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  1. We're only about 3 months away from delivery of the Bones 5 (so stoked I can hardly contain myself) and there's A LOT coming. I stated in another post that I'd like to get through as many as i can. I also know burnout is a real thing to be prepared for. I don't know if this is a thing somewhere in the realms of Reaper Forum already, but would anyone be interested in getting on a weekly painting group to try and knock out the same minis? I figure if anything it will at least be a means to keep on top of the painting and also encourage, inspire, and grow from the group effort. There's a lot of logistics to be worked out, but if anyone would want to start something up with me, I'd love the company on the trail. Here's my general stats to see if you're in alignment: Usually take about 1 to 1.5 hours on my minis. Intermediate painter. Nothing pro-level, just painting for fun. Love to try new techniques. I find working with others is more motivating for me than on my own. Who's interested?
  2. It's that time of year when I start banging out holiday minis and painted gifts for friends and family. I often can't find examples in one place for inspiration, so I thought I'd see if anyone would be interested in doing this seasonal post with me. I am putting a focus on holiday miniatures and painting schemes. Here's the start of the process with more on the way. Feel free to post your holiday minis or progress. We gotta stay on top of these are going to make it on time.
  3. Another little Etsy find. A cute baby owlbear. I haven't been painting in a few weeks, so this was a good warmup for me to get back into. This was a combo of drybrush and a little wash.
  4. Normally is wait until this thing is based, but I was to excited and needed to post. This was a blast to paint and give the color scheme of purple, green, blue, and red. I think she came out awesome. Always open to feedback.
  5. Pretty stoked with how this OSL turned out. I've been motivated to paint this box of Hexbane Hunters from GW. They really captured the grim stalkers thing. Check it out. Did I sell the OSL job?
  6. I found this model at a local game store I go to in Whidbey Island. I'm so happy to have found it. This paint job is far from my favorite. Things I did different was building my orange up from brown. I used a magenta color to wash the skin. I used no metal, and tried only washes and highlights. I think the fact it's from one of my favorite movies the things I don't like don't matter. It's going into my case. This one's for me.
  7. The more I look at this the more I laugh. The lean on this guy looks like he's auditioning for Michael's Smooth Criminal video. Hee heeeee! Ow! I'd found this one while rifling through my pile of shame. Looked fun. The more of these big boys I've done, the more I realize I don't like painting that much space. I like the small guys. As always I'm open to any feedback or improvements to be made.
  8. A stone golem picked in the paint club. I made the mistake of using a cool white that had a slight blue hue on the highlights. Oh well. Overall I think the 3 grays used worked.
  9. Steer clear of this dude. If you get close enough you can smell the axe "body spray" from his last vampire victim.
  10. I was messing around with some blending and color contrasts. I watched a video by the one and only Dr. Faust (I know you're on these boards somewhere #myhero). It was a red beholder he painted and it got my creativity going. I've also had some of this uhu glue I haven't put to use yet and this looked like a good opportunity. I can happily say I'm very pleased with the results. Open to any feedback.
  11. Normally I only post completely finished pieces in here with bases and all. However, this time I finished a paint job that I'm too proud of not to share. I've still got quite a bit of work to do with the basing to really help this baby stand out, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. I've been attempting to paint a small army of these grey knights. I haven't done an army before so this is new territory for me. I tried two colors first and then by the third model I figured out the scheme to go with. This is the 4th model of this set and he's somewhat of a special one, so I put a bit more time than the others. This is also the most technical piece I've done so far: drybrush, recess shade, black-lining, directional lighting, sub-assembly, nmm (sword), gradient blending, non-white white, florescent paint, inks, I mean, it's using nearly all the things I know how to do applied. That said, here's my Grey Knight.
  12. I'm very happy with how she turned out. I was using the 80s Apple commercial as my inspiration for this. She's breaking through to the other side - wherever that may lead. Questions: Does the base need more color? If so, what color and where? Does the fleur-de-lis translate as metallic? Would love to hear your thoughts.
