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Found 4 results

  1. Someone say painting weekend? Got another one in, but sadly it's not one of the Reapers. I purchased a cool, little Hobbit a few weeks back and the printer sent me this one that was a bad mold, but I ended up making something out of it. What looks wrong with it you ask? Well, for one, the details got a little sloppy. The barrel he's on got halved in printing, his face looks like he's a stroke survivor - his left side of his face is sloped big time. I tried correcting it in the painting, but it's pretty noticiable. There's some big gaps between the hobbit and the barrel. Oh well - it made for a good color study. I stuck to Orange Brown, Chocolate Brown, Light Sand, Yellow, GW Nuln Oil, GW Agrax Earthshade, Stone Grey, Fair Skin, Fair Shadow, Flat Brown. If it's not clear already - the goal was browns. BATTLE REPORT! Wins: * I think the shirt in that orange/cream cuffs came out pretty decent. Went over it with a wash and brought more depth to the lines with brown diluted. Win. * Face was a mess, but considering how sloped it was, I think it wasn't too bad. * Mug foam isn't terrible. Isn't great, but first time doing foam. * Barrel colors look dark and separated from the other tones. Misses: * Eyes on this one were such a pain! Big miss. * Lips look like he's about dead with how much he's drunk. I couldn't go in to give them a more natural color after a few tries I just gave in because the paint was layering up and was going to distort the look further. * Mug wasn't my favorite. I got into it a bit, but lost the momentum to finish the rings around the mug. It also hit me after I was cleaning up that this was a tankard with a top with foam flowing out, not just a foam overflow. May need to go back to fix that. Boo. * Hair was better than I have done on some of the others. I made it with a 3 color setup, but it still looks...washed out. At least it has depth and better than before, but still hate doing hair. Without further excuses - here's Pippin sippin' and slippin with his foamy mug drippin. Always good for feedback if you've got any to give.
  2. Awesome news! I recently had an idea that using miniatures and terrain pieces in the classroom setting would be way more effective than the simple PowerPoint projections of maps that I've used multiple times (I teach world history). However, to make it more useful, I decided that having everything magnetically-based would be better as it can be a vertical or horizontal learning tool. Well, my district (Colorado Springs district 11) recently sent around a notification that they had grant money available, so I pitched my idea as "Tactile Tactics." This morning, I was informed that they've accepted my grant request! I'll be using cookie sheets with maps magnetically held in place and minis with magnets in their bases. I'll be able to have my kiddos place the Axis and Allied forces in the correct countries. We'll be able to see in 3D what the phalanx formation looks like. We'll be able to see how the mountains of Greece made each polis unique. It's going to be AWESOME! As I continue working on pieces for it, I'll be posting images here. I've already ordered the Persian infantrymen from Wargames Factory on the bay! I'm also thinking I may have some of my more artistically-inclined students join in on helping to paint some of the pieces for it. If anyone's already got some experience with minis and magnets or how to effectively use minis in a vertical format, feel free to share your wisdom :=)
  3. The hobbits from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings line. Frodo Merry (I think)
  4. I've had these figures for about 20 years now. They're an old relic from before when I stopped painting some 18 years ago. The figures are supposed to represent some of the Hobbits and Gollum from Lord of the Rings, but I can't remember which. The only one I'm sure of is Gollum. The others I think are Frodo, Pippin and Sam. Frodo (?) Pippin (?) Sam (?) Gollum Group shot!
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