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Found 9 results

  1. I wanted to announce that we have just launched a new Kickstarter, Mayan Number Dice: The Return. Mayan Number Dice was the very first product that Paymaster Games ever made, but we were unable to make more after the first campaign. Now we have chosen to bring Mayan Number Dice back. Each set is made up of standard set of RGG Dice that will feature the historically accurate Mayan Numbers, in the place of the Old-World Numbers, and come in 5 different colors, including Mayan Blue. Please check out the new campaign and please share this with your friends and gaming groups. [url]http://kck.st/3DjwXjY[/url] Here are the new Dice -
  2. Even though the Isle of Dread game I had been running died a premature death this summer, it's never too early to paint minis for its return, right? The group: Jaatu, a Reaper Miniatures piece I've had in progress since release in 2003, apparetnly. It's good to finally wrap up a mini after 13 years... A Tribal Champion (possibly from Chronopia, I got him with a broken weapon from a trade) And a group of Menehune, from Paymaster Games "Going Native" series: I tried to give the Menehune some traditional tattoos, then kind of gave up. I'm definitely getting a Micron marker before I try to do any tattoowork again.
  3. This bruiser took about two weeks to get juuuuust right, but I think the time spent was worth it. Normally with big scaly things I can get away with drybrushing and washing until the skin looks the way I want, but for Cipactli I needed to do some final direct highlights on the scales of his back and belly. I should have added another model for scale; this guy's enormous. That's a 105mm x 70mm oval base he's spilling off of (and the base is part of the original model, sculpted to look like water).
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2139148164/slime-skirmish?ref=ksr_email_user_new_friend_project Story STORY OF SLIME SKIRMISH In the distant future, all other people are gone and the world in which they lived is in abject ruin. The empty world crumbles like a coffee cake under the wait of the passage of time allowing the forces of nature to erase most signs that the world has ever been populated. Although the world is suffering from severe neglect, there are two main relics that remain. The last two people, the Engineer and the Baker, created rather bizarre attempts to not allow the footprint of the world that was to vanish to the winds of time. The Baker in a vein attempt to make one last great creation that would make her final years worth while. The Engineer was already working on his final achievement, a network of pipes and pumps, came across a couple of deposits of a very fine crystal. Not knowing what it was, he gathered it up in to several sacks and brought them to the Baker. The Baker also had no idea what the crystals were, but their time was short and she chose to use them as an ingredient since they had similar properties to rock candy. After some time, the Baker finished her confection and set it in a cone to create gumdrops. Sheer moments after setting the gumdrops to dry and harden, the sticky droplets started to move and make noise on their own. This understandably startled the old Baker. Excitedly Baker called the Engineer to see what she had done. In amazement the last two people watch these strange things move around in their strange way and gibber like small children. This delighted the old Baker as this was her last great achievement. She asked her old friend to take care of them and fell asleep to never wake again. The Engineer wanted to honor the Baker's last wish, but how. He plays around with the cone and discovers the gumdrops, or slimes as he started calling them, only come to life when they pass though the nozzle of the cone, turns to the confection batter when squished, and come to life after passing through the nozzle again. He also noticed that the slimes loved to eat sugary baked goods. The Engineer quickly set about to take care of the slimes. He reworks his network of pipes and pumps to allow the slime's goo to move to different tanks. The tanks have nozzles and once the slime's goo made it to the tank it would get pushed though and brought back to life. The Engineer then reactivate some automated bakeries that he had made for the Baker years ago to allow her to rest. The bakeries are rather old and do not work properly and would randomly produce cakes or pies. The Engineer moved the slimes into the bakeries so they have a solid food supply. The Engineer leaves to rest to never return. When the bakeries produced their first baked goods, one produced a cake and the other produce a pie. The slimes in the bakeries did not like the baked goods that was produced, and leave there bakery and look out across the field and see another bakery. Both sides know what must be done - THE GAME OF SLIME SKIRMISH The game of Slime Skirmish is a capture the flag skirmish game that is played with two different teams of six slimes, that can be played by gamers that have just started in the table top gaming hobby to very skilled players looking for a fun challenging gaming experience. The rules for Slime Skirmish start off with a very simple rule set that can be expanded based on the skill level of the player's and ability, The First level - first level explains the basics. How a slime moves and fights on the board. How to set up the board, how to capture the flag (the Cake or Pie, in this case) and how the Squish Tanks (Graveyards) work. The Second Level - The Second Level open up strengths and weakness. These will allow a lot of different tactical choices that a player can use to build his slime team. The Third Level - This level allows for the maxim ability for the player to build their slime team. While building on the first two levels, this level allows the player to pick out of the 36 slimes. Each slime will have it's own moves that can work as an attack, buffs that help friendly slimes, and/or debuffs that work against the enemy slimes. Some slimes will have a passive ability that has some minor effect on the game. THE MODELS OF SLIME SKIRMISH The models of Slime Skirmish have be deliberately designed to be easy assemble and very easy to paint. The slimes are 28mm scale and hand sculpted. Due to limited funds due to Covid-19, all of the models are planned to be cast in white metal. This may change based on how well this campaign does, but as of right now metal is the most cost effective casting medium at the moment. All of the 36 slimes and the 2 flag markers (one cake and one pie) are sculpted and ready to be cast. All of the slimes are divided in to teams of 6 slimes. All of the Starter Slime Sets will include the Pie and Cake markers. Here are the different slime sets -
  5. The balance of my Thanksgiving weekend paint binge: two Llamas from Paymaster Games and a Reaper Bones Donkey. These also averaged out to less than an hour per figure, so I’m pleased with the results. I do need to clean up their base edges. The llamas’ packs are currently removable, but I don’t know if I’ll leave them that way. Taking them on and off is fun, but it rubs the paint...
