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Found 9 results

  1. In the Reaper Live videos, it's been mentioned that most rattle primers are ok to use. But no one that I've seen has mentioned their results of spray priming their bones black, so I thought that I would post my results here. I hope that others will post theirs as well. Cleaning and prepping mold lines on bones black is very different than regular bones. I would compare it to other gaming companies hard plastic while still having a little bit more flexibility. So far I've used the following primers, I'll add to this list as I use new ones: Krylon Colormaster White
  2. I am current sitting with both Cinder and Blightfang Bones "minis", and before I paint it how did everyone else go about priming them? I want to do this large mini justice and prep it in the best way possible. This is the Reaper Bones plastic mini, so I don't want to use an Rattle-Can due to the curing issues. Keep in mind that I do not have access an airbrush. Also after I am done washing the mini in soap and water how else should I go preparing the mini?
  3. Recently I moved from an apartment in a house, complete with a small yard, to an apartment building with a parking lot. Since I like to use Krylon spray primer I knew losing that yard would be a problem. So I thought about it and think I've come up with a solution. I took a copy paper box and lined it with a plastic tarp. The basic idea is to secure the miniatures at the back of the box and spray them one side at a time. That way the spray can would be inside the box while spraying with the liner stopping any paint bleeding through and keeping the mist contained inside the box.
  4. I've got some Army Painter spray primer and I need to prime a couple figures, but the temperature has plunged here in Indiana. It was 41 this morning, though I think it's up to 51 now. Is that warm enough to prime?
  5. So, my Scythe kickstarter just came in today and it has five minis for the player pieces. However, each one is firmly attached to a color coded base and I typically use ArmyPainter spray primer, which won't really work because I'll end up hitting the bases. I did look through my paints, and I have some white Reaper brush-on primer, but I've never used it before. Is it as simple as brushing it on? I searched for threads on it, but only found someone complaining about it being too thin. I appreciate any advice since I'll probably attempt to prime tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. I just acquired a mini from Hasslefree Miniatures that was cast in green resin. Does this material need to be primed before painting, or should I just clean it and go to?
  7. I picked up my first ever Bones piece at ReaperCon this year. I found out very quickly that water doesn't play well with Bones, but I also heard that you don't need to prime Bones. My question is simple: do you prime your Bones? And if not, how do I need to alter my paint prep to get the best results? Thanks!
  8. Okay! So I've primed a few figures and I'm ready to go. The problem is, I notice that on one of my figure's very delicately muscled arm, there's a flashing problem: her bicep is bifurcated! I'd prepped this one earlier before priming, but like everything else, you notice the flaws better after priming. The problem is that I'm finding it impossible to use a file, hobby knife, whatev to clean up her lines. If I use the file, it won't fit into the area I need to get to, and actually starts to wear away on a spot away from where I'm trying to reduce the flashing. The same problem happens with the
  9. Maybe my search fu is weak tonight. As the last metal figures I have painted were mostly lead and painted with Testors, I am wondering how much is enough for the Reaper brush on primer? Some of the pictures I have seen look almost white, while others seem to have a bit of metal showing. Just how much is enough? I understand the too much covering the details, but I just don't have a feel for how much is enough.
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