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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone!!! It has been launched yesterday ☢Dilapidated Modern Ruins 🧱, my new kickstarter project based on miniature bases & deco props. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/admapocalypse/dilapidated-modern-ruins-bases-and-terrain-stls What is included in the Core Set: 1) 25 decorated miniature bases with 9 different sizes 6x25mm 6x32mm 3x40mm 2x50mm 2x65mm 80mm 2x60x35mm 2x70x25mm 120x92mm Bases have a full-cut on the underside to save resin & 3 & 5mm magnet holes!!! 2) The 2nd Hand Survivor Gear Shop 20+ terrain props including: Alabard Gun Shotgun Doublepistol Machete Brass-knuckles Granade Bomb 2x Military Helmet Gasmask Military Crate --> solid & hollowed Modular Military Crate--> 2 parts (bottom & top) 3x crate inserts Toolbox First Aid kit Rucksack Bedroll Post-apocalyptic Food A wood pallet Rubble-fence--> solid & hollowed In addition, 150+ stl between bases & props as add-ons!!! All the models are pre-supported!!! Don't forget to download the Freebie model on the main project page!!! Thank you in advance for the interested and support Cheers The Admiral
  2. Here's a pair of robots I built to use for this is not a test. They are a mix of privateer press cyriss bodies, assorted gw, Mantic, reaper, and historical bits, and some wire. Was trying to play up the corrosion and damage in the paint.
  3. The Cursêd Earth cries out in bitter torment. Little grows in the poisoned soil. The rain is a caustic joke. Roving gangs of marauders and mercenaries squabble and kill for the pettiest of gains. ...But that doesn't mean that people in this bleak hellscape can't accessorize! These are the Lady and Gentleman from Crooked Dice's apocalypse line. I painted them up in schemes evoking Peter Perfect and Penelope Pitstop, from "Wacky Races." I love the rag-wrapped viola on Peter's back--a fragile souvenir from the Before-Times. The dumpster is Reaper's, 49036. It is a magnificent piece of municipal infrastructure. The lids open and the hatches slide. The shipping containers are 80036. I love doing rust effects! Should probably try my hand at graffiti sometime. Not like the apocalypse would have changed the fundamental nature of unruly teens.
  4. More denizens of the post-nuclear hellscape, though they could also work well as SPACEFUTURE COMMUNISTS OF MARS ("Keep the Red Planet Red!"). Wasteland Maelee and Ivan the Mutant occupy opposite ends of the Nuclear Glow-Up spectrum. First, Ivan. Painted him ages ago, mostly in washes. This is another of that 3-pack of mutants from Pinnacle's "Hell on Earth" line. He has a bad case of Gnarly Arm, and those veins look like they might be infected. On the other (giant, mutated) hand, everyone likes a guy who can bicep-curl a tractor. Bombshell's own Wasteland Maelee, by contrast, is looking fine. Mechanic and fix-it gal of her settlement, her skills are always in demand. That colossal wrench is good for braining radioactive monsters, too, and she has the arms to swing it. She's one of my most recently-finished minis and I have to say I am not displeased! Used some flesh-tone wash to give her a set of sick abs, and used 'Ardcoat for bright eyes and lip gloss. I could do a close-up of that face without shame. The thing under her eye is supposed to be a band-aid, I think.
  5. Promised more Wastelanders a while ago, and here they are! On one of my Space Apes post, someone mentioned damn dirty apes getting their stinking paws off of a body. 50297, Hans, Post-Apocalyptic Survivor, seems like the sort of brick-jawed two-fisted hero who would make such a demand of a dirty ape. Look at them abs! Shirts that button are for the decadent pre-apocalyptic world! Yesterday was Rutger Hauer's birthday, so this guy seems appropriate. 50283, Evie, Post-Apocalyptic Heroine, was a casualty of sudden breezes during priming. Painted a long while back, when I didn't even want to think about painting eyes. I should really Simple-Green her and start again, but since I'm both lazy and impatient we'll just say it's *very gritty and dusty* in the post-nuclear hellscape. The bandage could have come out worse.
