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  1. This is the largest mini I have painted since Kaladrax. I got it in the mail and almost keeled over when I realized I have a Carnivean Heavy Warbeast coming too, and he is likely to be just as big. So much paint! I think I am cursed when it comes to finishing up these minis. Among the other past issues I have had (like unknowingly getting super glue on my finger, touching static grass and proceeding to transfer the static grass/glue to my mini and having to scrape it off and repaint.) this one I was halfway through coating with brush on sealer when at 12:45am the power went out in the entire neighborhood for 9 hours today. I finished up by candlelight.
  2. I was a bit less confident when starting this one, but she came out a little better than I thought she would. I was sketchy on how to approach the armor. I think if I end up purchasing a similar armored figure that I would try something different.
  3. Well, they started out black, then I sorta liked blue armor a bit more and I thought who wants three black figures anyway? I liked their story about being brothers and thought even though they were brothers they would want their own individual identities, I can't have them all dressed the same! These are some of my favorite works to date. I hope you enjoy :)
  4. I love these Everblight creatures! Still waiting on my light tent and hoping that will help a little bit with future pics. One of my better highlighting jobs to date. Starting to get the hang of some things and what order to do them in for certain models. I think I am officially a miniatures painter now. I got a stack of about 15 unpainted minis ready to go. Reaper, DarkAge, Mierce, Privateer Press. You name it, I probably got it. When will I get to them? I have not a clue.
  5. This big dude puts me a step closer to finishing my Legion army. I have enough models to field close to 70 points, but this carnivean gives me, painted, uhm...12 points...which is actually only six points when you take into account my warlock's beast allowance...which reminds me, I should paint my warlock...anyway. He's painted to an "army" standard, so there's not a lot of smooth blends going on here. But he looks pretty impressive at arm's length, and I learned a lot about painting quickly with him. Hopefully, that will help with painting the rest of my troops. At the very least, it well help with the three other models that use the same chassis. . Also, here's a shot from a bit of a distance. Carny's companion in this shot is a painted and weapon-swapped Sir Garrick Forscale the Bold. As always, C&C welcome and appreciated.
  6. Hi there, I just arranged some miniatures in my glass display shelf, and thought I could share photos of all the miniatures I have painted after I got back to this hobby. None of the miniatures I painted in my youth got to the shelf, they were so horrible =). Here is a group shot of my Blood Bowl team. They're painted using the dipping method with Army Painter's strong tone Quickshade (except the Big Guy). I thought that dipping was an easy way to get back on the track. Here are two pictures of the Troll. I painted him after the rest of the team and decided to paint him without the dipping method. I was quite proud of it at the time, but now I see many flaws I'd like to correct. I guess that's some kind of progress! =). All of the minis in the team are Games Workshop's miniatures, orcs are original Blood Bowl, Troll is Warhammer Fantasy and the goblins are from Heroquest. Next up are two miniatures for my Pathfinder RPG character, half-orc alchemist Grog. First one is an old Mithril miniature. I swapped his sword for a spear-like weapon. The second one is the same character, but in his mutated form. That one is an old Warhammer Fantasy Vampire miniature, but I swapped his head for Orc's head. Then there is a two-headed wolf from Privateer Press. It came with a some kind of Battlegroup set (don't know the game) which I bought because I needed a Werewolf miniature for Blood bowl. Well, it was way too big miniature for Blood Bowl, but the minis are cool. After these I've painted a Warhammer Fantasy Beastman Chariot and some Dark Angels for Warhammer 40k, but they already have their own threads. Thanks if you got this far! =)
  7. Heres the latest from my Circle of Orboros WIP army. This is my first Large Base figure, overall its been alot of fun. As always C & C are very welcome.
  8. Heres the latest from my Circle of Orboros WIP army. Continuing on down my journey focusing on wash's instead of dipping. I'm gonna have to start watching photography video's soon, Laris's light colored fur was causing havoc with my iphone 4's auto brightness. I think they'll work out OK on the table. As always C & C are very welcome, I hope ya like Them.
  9. A new addition from my Circle of Orboros WIP thread. This is my first figure to not use Quickshade dip and switched to using washes.(thanks to everyone that encouraged me to make the jump). I'm trying to maintain a fall autumn color scheme thru out the army thematic and tried to give this fella a red wolf/fox coloring instead of the pure white its known for. I'll post a picture of the army so far in the WIP page All C & C are more then welcome :)
  10. From my Circle of Orboros WIP thread I've completed the Druids of Orboros unit today. Heres the Complete unit of 6 Druids. I like poster board better for trying to take pictures against but I think I might just have to track down some grey(couldn't find any at michaels). I like the blue but the cameras tinting everything abit. EDIT: tried to fix the color tint and overexposure to make it more accurate to what i see IRL
  11. This mini has long been a favorite of mine, and I finally had a reason to paint it up as an NPC for my Eberron campaign. Basically, this is one of the PC's old foes, thought dead, now risen as a major undead and bent on vengeance. He's meant to be incorporeal, but is clad in corporeal power armor, so I tried to get a bit of glow-from-within effect. It looks pretty good in-the-hand, but the photos show me a lot of places where it falls short. Next time I do anything OSL-related, I'll WiP it so I can get it straight. Anyhoo, here 'tis. C&C always welcome!
  12. Finally got this guy done. Started this guy a little over 4 weeks ago, and is the only thing I've finished this summer which is a shame. I really spent a lot of time on the face this time around, wanted to make sure that it looked good as that's generally the focal point of a miniature. Also tried out some MM painting techniques when doing NMM and I like the effect but it's a real pain to do. The armor looks a lot better then when I started, you can check to original in my WIP thread, as I learned some better highlighting techniques at Gencon this year (thanks to Rhonda and Wren for those). The only part that I'm disappointed in is the base as the pigments I ordered have been sitting in processing limbo for 10 days and I was worried about using paints with the bricks I was using so I'm going to have to wait to finish that once the pigments ship. As always C&C is welcome. Click for huge picture.
  13. I started this figure over a month ago and finally finished the base and touch up work after taking a needed break. I'm quite happy with the metal, as it's one of the first non-training miniatures I've done for this, except the sword which I'm still having issues with (the sweet bright line on the sword is from lighting and sadly not my skill). The white also turned out well. In the past people here have told me that my dirty whites need to be brighter and I think I got the ratio pretty good. I've never cared for most of PP's default color schemes so I based this one off of a painting of George Washington in one of his uniforms, thus the Revolutionary in the title. As always C&C is welcome. I think I also have my lighting issues resolved for photos as I moved to a different room so now I think I'll need to go through and re-shoot some miniatures.
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