  6. The New Offering from Paymaster Games and their Going Native line. Going Native: From out of the Mists is a model centered campaign that will cover different heroes, warriors, monsters and gods of the New World. Here is the link to the KS Page -
  7. <<<MOD>>> Edited to add link to the kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2139148164/going-native-new-world-monsters Going Native: New World Monsters - New Kickstarter Campaign that will launch 2/1/15 and will last until 3/8/15 Monster size chart https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/107285147/Spirit%20Beast%20Designs/Spirit%20Beast%20Scale%20Chart.pdf Throughout the folklore of the native peoples around the world, there is always something that roams beyond what is known and safe. Be it a shadow in the mists, a form in the tree line or a shape in the night the mind creates monsters and creatures to explain them. These explanations lead to stories, stories lead to songs and songs become legends. These monsters of legend take on the shape of the fears of the people that tell the stories. The Greco-Romans tell stories of misshaped cannibalistic demigods, the people of northern Europe have sagas of giants that live in the ice and dwarfs that live in the mountains and in the Far East there are tails of club wielding demons and dragons that swim through the air like a fish moves through water. The native cultures of the Americas and the islands of the Pacific also have these monsters that have been formed by fear, but with few gods, creatures of hope and courage took shape to bring balance to the world. In the realms of games and models, the monsters and spirits of Europe, Egypt, and the growing popularity of Asian Culture has led to these subjects being well covered by several model companies. Paymaster Games is addressing the lack of Native American and Polynesian models on the market place with our Going Native line of models and games, this includes the spirits and monsters of their myths and legends. About the Project The Spirit Beasts for the Going Native line of models are gaming miniatures set in the 28mm scale. These models will be cast in either white metal and/or high quality resin (depending on the model) by the brilliant casters at Valiant Enterprises Limited. All of the models will be supplied with a new style plastic base that will be appropriate for the size of the model – 30mm base for small models, 40mm base for medium models and 50mm base for the largest models. 25% Discount off Retail Price Since many of the models featured in this Kickstarter Campaign already have pre-production models (Greens) and/ or molds, Paymaster Games can offer a fair discount to all of the products we are bringing to this campaign. Free limited edition Ai Apaec the Decapitator model At certain pledge levels, Paymaster Games is offering the mad god of the Moche people, Ai Apaec the Decapitator, as a free Kickstarter Exclusive model to certain pledge levels. Ai Apaec is a large sized model and is currently being sculpted by the talented Leandro Ventic. Since the pledge levels with the free Ai Apaec will be limited, we will offer the Decapitator as an add-on once the campaign reaches $8,000. The Models The following models will be offered as part of this Kickstarter Campaign. The prices are listed next to the model or kit. Small Models – Deer Woman - $5 Nagual - $5 Monster Hunter - $5 Medium Models – Ahuizotl Otter - $10 Mo’o, Guardian Gecko - $10 Malku Condor Spirit - $15 Capelobo - $10 Large Models – Uktena the Great Horned Serpent - $25 Ahklut the Orca Wolf - $20 Sasquatch - $20 Piasa Bird - $35 Since there are a number of monsters in this campaign, I think it would be more than fair to offer a Dungeon crawl team made up on some of the models in the Going Native line. All of these models together would normally retail for $38, for this Campaign this Dungeon Crawl team will cost $30. Here is your team. – Tank – Tlacateccatl, Aztec War chief – Paladin DPS – Nagual – Spell Caster DPS – Monster Hunter – Hunter/ranger A yet to be announced hunter pet. DPS – Nacom, Mayan War chief - Warrior Heal – Kallawaya Doctor – Priest
  8. I found myself lacking native islander types for my ongoing Isle of Dread game, so I had to improvise a bit. I tried to pull together a bunch of pieces that could work for encounters with the locals. Grundor was the one I had already tried to give a different spin to, with an African theme and a lionskin cloak. I figured I had enough Nordic Viking/Berserker types and could use him for something else, having gotten him with the second Kickstarter. The rest were pulled from varying bins. First, the Reaper minis:
  9. Hello guys, I have a question that needs to be fleshed out a bit. My fantastic wife is putting together a skirmish style model based board game, that she would like to put up on Kickstarter. This game is intended for begining model gamers and kids (which we more then a few). This game is intended to intoduce people to easy to play mechanic that get harder as the player becomes more skilled. The models are intended to be easy to paint and base, so that new gamers and kids can learn the skills needed to presue the gamer hobby. I want to help her with this project, i have allot of contacts in the industry (artist, sculpters, casters and others) that will make this project easy to put out. But here is the problem it is looking that this project around the same time I am going to set up my own all model Going Native Kickstarter. I was wondering how you guys would feel if I were to help my wife with her project and still did my own KS Campaign? Oh here is her concept - It is capture the flag kind of game, where small candy shaped "slimes" steal a cake or pie from the other team and return it to their starting zone. We are planning spawn points that allow dead slimes to return to the game (like video games). Here is some concept art for the project
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