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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there! I've started a diorama project, and I thought it would be good to post my progress here. This is my first diorama attempt- I have just been trying All The Things to see which ones I like best!- and so far, so good, I suppose. I'm one of those folks who learn best by doing, so here goes. I'll be using Reaper's 03172 Hippocampus and Pegaso's Nymert, along with some Morland Studios Sea Accessories. I've built the base from scratch using Excalibur casting stone poured into a laser-cut plywood disk, along with lava rock, bark chips, and some hydrostone...so far. I'm going to need to add some Milliput along the edges to finish the angle, and do a bit more work with the Dremel before priming. I was having a hard time envisoning how the figures would interact, despite sketches, so I decided to go ahead and start attaching the one element I'm certain of: the hippocampus. After cleaning him up a little and using the Dremel to modify his base somewhat, I glued it in. I tried to twist him a little, to give some spiraling motion that would match the nymert, but this is one tough seahorse. I am going to do a little torquing when I pin to the tail, but that's it. The nymert was a little tougher; she'll have to be pinned to a coral tower in the back, so I had to add an extra pin. I did it before cleanup, and I am crossing my fingers that I can get it to look natural in the end. As I was deciding on the final placement of the nymert figure, I realized that I hadn't thought enough about the most important element of the dio: the story. No matter how I placed her, she looked like she was attacking the hippocampus! Not what I want! So I need to add a third figure, some sort of baddy for the two of them to be fighting. But there's very little room in this design for any additions. Soooo..... Tentacles. This is a Fimo armature for what I hope will be a few evil-looking tentacles trying to trap the two figures. I sculpted it onto regular armature wire, attached it with CA glue and 2-part epoxy, and carved back into it to whittle it down a bit. I will use green stuff to sculpt the final tentacles, maybe more wire if necessary. (Also, if you look closely, you can see the hole I drilled into the lava rock 'coral' for the nymert's pin. More of the lava rock drilled out than I wanted- it basically disintegrated- so I'll need something fairly sturdy to fill it when I'm ready for final assembly. Maybe Durham's. Or more 2-part epoxy or JB Weld.) And that's it! That's how far I've come. Next week I'm going to mount the hippocampus and the nymert, I think, even though painting will get trickier; I can't really finish the tentacles until I do. Fingers crossed....
  2. This is a project I started back in 2013 but I've taken several long breaks while working on it. This past weekend I decided to pick it back up and see if I could finally finish it. The figure is a 54mm mounted knight from Pegaso. It's a great sculpt, one of my favorites, so I really want to finish it. I'm sticking with a mostly historical paint scheme, so the knight is dressed in white. To contrast with that I wanted to do a black horse. A nice idea, but a difficult color to work with. The horse has been the biggest hurdle as black is not a color I feel overly confident working with. I've gotten a bit more experience on some recent projects so I decided to give it another go. The black is still a work in progress. I've got a few more sections to do, then I'll fix some minor issues. After that it'll be some glazes to help the blends and tie everything together before redoing some of the highlights. Painting black is a whole process. The knight is mostly finished, just a few details and the shield which I'll attach to his left shoulder. The cape is a lot of white space, so I'm doing a border around it. I've done the bottom and will continue the pattern up the side too. He'll be holding a banner. I've completed one side and will do the other the same way. Again, it's a lot of white space so to liven it up I did a subtle background pattern. Now that I've got the approach to the horse figured out, I think the rest of the project should be relatively smooth. So hopefully I'll be able to wrap up this project in a couple weeks. Fingers crossed!
