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Found 2 results

  1. So there's been some discussion elsewhere on what a portable painting station should entail, and I figured I'd get this discussion started. So here's mine. It's undergone some evolution and change over the years, and this is just the latest iteration. The basic case is just an ordinary tool box I bought at Aldi a while back. It was one of those "I will find a use for that" purchases that sat in the airlock (the foyer between the outside and the inside of my home) for a while before I decided I needed a new painting station, and this was going to be it. The lamps (more later) I've had for a while. The top, opened - some foam for minis I'm concerned about, (currently a pair of - very old - Zocchi D-7s and a Bonesium Egyptian priestess I'm working on), one of the little tubs that came with the box, a selection of Bonesium animals that probably should be in the tub, the toolbox, and a pot of Citadel Wraithbone for primer. Under the foam is a set of snips for plastics, metals, whatever. And you can see the underlying gridwork that holds the thing together if I were using all of the yellow bitz holders. Toolkit contents - some brushes I got when the local AC Moore went out of business, a pin vise and drill bits, a flat-edge nail clippers, superglue, a file, some brass wire for pinning (not shown) and a mold line scraper - I should really wrap some thread or something around the handle of that. Nothing fancy, nothing super-impressive, just a basic set of tools. There's still room in the tool kit for bitz I'm carrying to work on, or other stuff as well - the entire top row is empty. The main compartment is mostly paints (primarily Reaper and Vallejo, with some Army Painter washes), two (very solid and bottom-heavy, actually) water pots and a pair of plastic palettes, and en empty tub to carry some larger minis, or whatever, in. The paints are curated, but not currently organized - I need to go through and re-org them after pulling most of the tubs (the organization-by-tub wasn't working as well as I'd like, and putting them in this way clears up an entire bay worth of space) The lights are just a pair of OttLite reading lights I got on sale at some point, and have used in the past when I wanted a little more light - right there, or wanted to add some light to backlight something, etc. They're really handy. So, that's my portable kit - it's not very fancy, and someday I'd like to make a better one (when I have access to a makerspace again...), but it works, and is pretty solid both in terms of construction, and capability. What's yours look like?
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/695455704/portable-paint-station-take-paints-minis-and-tools?ref=nav_search A carry case for up to 162 paints, miniatures, tools, which transforms into a full painting station, complete with lamp & work area. We all have the problem of shoeboxes or other messy ways of transporting and storing our paints, and have to search for the right paint longer than it takes to paint the miniature. When traveling and wanting to work on your miniatures, or not having a dedicated work area at home, the Portable Paint Station is the solution. It will keep your paints, tools, miniatures & other items safe during transport, and transforms into a complete work station within minutes. It is designed so that during transport, not even a paper clip could fall out of the box. Your paints are always in the same spot, no matter where you are, the optional daylight LED lamp makes you independent of light conditions and you have everything you need in one easy to carry box. This Portable Paint Station lets you work faster & concentrate on the important things. Different sizes to fit everyone’s needs. holds up to 162 paints (depending on version) easy to carry with hand grip or optional shoulder strap space for different sized miniatures - up to 32mm / 50mm base size space for tools & modeling bits optional daylight lamp, brush holder, wet palette, cutting mat(s), shoulder strap & more. optional expansion modules for your home paints by The Army Painter All items are precision-laser cut. Made in Germany. Production & shipping is from Germany.
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