & rock steps were cast by me using plaster...the cobra was made by heating & working plastic spru into the cobra shape & design...the candles & wax droppings are all stratch...Since this is fantasy...I tend to use a lot of giant flowers (silk & otherwise)...as per the current movie Mystery Island and the old concept of everything being giant from the movie Honey I Shrunk The Kids...The base for the piece (as is most of my terrain bases is ceiling tile cut to size & shape)!
  12. This is the 2nd of (8) figures that I painted & mounted on custom wooden bases for a friend. I had no idea as to the color of this creature (so I went with the basic reptilian green). I guess it was OK, because my friend was delighted with this figure and the (7) others I painted for him.
  13. This is one of my RPG group playing/gaming pieces. Her name is (Sheba) and is a huntress in the game. I tried to paint her in the subdued natural earthly colors of (skins & furs). I gave her a very subtle scar from the eye bottom to the mouth corner (don't know if you can see it or not)...it is a trophy that she has from her past...I submitted this figure to the Inspiration Gallery and have heard nothing.
  14. This is another vignette from my private collection. This is another figure that I love and have painted (4) color versions of her. I submitted this figure to the Inspiration Gallery and have heard nothing.
  15. This is another war boss enemy that the adventure group encounters...he is (Ug Bar). This was another ogre figure that I enjoyed painting...I tend to really like ogre figures for game play.
  16. A friend asked me to paint (8) figures from (Call Of Cthulhu) for him and asked me to mount them on wooden display bases. This is (1) of the figures that I painted & mounted for him. I found it to be an unusual and unique creature...this is the end result.
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