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Found 22 results

  1. So. At the start of Reapercon live 2020, my hobby room was a semi organized space, that wasn't really planned out. I also had not taught online so I had to create an area to do that. This meant shuffling things around to clear up space for a PC, cameras, class supplies etc. Post Reapercon I was left with a huge mess, as more shuffling occurred to not only teach, but to take a few courses. Here are a few shots of my space on the last day of Reapercon... So... one of my sons had moved out in mid 2019... he had left his room like this. I called it his long term storage Thus bega
  2. I notice both Army Painter and Vallejo are selling sets of paints with bottles about half the size of their normal paints. (Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments and Whiz kids Preminum Paints) I generally like that approach. It provides an opportunity to get a variety of paint colors at a lower price. Vallejo Whiz kids sets consist of 40 paints in a plastic case for about $70. I know that there are many colors I like to have handy although I don't use them a lot so a 8 ml bottle would be more than enough. And, if I use some of the colors a lot, I can get a regular size b
  3. So the Carrion Worm is next up on my table. I would like to approximate the way it is painted in the picture but it doesn't have to be exact. Can anyone give me some advice on how to achieve the effects in the picture. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. #Help_A_Noob
  4. Hi all, quick question what are some paints you would like to see from reaper? I would like to see a line of effect paints, such as a few different rust effects, something for a running oil or grease, and a very flat black for soot build up.
  5. We just Re-launched our Kickstarter for a brand new Ultra Clear variant of the X-Case the only Expandable, Transport, Configurable, Display case for miniatures. The X-Case not only can transport your figures but it can show them off as well Check it out. XCase Ultra Clear Expandable, Transport Kickstarter
  6. So I just dropped nearly 100$ at my FLGS on reaper master series paints, only to discover upon closer inspection that they are actually pigments. I'm a beginner/moderate painter, so I didn't quite realize there was a difference. After conversing with one of my more hardcore painter friends, i'm even less sure than I was before. He tells me that the pigments are different from the paints and that pigments are usually only used to tint paints, but then i went to the website and saw that everything there comes in the same kind of bottles with all the same names. It seems strange to me that reaper
  7. Does Reaper have a simple list to their line of paints? I just need the paint name and paint #, preferably sortable alpha/numerically -- without the swatch. A checklist I can keep next to my paints, to keep track of what I have vs what’s available. It’s frustrating going to the store, accidentally picking up duplicates. Does a document like this exist? Also, what exactly does the new wash medium do? How is it different from the flow improver and can it be used in conjunction with other additives? Thanks for your help.
  8. Has anyone used a rock tumbler to shake their paints? I was looking at one in a hobby shop with my gf, she thinks she wants to get into jewelry making or polishing rocks or something like that, and the thought occurred that I may be able to use that to keep the paints mixed thoroughly. Obviously you wouldn't add any of the polishing grit or stones and just run it with well sealed paint pots or bottles. They are way cheaper than any of the other mixing devices that I have thought about getting for the same purpose. I would think that the motors are pretty heavy duty. They do
  9. Hi there everyone! Oakydeer here, and I'm a very very new to the world of tabletop RPGS. I'd always heard of the magical game dungeons and dragons but was always intimidated by it and didn't know when or how to start. But a month ago, I decided to take the plunge and gather my friends for our first DnD session, with me as the DM. And... we all became obsessed. So now, here I am, completelly engrossed in the world of tabletop RPGs and eager to start sculpting and painting my own figures! I'm open to any advice from any of you wonderful veterans regarding anything, be it painting and
  10. So what do you all use for thinning your paint? I am using reaper paints and have been told by some of you all that I need to thin out my paints. I have tried adding water(distilled) but the pigment doesn't seem to stick together. I have been doing a 50/50 mix. Is this the ratio? Do I need flow Aid? Or acrylic matte medium? Or Slow-dri? If so what formula do you use? I know it's a lot of questions sorry just looking to get better at my painting.Thank you all in advance for all the help I know you all will give me. :)
  11. I have a whole set of Reaper Master Series paints that I purchases about 8 or 9 years ago. I have noticed that some of the dropper bottles have thickened over time. Rather than trying to thin them in the bottle, I have typically just thinned them on the pallet (using distilled water usually, flow-aid every once in a while). Recently, I had to replace a color that I needed for a piece. In a pinch, I purchased some Vallejo Game Color droppers (2 to be exact). I have noticed, that right out of the bottle, these newer paints apply much smoother than some of my older paints. My question is th
  12. Hi! I am starting miniature painting and I'm not sure what colors to buy in the beginning. If possible I'd like some advice. I'm looking at buying Reaper's core colors (red, yellow, blue, green, black and white + Fair Skin) and their triad for shading and highlighting. What you think? Thank you!