  6. My FLGS is pushing WH40K Kill Team and has a lot of stuff for budgets a lot bigger than mine. But I did find this nice five-pack of Chaos Cultists in tatters and rags and gas masks for cheap! I'd be irresponsible NOT to get it, especially for spacefuturey Failed Colonies or postapocalyptic nuclear hellscapes! I've been working on them on and off for a few weeks; lots of washes, lots of repainting where the paint rubbed off. (For some reason the Imperial Primer did not want to hold paint to these GW guys.) Check out these bad bros and their wretched scavenged gear! Here's the raider with the most complete outfit. Sweet gas mask, nice coat. I got a crappy stiff brush and flicked some thinned Agrellan Earth all over him (and over all these culty boys for that matter.) You won't keep anything clean in the Wastelands. This dude has cobbled together a bit of a Plague Doctor look by sewing together bits of weird masks. What's that glowing fluid going into the mask from that canister? I don't know, but these cultists sure do love that stuff! I tried to make it look like the tubes and such are actually luminous by drybrushing the areas around them, but it's hard to see in this light. Here's a burly fellow with some ritual scarification on his shoulder. He sure does love his glow-juice. The matching spats and trousers on him and his buddies indicate they were once part of a unit that went loopy. We can see part of this guy's snarling face and grimy hair, so based on what the TV teaches us, he must be the leader. He's got a makeshift spiked flail tied together with cable. I decided on blue for the cables after the fashion of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Our man here looks like he smells even worse than you're thinking. And here we have a cultist with the latest in wasteland weapons technology: a bat with some horrible spikes and barbed wire. I tried to make the spikes and wire look rusty, but bloody works too. The green glow on this one didn't turn out too badly. What a horrible crew! Keep them far away from your settlement!
  7. At Necronomicon 2017 (October 20-22, in Tampa, Florida), I ran three Fallout-themed games using the Savage Worlds RPG. For miniatures, I used several conversions of Reaper and HeroClix figures. For terrain, I used Secret Weapon Miniatures "Tablescapes" tiles, O-scale Bachmann Plasticville buildings, some McDonald's Happy Meal Pixar "Cars" toys, some laser-cut MDF pieces from Warsenal, and an assortment of other "scatter" items. Scenario #1 was dubbed "All You Can Eat." The "centerpiece" was the "Wok-a-Doodle" restaurant, created by taking an incomplete Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles play set I picked up at the thrift store, disassembling it further, and then combining it with some putty, cardboard, paper elements, the facade of an O-scale building, and some "Mars Attacks" scatter terrain pieces to make a street scene piece. It doesn't make much SENSE in several respects: the Wok-a-Doodle front statues impede the right-of-way on the sidewalk, the buildings are too crowded together, and the sidewalk is too narrow to walk on, on the side-streets ... but as a bit of shorthand for "there are ruined old-timey buildings here," and as something I could fairly easily transport without fear of parts breaking off in transit, it worked splendidly. (Closeup on the "entrance": The "Wayside Village" sign is just a bit of Photoshoppery with some textures and some retro typefaces. I hunted around for images of shopping centers, and was inspired by an image of the sign for the Lakeside Village "Complete Shopping Center" in Elyria, OH. I obviously didn't go for an authentic recreation, but just enough for a quick job (I was a bit pressed for time at this point) of something I could print off, glue to some foam-core illustration board, and turn into something that would help set the tone for the area. The "street facade" is at odds with the idea of this being a "shopping center," but ... eh, nobody complained, so I guess I got away with it.
