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  1. We're only about 3 months away from delivery of the Bones 5 (so stoked I can hardly contain myself) and there's A LOT coming. I stated in another post that I'd like to get through as many as i can. I also know burnout is a real thing to be prepared for. I don't know if this is a thing somewhere in the realms of Reaper Forum already, but would anyone be interested in getting on a weekly painting group to try and knock out the same minis? I figure if anything it will at least be a means to keep on top of the painting and also encourage, inspire, and grow from the group effort.
  2. Using the long weekend to my advantage, I got a decent paint in on this guy. Meet Gronk. BATTLE REPORT! Trying to do a more comic-style paint job, I did less wash and more highlights with bold color. Wins: * The two-toned leathers look fun and eye catching where they need to be. * Staying to as simple color-scheme as possible helped me draw this one to a close. (Brown, Orange, Green, ivory, red) * The eyes came out really good and I finally managed one of those little reflective white dots in the corner of the right
  3. It's been a while since I've posted anything to WIP, but I'm trying to get my mojo back. This particular model has had a few new things applied to it that I was testing, but am not totally happy with. The main thing is I'm getting paint down and learning as I go, but there's a few questions I have: 1. Ink washes - so, I'm getting a lot of pooling when using them. I'm using DR inks with a drop of ink, drop of flowaid, and a touch of water. This leaves it glossy and pooled in places pretty badly. Tried going to ink and flow aid only so it'd drift more into the recesses, which h
  4. Finally got back on to some painting. It was a minor win, but just basing this dude feels good to be done. One cool thing i thought was fun is that i put a footprint in the mud under his left foot. Kind of a small, but cool detail. Done.
  5. Finally the weekend! What a wait it felt like to get here. With it being the Easter weekend, I figured it'd be fitting to do some bunnies. I had hoped to make these for a family member and ship them out, but that didn't pan out. However, getting them painted is still better than not. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * The butterscotch coloring I saw on some rabbits on Whidbey Island, I couldn't help but use as inspiration. Matching them to how they came out, I'd say was better than I expected. * Using very, very simple colors and just push
  6. 3rd animal done this weekend, but feeling good making some good progress. Still trying my best to commit to getting a few done every weekend. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * I watched another Dr. Faust painting video (the dude is my hero) and gathered some thoughts on how I wanted to approach this wolf. Browns, tans, and a pink little tail. * The two tones of Rust (Dark and Light) blended well across the two fur areas. Bringing up the highlights from there was much easier using family of colors. * Being VERY gentle with drybrushing and not rus
  7. Got another bunny done for the weekend. Feeling pretty good on getting some animals done. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Using another photo for inspiration, I was interested in that this bunny photo had a slight 'blueish' tone to the color in the grey. I was interested in trying to match it. Used Denim Blue, Grey, and black to get it. Came out pretty good! * The white was also one that I needed to be able to highlight up and I didn't want to use another grey. I ended up going with the Ghost White, which had a light blue to it, and I thought went wi
  8. I realize it's not the weekend, but the week was quite busy and I'm happy to have got any of this done at all. BATTLE REPORT! This little wizard's focus for me was going to be brighter colors and trying to do skin and hair better. I think it came out pretty well. Wins: * The base color of red tone and highlighting upward to flesh tone seems to be a good mix. * Keeping to adjacent colors on the color wheel made for a pleasing, eye-catching combo. I have to say using the reds, oranges, and browns was pretty fun. * I did as much highligh
  9. Got another one down for the weekend. This time paying special attention to the face and eyes. @Inarahmentioned to me to lighten things up a little. So, I took her advice. I think it turned out for the best! BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Taking way more time around the face this time and really putting a lot of work into leveling up the color step by step with really thin paint worked well. VMC Burnt Red and VMC Flat Flesh was a good blend together. I think in the face, I could have added a bit more fare skin, but hey, he's a barbari
  10. It's the weekend...you know what time it is! I normally don't like doing redo's but, both of my completed minis today are from my junk pile. I tried them both and failed at them both. However, I wasn't willing to give up on them. A quick bath in some Simple Green and we're ready to rock again. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Still trying to learn gradients and pushing contrast. Both were wins here this time. I used the blue as a big sweep from blue to white. Same with the sword going from yellow to white. * I think the blue spectral form worked well
  11. Here's the 2nd one to be redeemed this weekend. The first round of Alandin was trying to work the cape color into the shield. Didn't go well first time. It was also before I found Vallejo's metals. I need to find someone who's done this one really well because I struggled 2 times. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * The cape color with a modest purple lightened up to a grey for a highlight felt right. Better than the blue I had before. * The metal of the armor felt good to do the copper/gunmetal blend, but I struggled a bit with the details. * The skin color
  12. This is from a collection of STL's I purchased through some Humble Bundle deal that popped up for $20. I couldn't resist the deal of like 38 minis for such a decent price that looked high quality. Only problem - I didn't have a printer. I ended up linking up with one who I found on Insta and wow - the dude is great to work with. I have a lot more of this frog theme to paint and I'm stoked if they all come out like this. This is now my FAVORITE painted mini. I'll need to base him, but I need to do something really special for him. Any thoughts? BATTLE REPORT!