  13. Hey guys! So, I'm 100% new to the mini scene, and finally getting into it after I've wanted to for so long. I, probably very stupidly, went to Games Workshop and bought a Galadhrim Warriors set from the LOTR series, and a couple paints to get myself started. The problem is they are insanely expensive and I know I can find cheaper stuff and even better quality. I'm on a college budget and would love to know where I can find a really good starter paint set with good brushes and paints that will last. Does anyone have any suggestions? And any other tips or advice you have for me as a ne
  14. So I have been painting a bit off and on for a couple of years now and I have some parts of the triads but I don't think I actually have a full triad. In your opinion which Triads are the most important must have completed triads that Reaper sells? This is for the starting painter that needs to get some paints and only really has the funds to get the most used stuff. Edited to add: Sorry that I forgot to mention I have over 70 different paints right now just no full triad sets.
  15. I am sure someone knows all the special edition MSP & MSP HD paints which have been released, so please, pretty please, post it here. TIA!
  16. Hello all, So I decided to start painting after an almost 20 year(yes I am that old) absence from the hobby. I have a number of unpainted figures but 0 paints. The only paints I find in the shops near me are the Citadel line and I was never much of a fan. Reading reviews Reaper seems to be getting very positive reviews. So I have decided to give them a try. Now the question; bare minimum to start with? Do I buy 10 paints or go with the new Learn to Paint Kit? If I pickup a variety of paints to start with what should they be? I want to try this again but I don't want to spend a lot and I te
  17. I recently picked up a bottle of Olive Skin, and once I got it home realized it was for all intents and purposes identical to Green Ochre. My eye is not able to deduce any difference between the two in the bottle, on the palette, or on a figure. Is there an actual difference? Are there other colors in the Reaper line I should be careful not to accidentally duplicate? i feel like George Costanza trying to solve whether the ginger ale at the diner was just Coke and Sprite mixed together.
  18. Starting a paint club in Greenville, SC. Trying to meet the first Saturday of the month from noonish until 3 or 4 pm. First meeting will coincide with the FLGS quarterly game day, so there will be other things for the significant others to do while you paint! Location: Boardwalk Games, 1175 Woods Crossing Road 864.297.6924 Start Time: 12 noon (setup begins around 11) Finish time: 6 pm We are trying to get a well known artist to help us jumpstart the paint club with some open group lessons as well as the possibility of semi-private instruction as well! Come join us for
  19. I would love to see a resurrection of the Learn to paint line, but with the far more affordable "Reaper Bones" An example of one of the Learn to paint Sets! I'd love to start with Bones it's far cheaper then metal mini's. I currently had a friend donate the money for the core set. Yet still moving on. From what I am aware this line is out of print. I feel it needs a revival with the Bones line. The old ones are still a steal with the things they came with. ( 2 minis, 10 PAINTS, 2 brushes, and a guide; Also since these are old the paint might be bad no idea about paint self life.) So I
  20. So I looked over at the other thread with a similar topic, but my situation is a little bit different. The problem isn't figuring out a base set of 54 paints to work with - it's how best to maximize the value of a 54-paint purchase, to go with the paints I already have assembled. I've got a whole passel of Reaper paints - the problem is they were purchased out of a huge box of stuff the local FLGS was remaindering several years ago, and, well, purchasing was kind of scattershot (not least of which is due to my not knowing about the Triad system Reaper uses...). So the goal is to buy a
  21. I'm sure this is a question that many people (including myself) have asked themselves when getting into this craft (with Reaper paints at least). Part of this topic (and this post) is a question geared toward each and every painter (that uses Reaper paints) out there, as this question cannot truly be answered in terms of time, as each person paints a different way. The other part of this topic is actually an answer, in one way an answer to the question posted. TO SCIENCE! I recently received an order from Reaper in which I bought their pack of 3 empty bottles to use for custom paint m
  22. The other day on Beasts of War I noticed that they interviewed a paint manufacturer I had never heard of . . . PrismGaming: http://www.beastsofwar.com/events/gen-con/gen-con-2012/prism-gaming-gen-con-2012/ Has anyone tried their paints? They mention some really cool things in the interview (twice the paint at less than twice the price, no additives that cause the paint to dry, four times the amount of fluid in washes, other general awesomeness). I was just wondering if anyone had tried them before . . . I've been a diehard Vallejo Model Color since 2006 (Citadel before that, but t
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