  8. In the Fallout series of video games, the protagonist is oftentimes a "vault dweller" -- someone who sought refuge in, or was even BORN within, a vast underground bunker manufactured by Vault-Tec in order to survive a nuclear war. For whatever reason, standard garb issued to these vault-dwellers consisted of blue skin-tight jumpsuits with yellow trim, and with the number of the vault in big numerals on the back (because, hey, for the next 200 years we're spending sealed up inside this vault, we don't want to get mixed up and end up getting confused about who belongs here, and not in some other vault, I guess?). A select few who get sent out into the wastes on special missions (to find a replacement water-purifier chip, etc.) get a top-of-the-line wrist-mounted computer known as a "Pip-Boy." And that's about it for "uniform," as vault-dweller travelers tend to start sprucing up their suits with knee pads, leather shoulder guards, armor pieces, etc., if they don't just replace the suit entirely. So ... that basically means that most any Chronoscope figure who seems to be clad in spandex (or something close to it) could probably pass for a vault-dweller with the appropriate paint job. Bonus points if there's something on the left wrist that I could transform into a Pip-Boy. First off, we have Bonnie Clyde, of Vault 187. This is Reaper Chronoscope Bones #80025, "Bonnie, Futuristic Heroine," with a special guest appearance by Reaper Bones #77130, "Vermin: Beetle Swarm" as a couple of rad-roach swarms that she's fighting off. The integral base is pretty tiny, and insufficient for the figure to stand on her own for very long. I inverted one of the 25mm plastic Base Boss round bases that came with my Bones Kickstarter pack, and placed the integral base inside, gap-filled with epoxy putty, then churned up the surface a bit with the flat edge of a dull and crud-caked hobby knife in the hopes of getting an interesting texture to represent broken pavement or something along those lines. The basic scheme was to paint any "jumpsuit" areas a bright blue, though the biggest challenge was to get those thin yellow lines for the trim. (That involved a lot of back-and-forth, as I'd blotch on a little too much, then have to go back with blue to clean up the line, but then I'd blotch a bit with THAT, and have to go back with first white and then yellow on top of that, then go back with blue for more clean-up and ... ARGH!) The figure has something that passes for a forearm wrist-band, so I just painted that up as a Pip-Boy by giving it a solid green rectangle for a screen. Scenery elements include some McDonald's Happy Meal "Pixar Cars" toy cars that have had the windshield/windows removed, and wheels "flattened" by adding some putty. The street scene consists of Tablescapes Tiles (Urban Streets - Clean) from Secret Weapon Miniatures. RPG-wise, this is one of my more flexible pre-gen characters for Fallout Savage Worlds one-shot games at Necronomicon. Despite being armed to the teeth, she has only mediocre combat ability, mostly relying on burst-fire (high ammunition expense) for any hope of hitting anything. Her real strength is that she has high Smarts, and the "Jack of All Trades" ability. (Well, it also helps that she has Two-Fisted and Ambidextrous. I didn't build these as 0-xp baseline characters.) My backstory explanation is that Vault 187* was home to a sociological and technological experiment that involved supplanting the culture of the original vault inhabitants by subjecting their children (and all subsequent generations born in the vault) to education exclusively through "Learning Machines" (specially adapted VR pods). The artificial culture substituted was that of "gangster culture" as portrayed in cinematic form. To the surprise of the remote observers, the vault inhabitants somehow survived for the next 210+ years without wiping each other out via gang wars. (The vault was not only equipped with VR pods and a holo-vid entertainment collection entirely consisting of old gangster movies, but also an inordinate number of full-auto guns, lots of ammunition, a prohibition against alcohol, machines that could be easily converted into stills, and periodic raids by robotic rules-enforcers.) Bonnie Clyde was born and raised in Vault 187, but expelled in the fallout of one of the vault's many internal power-plays. She's actually very intelligent and has a smattering of all sorts of skills rare in the post-apocalyptic world, but she's clueless as to the realities of life in the wasteland. She also (as per my role-play tips) talks like a gangster mol (or, for those unfamiliar with the concept, I suggested that she speaks like Harley Quinn). "Jack of All Trades" basically ensured that this character would have some useful role to play in any situation, but that any area in which another PC actually *specialized*, she wouldn't be stealing the spotlight from. (The other half of "Jack of All Trades" is "Master of None," after all. In my house-rule version of Jack of All Trades, it applies to ALL skills that could theoretically be used "untrained" -- not just Smarts-based skills -- so its utility is a bit more far-ranging. But in any given skill she effectively only has a d4, so it's nothing to get TOO excited about.) * Note: "Vault 187" would put her vault out of the normal canon numbering convention (in the canon it's suggested that there are only 120 numbered Vault-Tec vaults built, so anything over 120 is presumably out of range), but since I'm making stuff up anyway, I figure I might as well just roll with it.
