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  1. Hello All, Here are photos of a Wizkids D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures "Barlgura" aka "Bar-Lgura" minor demon miniature I completed a few weeks ago. I believe this monster was first introduced in the AD&D Monster Manual II. Photo Heavy Thank you for looking.
  2. Hello All, Here are photos of a 30155 "Sir James the Blue" I completed last week. To me he looks like he is trying to play baseball. Getting ready to swing away at the fast one coming his way. Photo Heavy, Thank you for looking.
  3. Hello All, Here are photos of a 20326 Bones Black "Stitch Thimbletoe, Halfling Thief" I completed a few days ago. Photo heavy. Thank you for looking.
  4. Hello All, Here are photos of a 30154 Bones USA "Sir Richard the White" I completed a few days ago. Photo heavy, Thank you for looking.
  5. After finishing the Tribes of the Vale from Battle of Westeros I decided to find a small project before I jump into my next big one. Coming across the Reaper dice figures again I thought it was time I finally finished the set. Awhile ago I painted up the D20 but quickly realized I wasn't skilled enough to give it a proper paint job. So the rest went into deep storage and were nearly forgotten about. Now that I have a few more years of painting experience under my belt and I'm in need of a smaller project I think its time to finish this old one. Funny as it may be I decided upon the paint scheme for these guys immediately and it has never changed (even though this project has been waiting for years). When I saw these figures I knew I needed to paint them up in the same colors as my first set of dice from the D&D starter set I bought in my youth. Finding the appropriate colors wasn't too bad either. With a plan in place I got to work. Starting off I base coated every die in their chosen color. This helped me get back into the swing of painting after a bit of a break and even gave me something to do while some of the lighter colors dried between coats. Once they were all base coated I started focusing on the D12. I didn't plan to do more than basecoats on the rest of the model but I really got into the groove. I really need to stop taking these long breaks it really messes with my perception of how long a project will take. As you can see I got quite a bit further than I had planned. Though it was looking pretty good by this point I went ahead and dirtied it up which may have been a mistake. I'll be looking at this one next time and deciding if I want to go back to its more clean look. Right now I'm pretty sure I'm going to repaint this. As I waited for certain parts to dry on the D12 I also started working on some of the D10's details. Hopefully by the end of this project we'll be able to see if my painting has improved since I painted the D20 all those years ago.
  6. Hello All, Here are photos of a 77105 Dark Heaven Bones "Kagunk, Ogre Chieftain" I completed a few weeks ago. Photo Heavy. Thank you for looking.
  7. Hello All, Here are photos of a 77280 Dark Heaven Bones "Kars Karval, Undead Lich Lord" that I entered into the Reapers 26th Quarterly Painting Contest. It placed 3rd. I have photos with a black velvet background of the miniature from the submission and photos from my regular background that many of you would recognize from all of my other posts. Photo Heavy here. Thank you all for looking.
  8. Hello All, Here are photos of a Bones Black 44163 "Leucrotta". For those of you that are unfamiliar with this monster it is mythical beast of Greek and Roman legend. Also, it showed up in the original D&D Monster Manual as a Rare Chaotic Evil intelligent creature that would trick its prey by imitating the human voice. A mixture of Stag, Lion and Badger or in Greek Myth a Hyena instead of Badger. I found this one fun to try to get all of the colors to look right. The Stag and Badger mix was interesting to blend. Thank you for looking.
  9. Hello All, Here are photos of a 777114 Dark Heaven Bones "Faceless Horror" aka "Gibbering Mouther" I completed a few days ago. Thank you for looking.
  10. The second of the pair of the set from the wizkids set. Not bad scupt but I prefer reapers. Used reaper paints and Vallejo and scenic flock for basing. Welcome to the pack, gnoll number 11…lol
  11. Adding to my budding horde of Gnolls. Model is pretty decent, Reaper paints adhered well, woodland scenic grass, Vallejo earth paste, and a couple of army painter dead land tufts. 12-15 Or so)more Gnolls to go ….
  12. Hello All, Here are photos of a 30074 Bones USA "Young Mage" I completed recently. Thank you for looking.
  13. Hello All, Here are photos of a 44170 Bones Black "Circe" female Sorceress I completed yesterday. Thank you for looking.
  14. Hello All, Here are photos of a 77172 Dark Heaven Bones "Malek Blackmarrow, Necromancer" I completed last month. Thank you for looking.
  15. Hello All, Here are photos of two monsters I completed this week. A 77371 Dark Heaven Bones "Basilisk" and a Wizkids D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures "Owlbear" Thank you for looking.
  16. Hello All, Here are photos of a 77203 Dark Heaven Bones "Alastriel, Female Elf Wizard" I completed yesterday. Thank you for looking.
  17. This is my October Trio for Reaper Challenge League. Khanag the Slayer. As far as scale goes, he could be an ogre or half-giant. Mine was part of the Kickstarter. So it came in pieces. I did the base first. Stone Grey Triad, washes with Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, Biel-Tan Green. The iron shackles are Dragon Black with a few layers mixed with Ashen Blue. Then I did the inside of the cloak. Dragon Black with added Ashen Blue for layers. Then the boots. Russet Brown, added Tanned Leather, washed with Agrax Earthshade, reapplied first mix, then added more Tanned Leather for highlights. Steel NMM next. Blue liner, then Nightmare Black, then mixed Nightmare Black, Tropical Blue, Cloudy Grey. Brighter layers with added Cloudy Grey. Then started adding Dragon white. Final highlight was almost pure Dragon White with a little of the blue mix. Working on the main armor next. “Red Lacquer” with gold trim.
  18. I *think* the core set has 10 miniatures, though the pictures are a little confusing. The photo has *some* core figures and *some* SG's. Anyway, for $10, you get the digital files, and for $22 plus shipping, you get the plastics plus digital. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackstone/harlots-den
  19. Here are some minis from the Bones Kickstarter V campaign. After Christmas, I was finally able to get some paint on some minis, and have a productive month. #1003 #1013. I love the expression on this guy. It looks like he's not impressed by whatever he's hearing. #1026. I tried a different recipe for painting his red cloak. I like how it turned out.
  20. Hello All, Here are photos of a Dark Heaven Bones 77224 "Rogan, Half Orc Thief/Rogue" I completed a few days ago. His victim already gave up his coin pouch. What else does Rogan want? Thank you for looking.
  21. Hello All, Here re photos of a 07066 Bones Dungeon Dwellers "Thess Ironfaith, Female Cleric" miniature I completed a few weeks ago. Thank you for looking.
  22. Hello All, Here are photos of a Bones Black 44071 "Dark Elf Priestess - Drow Cleric" I completed early last year. Thank you for looking.
  23. Hello All, Here are photos of a 77336 Dark Heaven Bones "Stone Giant" I completed early last year. Thank you for looking.
  24. Hello All, Here is a 30089 Bones USA "Dorn Ironspike, Dwarf Warrior" I completed recently. Thank you for looking.
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