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Found 7 results

  1. So my Husband needs a boat for his 4E campaign. It unfortunately cannot wait until Bones 5 delivers so I bought a paper craft boat from World Works Games. It's called The Maiden. It's HUGE. Photo from the website in spoiler. In the photo you can see a few minis placed on it for scale. Like I said HUGE. I've done some other paper craft boats before but nothing like this. I'll be using foamcore for the base of the decks but the rest of it is card stock, transparency paper, and Uhu glue(the glue stick not the liquid-y stuff). I'm not yet sure which figurehead and props I will be using. I may just make them all and let Husband decide what he wants/needs after that. Thankfully, this thing comes with pretty detailed instructions so it shouldn't be...not sure hard is the word I want but it's the one I'm going to use. So it shouldn't be hard, it's just up to my skill to cut, glue, and (most importantly) follow directions. It will take lots of time though I am sure of that.
  2. This will be where I post my Frost Grave Terrain. First up will probably be an improvised fountain, made from a leftover plastic container and the water weird (77310) mini Also Dave Graffam's Tall Ruined Wall. I'll be doing that tomorrow with bristol board and going to the print shop to print some stuff in color. There's no Glue Stick so only priming and dry-fitting of the fountain
  3. So, many moons agone I backed Stonehaven's Kickstarter for pop-up terrain. Slightly fewer moons agone, I backed their next Kickstarter for halflings - which also included pop-up terrain. And a couple of days ago, I realized that it would cost me quite literally half as much to buy a new inkjet printer as it would to get replacement cartridges for my clunky old printer. By all of these elements combined, I figured the time had come to start assembling the pop-up terrain I had so eagerly anticipated. I started about as simply as possible - with the grassy field. Lessons were learned, not least of which that I have no idea what I'm doing and barely the necessary coordination required... but somehow, I muddled through and made a passable hex. I added in the pond, to make it a little more interesting (and because it was there). There were a few bits and bobs left over, so after rereading the original thread we had on the pop-up kickstarter, I decided to see how coloured pencil would work with the sepia print. I think, when things have dried, I'm going to colour in at least the pond... probably not the whole field, but a blue pond should stand out nicely. I have others to print, and a complete set of the pre-printed, colour terrain. Watch this space for further developments.
  4. I decided that I needed a shelf to put minis on so they stop cluttering up my work area. I needed a shelf of shame. I have a ton of foamcore, paper and WorldWorks Games products, so I knew a custom unit could be made. It probably took me 15-20 hours of time to build, but honestly a large portion of that was dealing with printer issues. Here is where the WIP starts: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/49824-talaes-wip-thread-of-everything/?p=901883 The final product:
  5. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1679800548/ravenfell-28mm-fantasy-village "RAVENFELL features our exclusive FOLD-FLAT terrain system which allows you to create fully modular 28mm scale village buildings for your RPG or wargame. The buildings are comprised of separate, stackable components, which can be mixed and matched between models for even greater variety, and folded flat for easy storage. Each village set is delivered in a downloadable PDF format ..." Looks interesting.
  6. http://www.terraclips3d.com/index.php?view=catalog Anyone have any personal experience with this new product from Wyrd Miniatures? Reviews?! I wish they would do a KS for this particular product...and if they already did I'm going to be really bummed.
  7. Reaper Chronoscope #50024 "Townsfolk: Modern Children," painted, re-based on laser-cut Gale Force 9 25mm round bases, modified with some Apoxie Sculpt two-part epoxy and decorated with 600 dpi printed paper elements. For an upcoming Savage Worlds RPG campaign I will be running in November (using the "War of the Dead" setting rules from Daring Entertainment - http://www.daringentertain.com), I have been painting up miniatures of zombies and survivors, some from Reaper, some from Guillotine Games (Zombicide), and some from Wargames Factory. One thing I've been short on would be anything to represent kids. (Not that I expect the PCs to PLAY kids, but there are bound to be some among the survivors they'll be rescuing ... and, quite possibly, among the zombies, though I haven't gotten there yet.) The background terrain piece used for these pictures is a section cut out of a broken "Hot Wheels City" play set I found in a thrift store, glued down to some mat board, repainted, and decorated with some more paper signage. (I basically put together a whole sheet of images via Google Image Search of newspapers, magazines, signage, "police / crime scene tape," hazard stripes, and other details that I thought I might be able to apply as 600 dpi paper print-outs rather than attempting to paint it all by hand. I just don't have that sort of skill.) "Pavement" texturing on the bases was achieved by applying thin layers of Apoxie Sculpt two-part epoxy putty to each base. I then dipped the whole thing in water to apply a temporary wet film, and jammed the base, putty-first, down on the work-table I was using (which has a rough surface that makes for a passable "pavement" texture once inverted). Due to the layer of water, I was then able to lift the base back up without the putty being pulled away by the texturing, then flip it back over, and apply additional texturing, such as cracks, sidewalk curb, etc. Here's the "hoodie" kid, holding an EXTRA JUMBO-SIZED edition of the Zombie Survival Guide, or else maybe they've started releasing binder folders with ZSG covers for those back-to-school supplies. I wanted to add little details to the figures that would somehow say "zombie apocalypse!" but without going so far over the top to include blood spatters and zombie gore all over. After all, I might get some more use out of these figures in a Ghostbusters or Men in Black or some other modern-scenario game. Hence, things like this which COULD be appropriate for a zombie-apocalypse setting, but might very well just hint that the kid has some peculiar reading interests. Alas, my scaling estimate was a bit off, so the "book" is suspiciously large for the figure. Here's the "flower girl" figure. What I was going for here was EXTRA CHEERFUL, so I put some extra work into trying to make those big expressive eyes (with little speck-of-white highlights), and took quite a few passes to get something resembling a toothy smile. Good grief, but I tried all the techniques to keep my hand steady, but I kept on jiggling the brush several millimeters at bad moments, so this took several tries to get even as far as I did. The newspaper she's standing on has a headline with something along the lines of "ZOMBIES ATTACK - THE DEAD RISE!" that I found as a "bogus newspaper headline" image via Google Image Search, so I claim no credit for any of the printed elements. (Well, except for the caution stripes and the "POLICE LINE - DO NOT CROSS" where they apply.) And here's the kid on the skateboard. I had a bit of trouble basing this one, since the wheels of the skateboard didn't provide very much surface area for pinning, nor for just gluing straight to the base surface, once I'd removed the tab. (Perhaps I shouldn't have been quite so hasty.) I added the curb with some Apoxie Sculpt since I thought it might add a little more "cool kid" aura if it looks like he's "jumping" off the curb with the skateboard (such as it is). During a Google Image search, trying to find pictures of packaging I might use as papercraft trash for the gutter, I found several images of a Chick-Fil-A take-out bag from different viewpoints -- enough for me to make a "micro-papercraft" of a bag. I used dots of paint instead of glue to hold the fragile little bag together, as I didn't want to overdo it with the tacky glue or craft glue. The bag "handle" is affixed to the outstretched hand with a dot of super glue. As for WHY he has a Chick-Fil-A bag in the zombie apocalypse, I have no idea. If it's the apocalypse (or if it's Sunday), it's highly unlikely Chick-Fil-A is open, but it was just sort of an impulse thing. Having the bag sticking out like that just did a little extra to convey motion, to my mind, like the kid is really buzzing along (and there are some zombies off camera, to whom people "taste like chicken"). The poster in the gutter is a bogus "safety poster" on tips for what to do in case of zombie attack (though once reduced to that size, it's all quite illegible).
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