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Found 8 results

  1. I've seen a number of posts painting these two up as Spy vs. Spy, because that's a great idea! I didn't want to copy it, but a friend of mine is a fan of these little round plushies, and lo and behold if they don't have a couple in the perfect theme. So, here is the Plague Doctor. I added the hat; it was originally some kind of plastic nubbin, from what I can't remember. Couple more angles. I tried to get some OSL in green and yellow. And the delightful Nurse B! Really leaned into the pale pinks on this one. A couple of other angles. Being sworn enemies of the pestilence and filth, they seek out vectors of corruption to destroy. Like this awful Thing. Surely another abject creature of HIS MAJESTY THE WORM. I want to say it's one of the Night Terrors from CP, but can't find it on their site again. A foul thing, wobbling and chuckling to itself as drivel pours from its mouth. The sculptor must have paid attention to polychaete worms. What a grotesque lump!
  2. I spent a long time experimenting with different color schemes on this guy. I'm pleased with the end result (they may not be super-useful, but plague Doctor minis are always welcome in my collection)
  3. Love me a good Bobby Jackson sculpt and here's two that I finally got around to painting. Darkest Dungeon was the inspiration, and I don't have too many models painted up in green so they were a nice learning experience. I even tried mixing in some green into the NMM which I've never done before and I was ecstatic with how it turned out!
  4. 3D printed on my Elegoo Mars. Design Plague Doctor: Great Grimoire. Design Base: CastNPlay Part of my Children of the Night Project. WIP here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/79298-children-of-the-night-by-glitterwolf/page/23/#comments ***************************** Sometimes at night one can see a dark figure roaming the streets, rumors say that he's been spotted at the cemetary a lot. Others mention they saw him right after a battle, wandering the battlefield searching for something. Nobody knows exactly who he is and what he does, but the sight of his dreadful mask and the fact that he carries a raven around makes people keep their distance from him. Some say he's a good man, helping the Witchhunters, others suspect him to be in league with the Undead, and then there are those who say that he's been collecting body parts for experiments. Dr. Corvus cares not for all of this gossip, it's night, it's time to go out again, only he knows what he's searching for and why. **************************************
  5. Urban Adventurer in 2020 Cell phone, TP roll, and 2 bottles of hand sanitizer. way more useful than his original equipment mask, gloves and goggles still useful though. EDIT :some kind of sizing issue .. will try to correct
  6. Hi all, does anyone know where I could find a painting guide (PDF, video, anything really) to help me out with the Brother Lazarus Plague Doctor mini from the Dungeon Dwellers? Thanks in advance!
  7. Forgot to post this fellow earlier! The Pathfinder line Plague Doctor, a pretty direct riff on Doctor Schnabel von Köln. Skinny and unheimlich, with a vial of GLOWING FLUID. Is it a cure? Plague tincture? Reanimation serum? Acid? Phosphorus? Depends on the game. Orrrr...maybe the luminous tonic is a Hyde Formula? (Guest appearance by Clay Golem as Mister Hyde.) You know who benefits from the chaos of a pestilential epidemic? No, besides Father Nurgle? Thieves! Thieves with robust constitutions and/or amulets of health. Here's my take on Daschelle, 44009, the September mini inspired by Kurff the Swift.
  8. Am nearly done with a favourite mini of mine, the female plague doctor from Dungeon Dwellers. Part of the Bones 5 kickstarter in plastic but available now in metal. Base coat was Army Painter brush on primer with an umber wash. That left a great grey brown canvas to build up with thin paints from Scale 75. I need more highlighting on the hands (she is wearing Gloves of Heat Water and Soap Resistance + 1and they need to look more orange) and some attention to the metal areas and potion bottles.
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