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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Reapervalians! So tonight a Stonehaven Pixie, sculpted digitally by Michael Evans from Stonehaven Miniatures. If you're into 3D printings he's been putting lots of things out on My Mini Factory. I had to lighten these pictures up just a tad because I thought they had come out too dark, so hopefully they look all right. As always, colors really hard to choose, knew I wanted natural colors, but didn't know if just greens or some pops of colors. Anyways, hope you all enjoy! She comes on her her Little Rock and without a base. Definitely going to be painting more Stonehaven in the near future! It's kind of weird, as I approach them, they kind of make me think they are going to be "hard" to paint, with lots of little details and for example the space between the body and the wings, but they really turned out quite simply. I haven't really had any problems yet with getting access to parts of Stonehaven minis, usually pretty easy and a pleasure to paint.
  2. Our last update: Getting ready to relaunch! Dear backers, We wanted to share with you that we are working hard in the future relaunch of our miniatures campaign, and we already have the link to the pre-launch page, if you click on it, Kickstarter will inform you once we launch the campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juegorama/the-adventurers-and-monsters-28mm-plastic-miniatures-edition We expect to have everything ready for the relaunch in the next weeks, although we will inform you of the exact date before that. We also wanted to thank you for your feedback and for participating in our last survey. From a total of 239 votes. 60% of our backers prefer miniatures in a 28mm scale. 20% of our backers prefer miniatures in a 32mm scale. And 20% of our backers said that they would be fine with either option. This means that there is a huge majority of our backers who prefer a 28mm scale, so we can announce that we will relaunch the campaign with 28mm figures. We are currently working in several surprises for the campaign, and we’ll soon tell you more about them! Thank you for your support, more news coming soon. Juegorama
  3. $70 for 100+ miniatures, plus a free Terrax. Some overlap with Bones KS sculpts. Company is based in Spain, and, while this is their first plastic injection molding KS, they've been producing resin miniatures in previous KS. Myself, I've backed Bones I-IV, and double-pledged for Black List Game's Fantasy I and II, so am on the fence. And have a lot of mold lines to scrape. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juegorama/the-adventurers-and-monsters-plastic-miniatures-edition If you can't get past the Reaper shrink-o-vision, see the thread on Dakka for the pic: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/0/800826.page#11218943
  4. Somebody help me out here. I seek to expand my knowledge base. Why are styrene minis so motherhonkin' expensive? It's my understanding that styrene is about as cheap as you can go, as far as cost of material. I am also told that the molds and tooling for styrene are hideously expensive, but once you HAVE them, producing the models is cheap. I would assume that this is similar for PVC models, plastic, molds, tooling, and so forth. So why is it that Bones are cheap and plentiful, but the stuff I like for Malifaux and Frostgrave costs a mint? With GW, I always assumed it was because they were padding their profit margin -- even in metal, a general figure cost what three troopers did -- and now most outfits will sell me a respectable metal mini for $8 - $12, whereas GW will sell me a Harlequin in resin for $25. True, I understand that working in resin has its ups and downs, but even their styrene Space Marines and Eldar will set you back a bit. Is EVERYONE seeking to max their profits? Or am I just old, and griping because a candy bar ain't a dime anymore, and therefore Hershey's is staffed with thieves? What's the deal?
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