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  1. Genro Hand of fury - Denny Koi Miniatures Had fun with this one! Gogi is a hobgoblin ancients Paladin Genie warlock. He took an oath to protect the gateways to the Feywild after his life was spared by a fey deity. While on his mission traveling to one of the portals he came across an unassuming bottle containing a Nobel djinn who was greatly reduced in power and needed a champion to help defeat an Efreet once and for all (which he did and was given his armor as a reward te he). I wanted to paint him so that you caught some of these elements in the character. His normal red hobgoblin skin was changed blue due to the power endowed to him by the genie. The jade stones and the green flag represent his oath to the fey as their guardian and wanted to make sure his armor had an ornate and magical feeling to it.
  2. These 4 mark the completion of having painted through 97 goblins, the entirety of my goblin collection.
  3. Hello All, Here are photos of a 30154 Bones USA "Sir Richard the White" I completed a few days ago. Photo heavy, Thank you for looking.
  4. Trying another way of doing metallics with inks. I still haven't figured this out, but I'm getting closer ...
  5. This guy took me way to long to paint, but finally hopefully he'll see some action!
  6. This guy has been sitting on my desk for over a year, but I've never had a need to paint him, until now. I am playing a game of Frostgrave tomorrow and I needed a Knight of the Sun. So he is a Knight of the Sunrise. Spent about 8-9 hours on him, so he's well into my "Excessive" time range for tabletop, so he's a nice skill builder.
  7. Hello All, Here is a 02853 Dark Heaven Legends "Sir Barlow, Templar - Human Paladin" I recently completed. Thank you for looking.
  8. Since I wasn't on here in 2021/2022... I wanted to post some of my favorite NMM minis. I took Almaran with me to ReaperCon last year- he ended up not being the one judged, but that's OK- I took him for some good ol' fashioned critique afterwards. And yeah, 2023 is going to be the year of "make an attempt with your bases, you dork".
  9. I finally finished my Dragons Don't Share! I have another that I purchased to paint sometime next year! For this one, I was inspired by the ruins of Pompeii. I went with the yellowish stones and added frescoes and statues. There is also a bird in a nest, a lizard, butterfly, and bunny in amongst the ruins. I used a lizard photo to design my dragon instead of going with a "usual" color. I thought he fit in with the ruins. You can see the work in progress here: C&C welcome! Thanks for looking! There are lots more photos on my page. The link is in my signature.
  10. A couple of quick paint jobs done to get these guys ready for the table. The wizard may have been a Reapercon speed paint re-paint. They way they ended up posed facing each other makes me think they're saying "Have a good weekend, see ya back in the dungeon on Monday."
  11. Super fun to paint but it took me since February. Too many distractions. She is set to be an NPC, but I have a couple players that want to play a paladin if I allow them a bear mount lol
  12. Hello All, Here is a 02370 metal Dark Heaven Legends "Luther Baldwin, Templar Knight" I completed yesterday. Thank you for looking.
  13. This mini is from Wrath of Ashardalon boardgame. It was a quick and simple paintjob since the sculpt itself is quite simple. Thanks for looking!
  14. I really like this sculpt! Gave her a quick paintjob 🙂 Thanks for looking!
  15. In a world where an entire player race seems to have been mostly overlooked throughout the years, Stonehaven Miniatures created a Kickstarter that was oriented mostly for the fine folk, and made a bunch of different gnome characters, male and female, cast in metal. Here are two of them that I've recently finished, a Gnome Paladin and a Gnome Scout: These are some really small miniatures, and as I finally was able to photograph them I could see a few spots that I could probably improve upon them, but being that these are just for fun and enjoyable, I think I'm happy where I am with them. The hair on them is a little bit outside of the natural realm of color, not your typical blonde, black, brown or red. I sent an email to the sculptor Mike Evans and asked him how he imagined his gnomes, with natural color hair or more fantasy colors and he said bright colors, so I kind of followed that idea with these two. I still live in that past of the old D & D description which talked about them having skin the color or wood and either blonde or white hair, but I'm trying to move away from that pretty old concept. I've seen art for gnomes in other newer D&D books and they are certainly more vibrant than before Anyhoos, hope you enjoy them!
  16. Just posting some older stuff from years past while I work on a larger product. Definitely not my best work, and definitely not a great mini (there weren't any lips sculpted in...come on!). I do like the way the hair and armor turned out.
  17. I haven't posted a piece in the showoff area in a long while. I mostly put my work in that paint club group, but this one was special and i wanted to share. I had this figure staring at me and didn't have a theme in my mind. Then it hit me that she for perfectly for this conflict in Ukraine. She's holding her sword up as if the last line of defense. I created the small base with the fallen shield representing the broken boundaries and fallen defenders. But atop her hill that represents her country, she calls for aid and stands strong. May they all stand strong. Lady Vigilance and her call to arms.
  18. Finished this up a few weeks ago. Tried a lot of things with this - colour composition art reference, subdued NMM, considering spot colour placement, using a wider range of colours for oil pin washes. Took quite a long time but I was pleased with how it turned out.