  13. I love me some weekend painting! Got another one from the 90's batch of Ral Partha's. This one is a Drow Elf. Was feeling like trying some of the darker skin tones after watching another RVE on it. Feels pretty good! BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Skin combo: Black Brown, Black Red, Orange Red. Used in conjunction with one another. The highlights are still on the darker side, but you can still make out muscle and shape. Win! * Used copper/brown combo to bring this guy to life. Feels very warm, but still needs some kind of "pop" color somewhere. I
  14. Painting weekends are the best. I'm trying to maximize as much as I can before fishing takes over my life and every free moment of the weekends. Although, I can't complain about wanting to get outside after being trapped inside for the last 6 months. These little fellas got done over a 2 month period. I primed them, then let them sit. Then started a litte, didn't like what I did, then put them back down for another month. Decided to spice it up and go for broke and just lay paint down on whatever came to mind. Glad I did as it pushed me to do something different.
  15. Gotta love the weekend. Time to get caught up on some minis! This particular mini is sentimental to me. I had picked them up back in 1990 when I was just finding my way with painting. Sadly, it would only be a few years before I found sports and other things to occupy my time and left the hobby for 30 years. 30 years later, though I'm rearing to go! My parents send these minis to me that they found at the old house and I happily take them. A few were somewhat painted and a few were only primed. This is one that was somewhat painted, but nothing I felt reluctant
  16. It's the weekend - you know what time it is! This little monstrosity was sitting on my desk looking at me for the past 4 months. I attempted painting it back in October and failed miserably at it. I was trying a blue/white combo that just didn't come out well. It also had a few issues with the fact I primed it with a black Vallejo spray primer that left it feeling tacky. The first round was a dud, and I often find that redoing a miniature is not the wisest thing because it can leave me feeling like I have to perfect it over and over again. However, this was not th
  17. Finished him. Since he's already got a base, I'm cashing this one in as it is.
  18. It's the weekend and you know what time it is! Got a terrifying little foursome going here this time. Attempted a few new things that have been given to me as feedback over the last few weeks, so thought it was a good time to put them to use. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * Sticking to a simple color scheme for the skin - trying to only use two tones and building up the colors. Win - kind of. More on that to come. * Making the chest area stand out from the rest of the skin I thank made for a fun touch. Layering was done well, but learned a lot in doing
  19. Someone say painting weekend? Got another one in, but sadly it's not one of the Reapers. I purchased a cool, little Hobbit a few weeks back and the printer sent me this one that was a bad mold, but I ended up making something out of it. What looks wrong with it you ask? Well, for one, the details got a little sloppy. The barrel he's on got halved in printing, his face looks like he's a stroke survivor - his left side of his face is sloped big time. I tried correcting it in the painting, but it's pretty noticiable. There's some big gaps between the hobbit and the barrel. Oh we
  20. When it's the weekend, I gotta get as much done as possible. Here's another one! I tried finishing the pair of these knights, but only managed to squeeze out one of them due to the freehand work I decided to do on his cape. I'm pretty happy with it, but good lord was it nerve-racking! BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * I will say that priming this guy with Army Painter plate mail metal was a time saver. * Did a GW Nuln Oil wash over the armor which helped bring forward the shadows. I'm also learning that I like using washes more and more sparingly. I fel
  21. Another newbie post. This one I painted exclusively with Reaper paints. I need better brushes, but for now this will have to do. I initially wanted to paint his coat as black/gray leather, but couldn't quite figure it out, so it became this black/blue fabric thing. I need to practice my leather effects. 44013 Jakob Knochengard
  22. It's genuinely funny to me how I can't operate in terrain/base mode when I'm in painting mode. I usually save one day for painting and the next for basing. I have a TON of minis that need to be based, but I'm just too caught up in the painting to really lock down on the basing. On top of that, there's a lot of drying and waiting time that I'm way too impatient for. I digress. Here's the Norkers. We've got Mack and Axel. (Obviously Axel is with the 'axe.') I'm still thinking the gloss coat was a bit much...
  23. Newbie post. I've only painted half a dozen or so figures so far, but I'm enjoying myself, and that counts, right?! She's painted with a mix of Reaper MSP and Vallejo Game Color. I haven't done so yet, but I think I'd like to start chronicling the colors I use for each future mini. 30001 Lysette, Elven Mage
  24. I received this little 3D print with some minis I bought near the beginning of me getting back into painting. I looked at it and thought it was soooo cool. Now that months have gone by and I've got more of an eye for things I like and don't like, it became immediately apparent that this thing had a number of flaws. 1. 3D print left that weird topographic build quality to it. 2. The paint has a weird time adhering to it because of the lines in the model 3. The size of it is WAY out of proportion for 28mm, unless those are actual full size trees and this is a campfire for gia
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