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Found 6 results

  1. "Always two there are, a project and another project" (Master Yoda, sort of...) I've experienced, that it helps productivity to work on two or three projects at once. When you run into a wall with one project, you can just switch. At the moment, my projects are slowly finishing a few minis I began during RVE classes and my fairy challenge. The little fairy is currently on hold, though, because of needs for supplies. So I need another project. I've decided to face the end boss: Barros. And Tempest. You see, they fight as a tag team. My miniature painting journey began a long time ago when I got the old LTPK1 for my birthday. Also, I got Barros and Tempest, making them my oldest yet unpainted mini at the moment. There was a first attempt a few years ago when I painted the Pegasus in ghost white. Didn't like it for whatever reason. Repainted him pure white. And that's as far as I got. I've never painted a mini this big and I'm still not sure what to do with this ugly flight stand (although I already had some good inputs from you guys here in this forum). I'll aim for slightly above get-it-off-my-desk-quality, with a lot of white, gold and blue. This sculpt just screams "lawful stupid, and he got away with it, too". Will this be fun? I don't know. But it needs to be done! We're starting from here:
  2. Hi again all you Reaper cats and kittens! here's the other miniature I just finished a bit ago, another flying unicorn piloted by a fairy with an attitude. This is one of the miniatures that Tom Meier back in the day sculpted for his daughter, who had the actual concept for the miniature and then later sold them under his Thunderbolt Mountain label. Well, years after Thunderbolt Mountain has closed down, it's been resurrected at the Ral Partha Legacy site, where the fine folk there continue to make some high quality classic miniatures as well as some new sculpts as well. Seems a good moment to mention that they had a Kickstarter that is ending on July 14th with some groovy swell stuff, so might be worth checking out. In the meantime, back to our regularly scheduled program and the flying unicorn: Kind of awkward to photograph, and the pilot/driver/rider isn't in the greatest of focus, but hopefully you all get the idea. I'd done this miniature before, but was asked to do another one for a trio, so here she is. Anyways, hope you all enjoy, and don't forget to check out Ral Partha Legacy's Kickstarter!
  3. Lately I try to tackle some of the minis that have accumulated on my shelf of shame. Every mini on this shelf has presented me with some kind of issue that kept me from finishing it. Some minis have been sitting there since I began painting years ago. This year I have decided that I must finally face the "problem minis" instead of ignoring them any longer. Meet Tempest. Or Barros, I don't know. But Tempest seems the better fit for the Pegasus. So Tempest it is. Tempest has been sitting on my shelf of shame forever, he is, in fact, one of the first minis I ever got and prepped up for painting. One of the reasons for me not painting him is that I have absolutely no clue what to do with the base. I could just paint it up in metal colour (well, see, it's a base, after all). That looks a bit incomplete. I could paint it light blue (to make it look like "air"). But maybe that will look kind of weird. He is quite heavy, so he will need the weight of the metallic base. Those transparent plastic bases are not an option. I found a very impressive version online of Tempest flying over a miniature rural scenery, but after all this time, i prefer him leave my shelf of shame rather quickly. So I don't want to sculpt an elaborate base for him. Has anyone encountered this kind of base? What did you do with it? Or what would you do with it? I am happy for any suggestions!
  4. I'll need a Pegasus soon for one of the PCs in the D&D 5e campaign I run for my son and his high school friends. The metal Reaper one is lovely, but IMO, too fragile for use with a bunch of rambunctious teens. I was looking around for some options when I saw the Bones Sphinx, and figured her wings would "bolt" onto Silverhorn the Unicorn fairly easily. So here is my attempt to create my own Bones Pegasus, since I can't wait for Bones 5 to deliver me one: I cut off Silverhorn's horn (and set it aside for later), and drilled two holes in the shoulders. I took the Sphinx's wings, and cut off the tabs, then shaped them best I could to fit the shoulder profiles of Silverhorn, before drilling a hole to pin them with. Next up is glue and green stuff. I have a feeling he's going to droop over time. Not sure if I'm going to attempt to pin his back legs(s), but at a minimum, I'll probably glue him to a 50mm base to keep him upright, even if he droops.
  5. I painted this one up as a Nightmare from Magic the Gathering.. Well..somewhat. Part of my Undead collection, substitute for a Fell Bat. These are older pics, don't show the shadows that well...
  6. and now that my challenge minis are done for the month, time to work on some of my more impressive and special pieces. Meet Raoul. Raoul is the celestial "companion" of a Paladin in my Rise of the Runelords campaign who needs a little help staying on the path now and then. Everyone thought Raoul was just a different colored Pegasus (its a winged horse that flies and your complaint with reality is the color???) until he spoke up and had issues with this description. Needless to say he has since pulled the Paladin out of some tight spots (quite literally by the scruff with his teeth), rode him mercilessly on his various faults, and done a few things that make the party go "huh?" but he probably has most favored party member locked up from most of the group. As for painting him, I wanted to do some serious experimentation with wings and different horse colors, without touching the "pony" color schemes. He is painted up as a Blood Bay for the horse color scheme and his wings are based on a variety of barn owl. personally, I think hes Gorgeous! I still need to work on the body highlights to get that almost white shine off of the flank, but after 4 days of messing with it, I decided to leave it alone where it is and try again on another mini. I would also like to smooth out the feathers some but I am not sure that can be done with this type of wing. That is not to detract that I think he came out amazingly well. from the eyes to the wingtips to the feet, this has been one of my favorites to date. Hope you like him too!
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