  3. I'm in the early stages of what promises to be a very long project. This is a rather large 90mm scale samurai archer from Pegaso Models. I've been wanting to do a samurai for a while, the colors and patterns make for some really neat figures. I'm planning for this to be a competition piece, so I'm intending to go all out on the design work. There are a lot of layered pieces for this figure, so he's going to be painted and assembled in a number of stages. I began with the face. As a larger scale figure, there's a lot more room to do detail and it's well worth spending the extra time. I probably put in 10-12 hours in to just the face so far. I had to switch up my skin mix a bit, I began with Reaper's Volcano Brown with a touch of Olive Skin Shadow and Burgundy Wine for the shadows, then into Olive Skin Shadow, Olive Skin, Olive Skin Highlight, and finally a bit of Linen White. On top of that I did some glazes with red, purple, and blue to add more color variation and life to the face. Then I did a bit of the cloth. The orange is Burgundy Wine, Bronzed Skin Shadow, Burnt Orange, and Linen White. I haven't done much orange in the past, but I'm happy with that mix. I will be going back over that part of the figure to add some pattern/design... but I haven't decided what I want to do yet. All I know is that the orange will be the background color. And, if you're curious, here's a close up of the other side of the face. As i said, this should be a long project. I'm hopeful I can get it done by the end of the year... but we'll see. I really want to bring it to Adepticon next year. There should be enough time for that if I don't get too side tracked along the way.
  4. Quite large, painted this for my Dad's birthday. He loves to collect hand painted knights, soldiers and such. So I think he will really like it. I could do more with the base, but the birthday is today and no time left. It took me about a month to paint and put together. I kind of like it the way it is, maybe it showcases the rock and the figure better if it is not so busy with other stuff. The Shield was the hardest part. I am not so great at freehand and then deciding to muck it up with blood and dirt was a really tough decision. I read in quite a few places that the Pegasus was a popular figure found in Roman art (seen in pottery, mosaics and such.) Hopefully I am not too far off the mark historically, but my dad is more into the overall look than historical accuracy. 3inches 1/24 scale - hope you enjoy
  5. Here's something a bit different, a 75mm Napoleonic figure from the campaigns in Egypt. I've been wanting to do some more large scale projects because I think they make really nice display pieces. And figures from the Napoleonic era are a great topic because they've got such detailed and colorful uniforms. I made a good deal of progress this past weekend. I'm pretty happy with the colors, so here are my mixes. I'm listing just the main colors but there were many intermediate mixes between each paint listed to get smooth blends. The skin was Mahogany Brown + Rosy Shadow (3 to 1), Chestnut Brown + Rosy Shadow (3 to 1), Rosy Shadow, Fair Skin, Fair Highlight. Following that I applied some red, blue, and purple glazes for a bit more color. Red to the cheeks, nose tip, and ears. Blue on the jaw to create the stubble. And purple in the deeper shadows of the cheeks and around the eyes. The green on the coat was a dark green mixed with Burgundy Wine to darken it even more and provide more depth to the shadows. Gradually reducing the Burgundy Wine, at about 2 parts dark green to 1 part Burgundy Wine I started to mix in Rainy Grey. This allowed me to create some desaturated highlights so I could retain that dark green look even with bright highlights. A medium or light green on the other hand would have turned the coat into a lighter shade of green. The red again started off with Burgundy Wine, then into Violet Red, Fire Red, and finally just a bit of Fair Skin mixed into the Fire Red for some extra highlights. The remaining details on the coat are a gold lace, though I'm still decided what my mixes will be for that.
  6. I started on a new project the other day, this 54mm ACW Confederate Lieutenant from Pegaso Models. It's not my normal area of interest, but my dad is a big civil war buff so I occasionally paint a figure for him. He was visiting this past week and brought me this kit. He'd picked it up at a toy soldier show for $5 and I offered to paint it. He's holding an old tattered flag in his left hand, so that should be a fun freehand project. I started out with the face and put down a base coat for most of his uniform. Then I painted a simple pattern on his shirt. This isn't as difficult as it looks. Just lightly sketch in a grid pattern doing your best to keep the spacing consistent between the lines and the lines perpendicular to each other. It can be trickier when there are a lot of folds but just do your best to make it look right. Then I alternate between the darker and lighter colors filling in the boxes. On the first pass I'll do all the dark ones, but just a rough fill. Then the light. Then I'll go back over and sharpen up the edges and corners. I'll make some small mistakes but I just go back with the other color and correct them. Keep going back and forth until you're happy with how it all looks. After that I took a first stab at shading the grey coat. It's a bit rough in places so I'll be going back over it to adjust some of the blends and shadows. Here's a closer look at his face. I used the same basic process as I did with the Saxon. You can look here if you want to see a SBS http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/57330-54mm-saxon-raider/
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