  19. One of last year's limited release figures that I painted during the summer. She has the right amount of detail, I spent some time trying to do NMM on her armor and weapon. Felt that the pose was a bit dull and static, and her face is odd. Liked how the green part of her cloak came out, not so happy with the yellow, need to practice more,
  20. Gotta love the weekend. Time to get caught up on some minis! This particular mini is sentimental to me. I had picked them up back in 1990 when I was just finding my way with painting. Sadly, it would only be a few years before I found sports and other things to occupy my time and left the hobby for 30 years. 30 years later, though I'm rearing to go! My parents send these minis to me that they found at the old house and I happily take them. A few were somewhat painted and a few were only primed. This is one that was somewhat painted, but nothing I felt reluctant about stripping. That said, let's get to the painting! Battle Report! Wins: * Stripped this metal model right down to the bare metal with the ol LA Cleaner. Holy smokes - that stuff eats paint like a champ. Leave it in there for a few days and it is practically falling off. Major win to discover this very inexpensive and effective method. * Primed this model with Stynylrez Black and zenithal with DR White ink. Worked out well, but still have some learning to do with the new airbrush (Badger 105) * The primer and ink dries quickly allowing for work immediately after priming. Yay! * Once again learning my new training gained from RVE with using white, I figure this tunic would be perfect for a Paladin. Using dark grey, then mid grey, and finally light grey to a white highlight. It worked great and looks believable. However, there is still a bit more blending I could learn going from dark to light. For this being the 2nd one to test this method on only hours within learning it - Win! * Tested a gradient on the sword. Since my confidence was high and I was feeling saucy, I wanted to give a gradient a test. I've often wanted to try doing something else with metal, but this seemed like a nice one to try. I think the dark to light worked well on the blades. This is only the first of many steps to getting to NMM, but it's a good start. * Used a aluminum color for the chain mail, then shaded it with GW Drakenshade. I kind of like the blue tint and nice use of it being like a 'blue steel' look. Dig. * Going light on metals was definitely the way to go. Misses: * Face still feels a little weak. Used a Flat Flesh up to Pale Skin with two gradients in between. It still feels spotty. * With the lips I tried adding some warmth to them with a light red glaze. Meh... * Swords and dagger after I did them, I realized don't have the same direction in their gradient. It's a small thing, but once I spotted it, Ican't take my eyes off of it. Minor detail, but sucks that I didn't catch it earlier. * I am not super happy with the boots/gloves leather . I feel like Ishould have gone with a different leather color. Not bad, just not great. * The gold coloring on the moons was added after. I originally had them as a silver color, but it didn't look as good on the skin in silver. So I swapped the circlet to gold . In doing that Ichanged them all and am not as happy with the gold. May change back. This was a really fun one to do. It's a bit smaller than the other minis because of the older style, but what a trip down memory road to paint it. Any thoughts? Any feedback. Let me have it!
  21. A few weeks ago I posted my Paladin (Essach Stonebreaker) converted from a bones Duke Gerard miniature. This is that same character, but advanced to more heroic levels (we'll see if he actually lives that long in this campaign lol). Presenting Duke Gerard in metal, converted to hold a mace / morningstar / scepter from the "Good" weapons pack from Bones III. Like: First attempt doing anything like the landscape on the shield. Generally good depth of color. Got the face much, much better than on the plastic version (part of that is thanks to the sculpt though...better detail). Better management of blonde hair on a pale face, which is tough since that risks being very low-contrast (and by proxy, low-interest). Better at abutting color - I'm still too reliant on black lining for my line work, which leads to deep shadowing...not always a great look. Needs work: Smooth lines, patience...I'm not painting at tabletop speed or anything, but I'm probably still working too quickly to accomplish show-worthy painting. Looks great at arms length, but I can notice the hell out of flaws, lumps, and bumps as I get closer. Still, it's a step forward for me. Additionally, I finally got a light box so I can improve the pictures just a wee bit! In fact, the little white flecks on the substrate are from a previous mini photo shoot ( a white dragon, which I will post later). My next goals are 1: to get better at slowing down and smoothing out my lines and 2: to work on my mini photography. Anyhoo: here's Duke Gerard, converted into my 5e Paladin of Lathander, Essach Stonebreaker!
  22. Duke Gerard converted into my current D&D 5e character (a paladin of Lathander). Generally happy, except for the face AND ALSO the highlighting on the shield came out too sharp on the black portion. Will probably go back over it. The head sculpt is...well...shallow detail and an offset cast. I did what I could with it. Also put a little too much trust in the "fair skin" triad...low-contrast compared to other triads. Had to go back with a flesh wash, repaint...got a little lumpy. The rose-hewed cloak is for Lathander. The red-black-gold shield is his family crest. Clipped off his sword and replaced with a mace from the weapons pack. 100% reaper paints including the steel triad, fair skin triad, gold triad, dragon red & flesh blood. Black wash on the armor, sepia wash on the gold accents. Hair is buckskin pale over leather brown. Rose color is a combination of dragon red and khaki highlight. This represents the character at level 5 or so. Hoping he survives to 10, because I'm painting Duke Gerard in metal to represent a more advanced version of this character.
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