  13. A friend of mine who plays D&D said she had a Tiefling character that was unpainted. "Unpainted? You take your character to your game unpainted? GIVE ME THAT!" That's a sin knowing I like to paint and you're walking around with an unpainted mini. I asked her for the specifics she'd want. She told me silver hair, orange eyes, red skin, and bone colored horns. With that I went to work. Not sure I'm in love with my colors on this one. I'm also unsure if the red skin comes off as red. I used red as the base and then highlighted up with beige red. Purple and green felt strong, but ok to use together. Let me know.
  14. Normally I'd wait until I based this dude, but seeing as how I might use it for a diorama, it'll be a long way away. This was a good use of the Scale 75 line. Easy to blend and suuuuuper matte finish. Almost has a chalkiness to it. I was testing ghoul skin. In my head I was thinking more fleshy tone, but in the end I like the green. Open to feedback on this one's color.
  15. @Inarahhelped pick the mini to paint this time. Great call and a fun one to do.
  16. Alright, let me just say I havent had much luck with florescent paints. That is unti today. Goodness! I had seen reference to using Golden paints on YouTube from Lyla Mev and she discussed how she likes to mix them into regular paints. Taking this as a chance to try something new, I figured why not? HO-LEE COW! So glad I did. This stuff just brings the highs to the next level. I was painting the model and each time I layred up I nearly said out loud like Emerill on his cooking show, "BAM!" Open to any feedback and would love to hear if anyone else has used these Golden High Flow Florescent paints and their results . Also - woud you put anything else on that base to spice it up?
  17. I painted my first Kroot model. Very fun! I wasn't sure what color the skin should be, so I just went with a color I thought could blend in to many scenic areas. In this case I picked him for desert. He stands out enough but also ties into the environment. Open to feedback here. Adding this in case you want the colors used.
  18. Also on my obscene pile of to-do minis are my sisters of Battle. I love these models! Open to feedback.
  19. These are some of my planned gifts for friends and family. I used the Gnome Guard minis from a kickstarter that's been sitting waiting to be painted. I think these are adorable. Also here's my color recipes
  20. Wanted to get a quick paint in tonight. Saw this guy on my table and figured I could knock him out fast. This was 3 tests: 3 colors only (and black) NMM Light source I'm very happy with the results. I ended up basing him too, so here's the finished one.
  21. I can't remember who gave me the tip, and I've exhausted myself looking. A while back i was complaining about my inability with painting hair and how i struggled to make it look like there was volume to it. The person giving feedback mentioned how to build up where there was light or curve in the hair and have a few examples. It took me a good while to understand how they did it, but i have come a long way and owed them a thank you. Practice on different models had really helped a lot. I try to push the contrast up on the hair, since it's usually a focal point. As I'm doing that, keeping in mind where the folds or curls or light catches it. It's a fun challenge, but I've become much better at it thanks to whoever it was who told me. Here's to you, whoever you are Hair Master Jedi. - your apprentice
  22. Just got done with the base. I think this guy came out great. Would love any feedback. Also. I found this Realistic Resin Water by scenery products at Hobby Lobby. Good lord this stuff is cool! Here's the color for the nmm areas (in the order they are shown)
  23. Here's the Musketeer from Darkest Dungeon. I have more minis from them than I know I can paint, but this particular one was an extra that wasn't in the box and I felt bad for it. I needed to paint it. Using the game's portrait of her for inspiration, here she is. I also learned that my colorblindness did not line up with this minis portrait until my daughter told me what was different. I used a colorwheel to find the triad of green, purple, and yellow, which worked pretty good. Funny that the colors she said the picture is green,red and brown. Oh well.
  24. Got this guy painted up, but now i need to base. I'm going to try this resin water i found at hobby lobby.
  25. I bought this Yoda pack from a local hobby shop when i was on a work trip. I got it for my friend who's a massive Yoda fan. This is the second one from the same box. Came out pretty good. I am very happy with the fade on the saber.
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