  9. Reaper Chronoscope #50044 -- "Frank Russo, Mercenary," with bare-head option, on 25mm round resin base (War Cast Studios). This mini from the Chronoscope line pretty much strikes me as a proxy for "Punisher-knock-off character" for a superheroic campaign, but the spandex-like costume ALSO strikes me as a good contender for a Vault-Tec vault-dweller jumpsuit. Of the two heads provided with this mini (bare-headed, or skull mask), I went with the bare head, of course. The basic scheme for a vault suit just means that I paint the suit blue, paint some yellow trim around the neck and down the front, and paint some number from 1 to 120 on the back. In this case, I went with the notion of "Vault 66" for a variety of reasons: Originally, "Vault 66" was going to be a scenario for Necronomicon, giving justification for "Rex," my converted Khans road-ganger (in another thread) to be able to drive his Nuka-Bike around underground. (Otherwise, what use would his Driving and Ace skills/Edges be in a post-apocalyptic dungeon-crawl?) My rough idea was that the vault was built upon an old facility that once housed an underground hyperloop, and that with the conversion of the facility into a Vault, the "hyperloop" was widened into a driving track, and some nuclear-powered vehicles were housed in an adjoining garage. Having a road to nowhere accomplishes nothing, save for giving the inhabitants a hobby, I suppose, but if the vault-dwellers were vehicle obsessed, I figured it would justify having some extra-wide hallways -- either because they were built that way originally, or modified over the following 200+ years. I never really did anything with it, but on a whim I decided to paint up this guy as from "Vault 66." He could be another driver/Ace type, though more combat-focused than Rex (who was a bit more well-rounded in his skill selections). Anyway, the backdrop is a work in progress -- a Batcave play set I picked up at the Goodwill for 2 bucks, which I have been slowly transforming into a sort of cut-away Vault diorama. It's not really practical for miniatures-gaming, as the "play area" is too narrow, and it'd be a pain to see and access minis in the corners, but I intend to use it as a sort of glorified GM screen and table display to attract attention to my game, and then to serve as a visual aid for the PCs' progress through a Vault, as they explore it. I've moved on from the "vehicle-focused vault" idea, as I just couldn't think of an overarching "story" for the vault and what the PCs would do there, but just in case I DO do something with it, I'm keeping the terrain itself relatively neutral (i.e., I could recycle to represent Vault 66 or Vault 122 or whatever). Those are supposed to be stimpacks on the back of his utility belt, by the way. At that size, however, my shaky hands and bad eye sight pretty much mean that the best I can hope for is to blotch on some dots of color in the general vicinity and hope that it conveys the general idea to someone seated across the table. This post isn't about "Gee, look at my l33t painting skills," because I don't have them, but rather about, "Gee, look, this mini could be a Vault Dweller!" because I've been on a bit of a Fallout kick for a while. ;) (One of these days / one of these years / hopefully sometime before I kick the bucket or my brain gets too addled for me to run these things anymore, I hope to run a Fallout-themed Savage Worlds campaign, but my player group keeps latching onto something else every time we come up for a new campaign, so I haven't gotten there yet, and my main outlet has been to run Fallout-themed one-shots at Necronomicon.)
  10. Holy cow, have people here been watching "Adventure Time"? Maybe I'm a little slow (it's what, four-five seasons in), but this is a funny kid's fantasy adventure cartoon, at first it looks like any silly adventure series with a flip sense of humor, but then it has this shockingly rich and tragic backstory which starts coming out in weird hints and flashbacks and it gets really deep. I just watched the episode "I Remember You" and I can't stop crying.
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