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  1. This little guy gaven me the chance to work on improving my skin. I'm not sure if I technically improved, but he isn't blotchy like my previous models. I like it, this was what I wanted my Pureblood Warpwolf to look like. Any tips on skin would be appreciated. I tried a base coat, then some medium highlights, then some very watered down brighter highlights applied over and over again on top of the medium and base coats. I think my pictures taking ability is improving too. I may go back and edit all my previous posts. Hope you enjoy :)
  2. The next time I do a project like this I am documenting it from start to finish. I think it took about 3 weeks to finish them all. I had to slow down the pace, because it was feeling more like a job and less of a hobby. Inbetween I took a break and painted a reaper dwarf, but not sure what to do with him (diorama or solo?) I'll have him out before x-mas that is for sure. Hope you enjoy :)
  3. I tried to do something more tribal looking with the tattoos. Hope you enjoy :)
  4. Hey all. Over the past month I kind of dropped everything to get a bunch of minis done for my Iron Kingdom's game as it was winding down to the last few months and I had bought this stuff specifically for the game so I figured I had better paint them up. Most are from the Iron Kingdom's line by Privateer but two are from Reaper's Savage World line. So starting out is Father Dumas (one of the main NPCs) Next up is Vahn Oberen (the main Villain) Now for the generics: A Boneswarm Some Bone Fiends from Reaper And finally a bunch of Tomb Maidens that were each painted a different way that you can see in my WIP thread (link in sig)
  5. Figured I should post a picture of the Mountain King I finished a few weeks ago. My aim was to finish him before my Bones shipment arrived, and thankfully the delays in the international shipping helped me out in that respect. Photo is from Camera+ on the iPhone, hence the border.
  6. I painted up this Katherine Laddermore for the P3 Grandmasters this year. She got a silver medal. I've also posted her to Coolmini if you'd like to be opinionated about her. Anyway, here she is:
  7. Been Gone for a while, burnt out a bit on painting and needed a little bit of a rest. My wife was asking for another Warlock for her Circle Army so I painted another Kaya model I had. I was hoping to show off a Reaper Dragon and a couple of other figures by now. They are at least glued together and waiting for some gap putty. Hope you enjoy :)
  8. Had this guys for a while and kind of spaced on him but decided to paint him up this week as he's an important NPC in my RPG game that may only have a few months left. Nothing super fancy here as he's a 5-6 hour paint job (gotten really good at those this year as it's about all I've done) with some washes for the armor and face (though I water down the wash on the face and used it as a glaze). The cloak is not freehand (I'm not Darkstar, Coporia or Cassu here) but via a stencil. Base was done in 10 with Pigments. (click for much larger) Thanks for the look.
  9. This is a Privateer Press figure, I'm pretty sure, though I cannot identify it on their website. Here is the first version, after an hour speed paint at GenCon: I normally do not repaint speed painted figures, but I felt this one had not reached its full potential. So I did this to it in 45 minutes: I figure it will make a pretty good Warforged in our D&D game.
  10. One of my top 10 favorite sculpts. I believe my painting was worthy, he has not punished me yet.
  11. Just got a couple of new Reaper minis in the mail to work on, meanwhile thought I would keep posting some stuff I recently finished. Also completed the last Hordes mini tonight that I wanted to have done for our 1st game. Woohoo! Lots of options for our 1st few games. Not quite what I envisioned, but I still like him. I wanted it to look like he was wearing sewn up human skin, but the color came out too close to what I painted his hair.
  12. Are there always so many tears involved in the final outcome of a mini? At least 5 hours of painting, ugh! but everthing is going good. Time to glue the arms on..a little scratch, I can touch that up... a little too much glue, but it's ok, still good, it doesnt show Haven't done snow for a while, how the heck did I do this again? eh? maybe it was like this... ...got some glue and snow on me, lets get this off my fingers...Wow! got a bunch of super glue on the table, thats a first, not good lets move the mini.... KERPLOP!!! face dive into the table. Snow caked on his feet, scrape scrape scrape with the razor knife, touch up the paint that flaked off, luckily only in a minor spot right on his face. Won't glue back on, still too much snow on his feet...scrape scrape scrape...gee, I got more glue on me. The wife isn't going to let me touch her for a while. I think it is on now, not as sturdy as the others though. What the heck was I doing?!?!?!? 5hrs to paint, 5 minutes to possibly destroy it. I wanted to post this before a couple of my other recently finished ones in case it decides to self destruct. I really hope you enjoy :) No touch ups, just some better pics with a new camera: Old Pic:
  13. I didn't like how his sword was pointing up so high in the original sculpt (sort of like a baseball player ready to swing a bat.) So I lowered it a bit and used some scupting putty to fill in the gaps around his arm. OMG another minis that I had to paint in pieces. After I painted the whole body, I then painted the arm/sword, then glued them together. I don't have the best of times with any superglue. I sat on the couch for about 20 minutes before letting go. Sometimes that doesn't mean anything and the part will still fall off, but luck be a lady that night, he kept the arm. Woo hoo!
  14. The last model painted from my Orboros battlegroup box set. Kept the base simple with her, I just love her pose.
  15. 3 Argus dogs...or 6? These were the 1st of my Circle painting for my wife's army. I figured they would be good for testing future colors. Used Reaper's Sparkling Blue on the armor with luminescent colors in the middle instead of the solid green.
