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Found 5 results

  1. I attended PAX Aus this weekend on the Saturday and Sunday and stopped by the Reaper Paint and Take area on both days! I was excited since I didn't get to spend any time there last year. Saturday I entered the speed painting competition, we were given an hour to paint the Townsfolk Mom and Kids. It was such a fun challenge! I won! I won an amazing little medal! Eeee! I was so flattered. The next day I also entered the 'paint and take' competition, which was to sit down and paint a miniature on the day. I spent two hours painting upthis Bones Terezinya figure: And I won another trophy! I had so much fun, and everyone working hard at the Paint and Take area did such an amazing job. It was an amazing weekend. I don't often get to paint around other people or be exposed to so much Reaper-y goodness! One day I will make it to Reaper Con, one daaaay!
  2. Reaper (Ladystorm and ReaperBryan) will be hosting their Paint & Take and store at next weeks (Aug 27-31) PAX Prime in Seattle and I was wondering if any other Forumites would be at the con.
  3. BASHCON XXIX When: Feb 14-16 Where: University of Toledo, Student Union What will be going on: Paint and Take, Dungeon crawl, Speed painting contest, and a Painting class. Come down and join us, it's a fun Con and always a good time For more informaion go to :http://www.bashcon.com/
  4. Since the description of the Reaper General forum states it's the place to gush about Reaper, let me gush. First my thanks to ReaperBryan and ReaperShannon for making my trip down to Seattle possible! It was a very real pleasure meeting and working with them and all the other volunteers from the forums and elsewhere. A chance of meeting the Reaperfolks was not something on my radar as little as a couple of weeks ago, so getting to talk and spend as much time as I did with them was really something pretty special. They really are as nice as people who have met them previously had described them and I'm quite happy for them that the Reaper booth had the success that it had at this years PAX. Now here's a pic of Bryan letting Darsc wear "The Hat". A wide pic of the room containing the "Paint and Take" and the Reaper store. Of course all the Bones were available for sale.
  5. There was a Paint and Take being run by some of the PAX Australia volunteers over the weekend and my husband and I were there on the Friday afternoon. They had a small selection of Reaper Bones (the ones already on the online store) and some Super Dungeon Explore chibis from Soda Pop miniatures. This was a real challenge for me, I am completely and utterly a perfectionist when it comes to my work and a creature of habit. We were using different paints than I am used to, (I use Reaper paints) cheap brushes and plastic lid containers for palettes. (Until now I hadn't realized how great it is that I use a wet palette, the paints don't dry up on the palette while you're using them. Which means a nicer paint consistency to work with and less paint wastage.) I also couldn't remove any of the mold lines. Oh the horror! I painted a little angel, cherub-y girl: My first attempt at OSL. I painted this mini in about 2 hours...? And my husband's little Cleric! With honestly the most horrifying smile I have ever seen. My husband's mini is not quite finished, he's going to finish it now we're back at home. I think he did beautifully considering the brushes we were using and the fact that this is the second mini he's ever painted. I must admit I really had fun at the Paint and Take. Husband and I are in the same D&D group and we game together but never painted together, and it looks like we're going to make it a regular thing! After the Paint and Take we talked about paints, brushes and went to a gaming shop in the area before flying home and bought some more swag: A set of Reaper paints, a box of Mouslings, some W&N series 7 brushes and some more basing materials. Hubby has already placed dibs on painting Sweeny, and I agreed as long as I get to paint Ferdinand.
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