  16. I've been painting a lot lately, just a little lazy about taking pics. This is part of a battlegroup set I recently painted which I will be posting the rest soon. I'm most proud of this one. I wish all my work came out like him. I even made the little tree/grass terrain thingy for when I finally get to play the game with my wife ...but she won't be allowed to touch the wolf :P
  17. Much, Much, Much brighter highlights on boney areas compared to the Scythean model I painted. Although my camera doesn't want to show them very well. Even my wife was blown away by the difference. Had trouble with the tentacles and some confusing areas regarding where the skin was and where the bone is though. I don't use their painting guides, rather just paint it myself and learn by trial, error and what pointers others give me. He is a real big guy, lots of paint, but much easier this time around. Normal Carnivean is next and should be a breeze.
  18. Heres the latest from my Circle of Orboros WIP army. This is my first Huge Base figure, its base is 120mm I used secret weapons blasted wetlands and converted it to a fall theme to compliment the fall theme I've used for the rest of the Army As always C & C are very welcome.
  19. So I did what I swore I wouldn't do with minis, I painted multiples of the same dude. At the moment I'm painting an army for a game I may never play, but I like the models. Hope you enjoy these :)
  20. I was getting tired of snow for this army and decided to do something different. I sculpted the base myself. Simple, fun and very happy with the result.
  21. So whilst I am waiting for my Bones to arrive I have plenty of little (and big) projects I want to get out of the way. I'm glad to say that this is one of them and its the first project I have finished all year so far. The D&D game I run is pretty huge and we have over a dozen or so players who drop in and out as their schedules permit. I have been trying to put together appropriate figs for all the PC's for some time and I finally have them all finished as of yesterday. Its been a long job, but here they are, apologies for lots of not great pics)... Creosus the Cleric and Symeon the Bard (Heresy and Hasslfree figs) Crest Morningtide - Water Genasi Warlord and Hertha - Satyr Druid (Crocodile games and Heresy) Brimstone the Dwarven Shaman and Yaskin the Goblin Rogue (old Citadel and very very old Citadel) Miles Arcana - Swordmage and Meavoi - Goliath Warden (GW and Heresy) Mya - Sorceress and Kiera - Rogue (Heresy & Hasslefree) Unsung - Warforged Warlock (converted from an Infinity Pan Oceana Knight with some old bits to make the rod) Broadsword - Warforged fighter (converted from a Mageknight steam golem and some old broken troll bits) Brug Gundersson - Half Orc Barbarian (kitbashed from GW bits) Three-Point-Five - Warforged Artificer (kitbashed from a Mierce Miniatures Magaan the Warlock that my daughter managed to hit from the other side of the garden with a tennis ball and it exploded and a raid of my bits box) And finally Dahlgren - Human Barbarian (Privateer Press) Next up to finish off the Heroes for my Super Dungeon Explore and assemble the Grenadier Spectral Dragon. Hopefully that won't take 6 months
  22. Candygram... Plumber ma'am.. Flowers... Wait, I'm only a dolphin ma'am Didn't think I would like these little guys until I painted them. They look so cool next to Thagrosh. Like a bunch of his ill behaved children.
  23. She came with an arrow that was more like a spear. I was going to have it sticking out of the ground as her next shot, but it was so ridiculous looking that I left it off. Please pretend she just fired a normal arrow...with a magical invisible string on her bow.
  24. Hey ya'll, I just started working on a squad using one of Rackham's old Ragnarok boxes - 6 warriors will compose the human portion of the squad... and one Privateer Press brute will be at the center. I've already started working on the basing for the squad - nothing too fancy, I want it to look like red clay. Here are the steps I've done so far. 1. Lay down a base of terracotta milliput, with some miniature bricks set in (can't remember the company the bricks are from), chamomile tea pressed in, and tree bark pressed in. One new thing I tried was using an incredibly fine silicate for sand instead of the usual playground sand - since clay is composed of such fine silt, I thought it appropriate. Unfortunately, its fineness and (I think) its very nature as a silicate made it difficult to glue - there is less than I had hoped on the base. The guy in the center, as you may guess, is the brute. 2. Once the squad's base holes have been figured out and the groundwork done, basecoat of armory white. I went for white because I believe it will be easier to control some of the more subtle shadows with washes instead of just straight black. You can see some of the Rag guys here, too. 3. Start off with a couple think washes of red liner. Nothing is spared ;) 4. Pick out the stones (tree bark) by drybrushing heavily with Privateer Press Cryx Bane highlight, all the way up to Liquitex Titanium White (edges). This will be toned down by the clay drybrushing colors. 5. Then, I heavily drybrushed A 50-50 mix of tanned shadow and PP Skorne Red. This will be the basecoat for the Ragnarok men's skintones. 6. Add palomino gold and continue to drybrush, lightening pressure. 7. Add bleached bone, lighten to pure bleached bone. Touch up rocks. 8. Current state: For now, the goal is to keep touching up the base, adding interest with more washes (dark reds, greens, yellows, and purples - complements), and adding terrain features (bushes, etc) I'll be in touch soon! As always, comments and especially criticisms are welcomed. My paint hand is rusty.
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